Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Nutrisystem "stuff"...

I’m going to try to answer a few questions I’ve been getting about NS.

Someone asked if the 50% special is still on….YES…as far as I know but the website doesn’t give an end date so I have no idea how long it’s on. BUT – and this is a big but (kinda like mine – ha! – I crack myself up) - here’s the kicker. It is indeed true that you get 50% off the first month you purchase NS and for me that ended up being about $160 and Rambo was $180. I budget way more than that a month for groceries so for us (even with buying the girls some food) NS *saved* us money.

However – to get the 50% off – NS requires you to go on auto-delivery and get a second month at full price. I knew this and with the savings for the first month and the price of second month we came out just about even – so I knew it was do-able. I would NOT have done this had it cost us MORE than what I budget for groceries each month. That being said – I plan to only do this for 2 months. After the 2nd month, you can cancel at any time. In fact, you can cancel after the 1st month and you’ll just be charged full price. It’s up to you.

Another cool thing I’ve seen is that NS offers ala carte now. That would be good for people like me who can do well every day at work by pre-planning my foods and staying on plan BUT doesn’t do so hot when I get home for supper.

I could choose to buy NS suppers for a whole month and NOT buy any breakfasts or lunches or snacks. I could choose to buy a bunch of breakfasts and nothing else. It’s a pretty cool option if you ask me. I can’t find any Smart Ones or Lean Cuisines or anything like that with this much protein in each meal and this low of calories.

Like the pizza for example – I can’t find any diet pizzas in my local supermarket for less than at least 350 cals. The NS one has 200 something (can’t remember right now). I’m not sure there are many NS meals over 250 in fact. Last night Rambo had spaghetti and it had 22g of protein. They are loaded with protein.

Protein is KEY. After reading the message boards it is WAY obvious that NS lifers and experts really hone in on the protein factor.

And Dawnya – yes – they have a selection for diabetics. They are all about the glycemic index and they really brag about their diabetic plans.

I got another question about how do I not get hungry when the portions seem so small. Let me explain this by showing my day yesterday. And let me also assure you I am a HUGE high quantity eater. Like I’m the kind of girl that can eat a whole frozen pizza and still be hungry (or think I’m hungry). I’m an eater so not being hungry on this plan has SHOCKED me.

Here’s my day yesterday:

NS item – double chocolate muffin (7g protein)
Dairy or protein – I chose protein and had 3 oz of tilapia (one fillet basically)(22g protein)
Fruit – 15 grapes
Veggies – unlimited amt – I had broccoli with my fish
*Note: men also get a carb here (azzholes)

Morning snack:
Women – do NOT get this – however you can always have veggies so I ate carrots
Men – fruit and choose a dairy or protein (again – let’s chop off their penises as revenge)

NS item – cheesy mashed potatoes (8g protein)
Dairy or protein - I chose protein and had 3 oz of tilapia (one fillet basically)(22g protein)
Veggie – unlimited amt – I had broccoli with my fish
Veggie – you can have a salad here and are allowed ff dressing – I skipped this

Afternoon snack:
Dairy or protein – I chose protein and had 3 oz of tilapia (one fillet basically)(22g protein)
Fruit – blackberries

NS item – flatbread pizza
Fruit or veggie – orange
Veggie – I may have more carrots here or a salad is allowed with ff dressing
Fat – handful of peanuts
*Note: men also get a carb here (dickwads)

NS item – caramel nougat bar (many times I have skipped this – I’m just not hungry for it)

Here’s a day in the life of me BEFORE NS to compare it with:
Mountain Dew and M&Ms and a Fiber One bar

More Mountain Dew and pretzels
Possibly more candy

Chinese or Pizza Hut and a Twix

Pepsi and Doritoes

Pizza or pasta and some more candy
More soda

A bath in Skittles

Disclaimer: I may or may not be exaggerating about the above daily rundown. It may or may not be about 95% truth. I cannot say.

Moving on….

Obviously – as I’ve said before I don’t mind eating the same things over and over (Hello? Tilapia x3) BUT you can choose either protein or dairy when it says that. Sometimes I choose dairy and eat hard-boiled eggs or have chicken and broccoli. Rambo sometimes has deli turkey or egg whites. Or you can make a smoothie with strawberries and skim milk and yogurt (fruit/dairy/protein). There is a whole list of acceptable proteins, dairies, carbs, fruits and veggies.

If you’re normal and like all kinds of veggies you can eat those all day as much as you want. If you’re a freak like me and only eat carrots and broccoli – well then – you’re slightly limited screwed.

