Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nutrisystem review...part 2.

A couple more pics and reviews for you:

Breakfast the other day was a blueberry muffin....which I will definitely order again!  So good! 
Pretty moist, lots of blueberry flavor and a good size. 
I had a cup of raspberries with this and a hard-boiled egg.  All part of the plan!

Then for lunch I had the three cheese pasta with chicken and broccoli.
It looks just like the picture and seriously is soooo creamy and good. 
 I will definitely order again!
I paired this with a cottage cheese, carrots, celery and blackberries.

I should also report I had a chocolate caramel nougut bar for dessert tonight and it was AWESOME!

Remember me?  Picky girl.  These are pretty good odds huh?  I've like the majority of the foods.

Rambo has not yet found an option he hasn't liked.  We are pretty pleased to say the least.

Here's a fave of Rambo's.  He said it had just the right amount of spice in it and was very good.

Rambo also had the lasagna on Sunday night.  He said it was AWESOME!

I also tried the cinnamon roll for breakfast and it was pretty good. 

I've never found a breakfast or lunch bar I haven't liked. 
The ONLY problem with the bars is I want to eat about 4 of them. 
 They taste like candy bars!! (the fudge graham bar is damn near orgasmic)

I had the double chocolate muffin today for breakfast.
I'll totally get this again.

Here's a picture of the flame-broiled burger.  I put this on a wheat bun with fat free cheese and lettuce (because only rabbits would eat the tomatoes and onions shown in the picture on the box).

Stay tuned for more reviews.

I've completed 8 days on NS and I am down 6.5 pounds.  

Also, in an effort to score some NS products for the BOOBs conference, I looked into blogging for them and doing reviews.  Look at part of the response I got:

Currently our blogger program is at capacity with a waiting list of bloggers with
 higher social media stats.

La de freaking dah.  Apparently my social media stats are LOW??? 

News to me - I didn't even know I had "social media stats".

I wanna know who decides these stats? 

Poo on you - you marketing gurus. 

In my own head - I'm thebomb.com.

Sucky my left boobie.

And thank you.  I love your product.


Leslie said...

Why wouldn't they want DRAZIL. Jerks. I think all the executives deserve a titty twister.

Chubby McGee said...

Wow!!!!! I am SO thrilled that you're doing this. I have ALWAYS wondered about Nutrisystem meals. I'd LOVE, love, LOVE to do them because they make life easier than all the counting and crap that I have to do. Blech. Plus, they are gracious enough to provide a vegetarian meal plan! I would LOVE to be one of their "testers."

Thanks for sharing these pics and reviews with us. Maybe, when I'm better off financially, I'll have a go with Nutri-system. It definitely makes me wish insurance would pay for the service, too...cuz...really...it's a preventative weight thing and much better/cheaper than them paying for gastric bypass. ;)

Cat said...

I absolutely loved the breakfasts mmm for the scones too. I also enjoyed most of the lunches too. That burger was my favie of the dinners! One dinner I absolutely despised though was the Chicken Fajita which I thought I would love and disliked intensly. I'd be curious if Rambo tries and enjoys that one.

vickyd said...

I'm so glad this is working so well for you and Rambo! Keep up the great work!!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

So glad it's working out good for you guys and congrats on the amazing loss so far! All those pictures are making me hungry!

Laura Belle said...

I just love you. You're just so darn funny and cutey-patooty.

Glad the NS is working. YEAH 6.5!!! You'll meet that 15 you wanted to lose in no time!

bbubblyb said...

You definitely make it tempting to try. I might consider it after my recovery. I don't think a month would hurt me or the budget. Hope the 50% off is still going on in about a month or so.

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

That food looks so yummy I am afraid I would gain weight on it.

And yes, you are the bomb.com. ;)

Amanda said...

You'd think they'd pick someone who LOVES their product and is experiencing success... wait, that's you!

See, reasons upon reasons why I didn't adore NS, LOL... but I'm glad it's working for you and I totally agree that the fudge graham bars are beyond awesome. I literally hid those in my lingerie drawer so my kids wouldn't thieve them.

Mary said...

I have a friend that does NS and she loves it! Your reviews sound really good, too! Oh and can I say I love you nails?! So cute!

~Lisa~ said...

I am so thrilled that you're doing so well with NS!! 6.5 pounds is absolutely wonderful - I'm proud of YOU!! And that food looks so yummo!!

Dizzy Girl said...

Congrats on the loss girl!!!!! I'm so proud of you- stay on course!

I also love that you get to eat so much- I don't know how much it really is but it sounds like a shit ton of food to me. :)



Amy W. said...

Oooh, I can answer that question! When Karin and I went to the blogger thing in San Fran, a girl spoke to us about making our blog more visible etc...like one example was how to get your page to show up in google searches. You know how I said linking someone's blog in your blog benefits them...that is one way. The more links you have, the more searches, the more followers, the more hits...etc.

We are just small potatoes though. But at least we are tasty.

Joanna said...

You make me want to do this sooo bad!! Maybe I will find a job, and will be able to afford this one day. *Wishful thinking*

MandaPanda said...

My hubby did NS YEARS ago and he said that your posts make it look A LOT better than it did back then.

PS_Iloveyou said...

Looks like you are doing GREAT! I'll do the official 6.5lb weight loss dance in your honor!

Oh there isn't an official 6.5lb loss dance?

Well I'll make something up!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Haha, what a rude response! Whatever, nice job on the 6.5 loss!

Lisa said...

WOW! Congrats on your loss so far!

Maria said...

Ha! You ARE the bomb, Draz!

Kelly said...

I would've borrowed a line from Pineapple Express & told them, "Sucka my balls! Two times!" Yeah, that's one of my favorite movies ever, so what?

Nora said...

Higher social media stats- love it. BTW, never thought the word awesome could be associated with prepared food. Awesome:)

AutumnLeaves said...

I've been wanting to try NS for years but having to spend so much all at once was beyond my means. If I remember correctly, you had to buy a whole month up front. Even at that time with a 5th week for free, I just couldn't afford to pay for a month's worth of food off the top. Sigh...You make me want to try again though. I could so stand to lose weight. The portions look so small though! How do you not get hungry? (Serious question and not meant snidely at all. 'Cause if your answer is good, I am going to see about trying this on next payday.)