Friday, July 1, 2011

BYOC - finally right?

I apologize...something got into me and I got productive before 10am on a Friday. Apparently, the world must be ending today or something.

Slap my ass and call me happy - it's a LONG weekend!!!!  WOOT!

It's time for BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!  A few questions we answer in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break. Copy and paste to your own blog if you wish.  Enjoy!!

1.  Let's stick with the pictures/exercise and shoe topic and post a picture of (or describe) your work out shoes.

These are my over-worked, over a bazillion miles on them New Balance shoes.  I need a new pair as they've hit their mile limit but I hate breaking in new shoes.  I sure like buying them though.

And these?  Are my I'm not exercising anything but my fashion power sneakers.  I wear these when I'm NOT going to workout but I'm wearing workout clothes to work or shopping or something. 
You know - cuz they are clean and PINK and FUN.

2.  Again with the summer/hot theme of the week....what does your current swimsuit look like?

Ugh - I don't know why I ask such dumb questions.  For me - there's too many to say.  I have a few one pieces but I never wear them.  I swore if I paid $5k for a tummy tuck and lost weight I'd try with everything in me to wear a bikini and be proud. 

Anyway - I have pink ones, leopard ones, string ones, bandeau style ones (two damn drawer fulls - oy!)...etc etc.  What I wear depends on my mood.  Like this weekend when my father-in-law will be present...I'll wear my parka bikini.  Like I said - it creeps me out.  There are certain people that I can't look in the eye when only 15% of my body parts are covered.

3.  Do you lay out, fake bake, sunless spray tan or use tanning lotion?

Again - someone is going to slap me with my answer. 

I'm going to lay out today for hours.  Mostly because my body craves the heat and sun.  It helps my mood - Vitamin D is huge for me.  I have never spray tanned.  I do fake bake.  In fact, there's a tanning bed in my basement HOWEVER - I am not a leather looking tanner.  People would never know I own a tanning bed.  I use it about 3x a month unless I have an event that is coming up.  Please do not tell me I'm going to die of skin cancer.  I know.  Apparently, my vanity doesn't give a damn.  And did you know my cellulite appears LESS when it's tan?  It's true - I swear.

4.  Describe your week in blogland and in real life.

For realz....this week was  No idea why.  I feel more energized.  I've stayed on plan for more than .3 seconds for the first time in a long time.  I've worked out because I felt like it.  I've talked to Jenny every day (which by the way - check out her blog -we're giving away a Bodybugg at BOOBs this year).  Rambo rocks my world.  I even put feathers in both of my little girl's hair!!  I got new purple/blue/green ones for me too!

In blogland, I got my feelings about body odor off my chest.  I reviewed the living shit out of Nutrisystem too.   Gilly is hosting a challenge that is open to ANYONE (you don't have to be going to BOOBs). 

My friend Laura had the audacity to blog about peeing, puking and spiders...all in the same week.  I'm unfollowing her now thank you very much.  Geez. 

The planners are working hard on planning (duh!...hence the title "planners") to make BOOBs 2011 great!  Check out the official BOOBs blog by the way - we have a BUTTLOAD of sponsors who are donating great items this year!

I'm high on sweettarts and Mt. Dew life right now!  I hope you are too!!!!


Joanna said...

YAY!! Ready to get my BYOC going.

I think the questions are's f'in hot as Hell outside, it's Independance day weekend...why wouldn't we talk about bathing suits and tanning??

Cat said...

You cannot unfriend Laura. She's too!! Between you and her I don't know who I stalk more religiously!! Her for the dogs, you for the shoe porn. /nod

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious!

I need to get a spray tan this weekend -- I am the colour of Elmer's glue. :p

Jess said...

You are so diva-licious! I love it! Hope you have an awesome weekend!!!

Laura Belle said...

You can't unfollow'd miss my shoe posts too much. (Which totally make up for the 'bad' posts.)

And you love me to much.

And I'm your mini-me.

And you think i'm funny sometimes.

And I wrote 'pink popsicle dicks'.

All valid reasons to luuvy-wuuvy little ol' me!
(Cause I luuvy-wuuvy you!!)

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I tan naturally only. I know. I'll have skin cancer too but I just love the heat and sweat of a summer day out in the sun. I've never done a tanning bed or spray tanning but I use a tanning oil that has some protection in it. Since it has been in the 90s I've only been out and hour or so a day. I need my vitamin d fix too. It is a great mood elevator.

Dawnya said...

Please take pictures of the green feathers. Green is my color.

Bodacious Boomer said...

BYOC! I love it and will use it- often. It fits my life to a tee.

You're right about a tan making your legs looks better. That's why although the rest of me is pretty pale, my legs look like they belong to James Earl Jones.

Andrea said...

Great BYOC as always!!!

Kelly said...

I'm high on the fact that it's a long weekend, baby! I plan on hitting the beach this weekend, but if it's a madhouse, we'll see. It probably will be. Girl, you are rocking it! Dabomb-diggity!

~Lisa~ said...

Terrific BYOC!! I always enjoy seeing what you're going to come up with! PUHLEEZEE don't make me take a picture of my work out shoes - they're older than papyrus and look like it too!

mirilapband said...

I've done the BYOC from Friday - finally!

Ronnie said...

Great one as always, thanks for providing us some good workout-shoe porn. :)

Cece said...

Just started reading your blog (will definately go back and read the entire story). Love that you have named your demon and fat. Will have to think about that (as I'm named my depression ... fat, depression ... probably one in the same!)