There’s also a list of items (each under 20 cals) that you can have 3x a day. Many of these are condiments like ketchup and stuff but there are bacon bits, popcorn and things like SF jello and such on there too. Add-ins if you will.

Also – the plan clearly states that if you have OVER 100lbs to lose you have to add more carbs and fats per day. Men get additional food too. (that’s it – I’m whacking off Rambo’s balls)

Soooooo as you can see – that’s a lot of food. I am NOT hungry and not really tempted to eat crap either. I’m eating every food group so I don’t feel like anyone told me anything is off limits. I have asked Rambo a lot over the last week if he’s hungry and feeling deprived and he says no.

He is normal and eats a huge salad with every meal with spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bacon bits, peppers and onions and a bunch of other rabbit food shit so he’s almost full before he ever eats his NS meal and the other stuff he’s supposed to eat.

I am NOT working out like a madwoman. I am either running or walking a couple miles daily just for the pure enjoyment of it and just because I want to. I am only burning about 200-250 cals per workout so obviously I’m not killing myself.

I am averaging between 1000-1200 cals a day BEFORE exercise. I am in awe that I’m not starving.

I am drinking craploads of water every day. See my hover post for proof. At day 8 – I am no longer drinking any soda (neither is Rambo). Holy peanut butter dick dip right? I mean what the holy hell is going on? THIS is not me.

I have slept through the night almost since the day I started. I have not fallen asleep at work.

I did have my first migraine in 9 days last night at about 2am. Not sure what prompted that but let’s all not forget I’m still a freaking pirate so my eye issues can be causing quite a bit of strain which can produce a migraine. Still – one in 9 days is damn near monumental. I might not need Botox. Gasp!

I’m a walking effing commercial for NS. Marie Osmond has nothing on me (well except she’s thinner, has nicer hair and has shitloads of money from NS). And to think they didn’t want me as a reviewer. Ha!

Lastly – if any of you are seriously thinking of trying NS…if you love me…let me know. Cuz I can get $30 off for referring a friend….and saving money is always fun. (um…so I can buy more shoes – duh!)


Dinnerland said...

Fun post (as usual) and informative too! My days of organized dieting are pretty much behind me... but I am always jazzed to read about stuff like this.

AutumnLeaves said...

I will indeed let you know if I decide to go for it, Draz. I do have to say that I hate seafood though. Every single kind there is except tuna fish sandwiches. The tilapia would have been a no go for me. LOL

I'm with you on the body odor issues. Yikes!

MandaPanda said...

It's funny...before the band, I would've said that doesn't sound like enough food but now it sounds like way too much food for me. LOL. I like all kinds of different veggies so I think it would actually work out pretty well. I'm trying to talk my hubby into it but so far,it's a no go. If we do though, I'll definitely use you as a referral. Your reviews are awesome!

Laura Belle said...

Look at you and all your informative mumbo jumbo springing outta your cute little lips.

Very nice.

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

Yay! Sounds like you're feeling great -- except for your eye. :( Hope that gets taken care of soon.

Giving up soda is major. I used to drink diet soda (because it filled me up), but since I gave it up I've only felt better. AND my sugar cravings have disappeared because of it.

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

You could of paid me what you paid NS for me to tell you protein is HUGE with losing weight :P HA HA Sorry I had to say it. I knock out 70 + grams of protein a day with my food. Water is another key factor. I easily knock down 80 oz of water a day.
I am glad the plan is working for you though. You will notice when you put "crap" in your body you feel like crap, now that I eat 98% healthy (yes 2% of me still eats like a naughty little vixen) I feel better, my energy levels are thru the roof, I am not sleepy during the day, I sleep better at night and overall feel a ton better. Some days I hate eating healthy and want to just binge on all the evil foods in the world but it's not worth it to me anymore.

Ronnie said...

I wish I liked fish. Sigh. That's a butt-load of protein.

Raven said...

I love that Sheniqua is doing nutrisystem. You go girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

I did not see much in the way of choices for you with dinner. I still feel that the portions are too small! the pizza they offer is the size of a hand. so how the hell are you not still hungry? eating loads and loads of vegetables? remember you're spending x amount of (lots of) dollars for the food and still having to go to the grocery store to buy all the veggies and salad stuff.. what if you were to just get fresh fish and/or chicken in the quantity that nutrisystem provides and the rest is loads of veggies.. you'd not lose weight?

Anonymous said...

sorry would also like to ask you.. is anyone of you on NS hypo thyroid??? from what I've learned from medical experts.. no amount of dieting or exercise is going to make a bit of difference if you are hypothyroid.. nobody ever seems to address that issue.

Nutrisystem said...

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