Monday, June 13, 2011

Tats, Fats and Rats.

Okay really - the only thing in that title that pertains to this post is tats.  Sometimes I'm struck with the urge to rhyme.  Sue me.   

Shall we get on with it?  Okay - here we go.

Move over Little Debbie.  The spawn of Satan has created a new food that yours truly can devour as fast as a swiss cake roll.  I know, I know - I didn't think it would ever happen either BUT indeed it has.

Yes, my life is now controlled by a new food.  They are Doritoes - taco flavored chips. 

Honestly...thank God for the two little words below.  That's all I have to say. 

The marketing guys worked overtime to create this sweet little slogan so fools like me would stockpile bags of these.  Limited edition my ass.  I've been eating them for weeks.  F*cking advertising geniuses.

Oh, oh and look at this....never, ever doubt me when I say I'm trying to rule the world with bling.

May I present to you - le back of my phone.


And le front.  Do you love?  Yes?

This is my new hat I's Harley Davidson and I LOVE the colors. Do you?

And what's a new hat without new shoes?  Whaddya think of these?

You wanna know EXACTLY why I bought these shoes?

BECAUSE I got this yesterday - on my top left foot.  YES - Drazil is not happy.  I say who gives a shit right? (Oh and the best part is he was FREE.  You guys cannot imagine the tattoo stories I have from this weekend)

Lastly, some day - when I can get off my lazy, plumpness of an ass....I shall use my new water bottle again. 

And for your viewing pleasure - and flashback to the 80s - here is my not fanny pack - running waist pack.

Ahem - yes - they match each other.  And yes - I'm now dying to get purple running shoes so I'm a complete set.  Is that wrong?

One last pic.  I was taking a picture of my taco Doritoes to show that I had eaten 95% of the bag after I'd only owned the bag for about .2 seconds AND what right before my very eyes without doing it on purpose - I shot a picture of my NAIL BLING.  You can sort of see that tiny little silver ring that is in my nail if you look just right.  Yes people - we've already established I need to get a life.  I'm working on it.  I think.

That's it for me today.  Seriously - stay tuned for a buttload of tat stories (and yes - I mean that literally - the butt part anyway)(and yes - I have, sadly, I have pictures)

Oh and other BIG BIG news.  Well, big to me - when the most exciting thing that happens around her is that my five year picked a booger that looks like Abe Lincoln....and we considered selling it on Ebay.

I completely made that up.  Well, I wish I did.



AutumnLeaves said...

My goodness but you have gorgeous hands and nails!!

MizFit said...

now I want another tattoo.

free please :)

Rachel said...

Those are retro Doritos...they used to make them during the 70s and they were wonderful. I just had a wonderful 2nd grade lunch flashback due to your pics...Love your sandals...and I always love your daring sense of self!

Amanda said...

DAMNIT! One more snack to try!! I found a new one myself. Snyders Pretzel Bits in Honey Mustard. I seriously have to pour some in a bowl or a will eat the whole bag in handfuls!

Love the sandals. My gold sandals give me blisters. Can I have yours?

Joanna said...

Free Tat?? Totally jealous!!!

Love the new sandals to show it off!!

Really love the nail and phone bling!!

Can't wait to hear the tat convention stories. :)

mallory said...

I LOVE those sandals! So cute!

Linda said...

I have almost bought those Doritos so many times. You just reinforced my decision not to.

~*Dawn*~ said...

Awesome, Drazil!

Where did you get the cool running water bottle? I so need that.

Dawnya said...

Not only a new Tat...but a free tat. I so want your life right now. I can't wait to hear all the mayhem of the tattoo convention. I'm sure the stories are hilarious.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Love this post. It is fun and looks like you had a great weekend. I'm envying you the tat. I want one so badly but hubby isn't convinced that he will like me to have one. I just want something small behind my left shoulder. Maybe I can do it before my next birthday. So glad you enjoyed your weekend. :)

Cat said...

I love that you shove your keys (or oxygen) in the little water bottle pack and yes, I think you should absolutely get purple shoes to match!

Love the new sandals too and Ooooh how fun are picture posts. I need to do something similar soon but I gots nothin cool to take snaps of!

Cannot wait to hear the tat story and see more pics!

Leslie said...

Where did you get that water bottle? I may have missed it if you talked about it before. I have something similiar but I can't tighten the strap around my hand.

Fab Kate said...

Back when I was around 400 lbs, I used to refer to Taco Doritos and A&W Root Beer as "the breakfast of champions". I have to admit, when they brought back original Taco Doritos (not that crappy "Late Night Taco" flavor they tried to push a while ago) I was simultaneously in heaven and hell. I will ONLY buy them in snack size bags now, and only once a month. Addiction is hard to kick.

Ronnie said...

Jealous of the free tat, but it's so cute! :) Can't wait to hear all the fun stories.

MandaPanda said...

Cute tat! I want to get another one - I have a thing for pandas so I'd like a mama panda bear with two baby panda bears for my kids. That's one of my goal rewards when I lose all my weight...SIGH...still a long way off.

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

I could have lived without that last bit. hahaha

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Thank you for making me want doritoes now LOL! Your an evil woman!!! HA HA
Love the nail blingage. Love those shoes, I need to go buy more sandals, I have an obsession with wearing them I just don't have enough pairs, I have 3 pairs of sandals right now, it's time to fill my closet up some more I think!
Happy Monday!

Dizzy Girl said...

I have a very similar looking tattoo on my back. Just sayin...

JFBD said...

I love this. Love everything. Love those damn doritos too. And your nails are looking fiiiiine. Love the ring, love the tat (and you know me and tats!) love the shoes, and, and, and.

LOVE YOU most.

Ice Queen said...

A free lizard? What could be better. :D

Nice nail charm. You have pretty nails, girl.

Taco Doritos are the spawn of Satan. The next time my husband brings home a bag, he dies. :/

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Suddenly I am craving Doritos!!!

Laura Belle said...

You told me not to...but I did it anyway....I licked my computer screen.

Those shoes rock!

Love the new tat! Can't wait for the stories!!

Nikki said...

Did the foot tattoo hurt? I want one there SOOO bad...but I am a chicken shit...honestly! LOL. I love tattoossssss!

PS...I am back! :) (as in...regular basis blogging and commenting...HAHAH!)

Bonnie said...

My 40 lbs loss was a pair of runners and they are purple. Check my weight loss reward section. I bet you would love them!!!!

The tat is sexy.....I love tattoo's!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a tat redone and made into a pink sunburst on Friday night. It is on the back of my thigh and I plan on taking pics once it is healed. I could not help but think of you while I was getting it done :) xoxox -- Katie J

Bridget said...

Okay, that nail ring is totally cool! Taco flavored Doritos are tha bomb!!! So good!

Congrats on your new tat! You have to tell where you got those cute sandals...please ;)

Justawallflower said...

So many things to comment on this post.....first of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the phone, hat, shoes....well, all of it really. My next tat is a small on on my foot. I already have a bigger one on my right and a small one on my big toe on my left. I'm adding another on my foot. I can't wait. I also use to have nail jewelry. hmm, seems like there was more, but can't remember. I love all the photos though!

Daffy said...

I sort of lost consciousness at Doritos...I LITERALLY had to seek an intervention to get my own face out of the Dorito bag tonight.....might need another one to get my ass out the door in the morning.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I love the sandals. l.o.v.e. them

Beth Ann said...

I love catching up on your posts. :) Love the new stuff!