Friday, July 15, 2011

I can't deal.




I’m sorry friends. I am. This is getting old to type and I’m sure old to read. BUT I don’t want to call my mom or Rambo’s mom or anyone in my real life (Jenny – you can skip this whole blog if you want) because there’s no point in having other people that love Rambo worry about him more than they already do. They don’t need details about what happens at his work when I know they already worry.

But I need to say it, express it and then let it go.

And I would indeed let it go  – if the freaking inmate would just behave.

Remember the guy with AIDS who wants to infect as many white people as possible who also has a list of guards he wants to assault and this week sent a guard to the hospital? (that guard is still in the hospital by the way)

Yah, well….Rambo and I had plans tonight but I doubt he’s going to come home.

5 guards just got hit with a shit cocktail.

One of them got the feces right in his eyes. (I have hives just thinking about it)

Yes, from the inmate with AIDS.

I don’t understand why the guards aren’t super vigilant with this guy – but I wasn’t there so I can’t judge. Rambo says he was put back in a regular cell yesterday so that makes it easier for the inmate to assault them. Who knew? A super maximum solitary confinement prison – and the ease of assault remains.

I’m just so pissed right now.

Before it’s all done Rambo will have to suit up in riot gear and probably gas him (and get gassed himself) and who knows what the inmate will do then. Actually Rambo is hoping this time they’ll just use the tazer to control him.

Right now he’s holding his trap door hostage and won’t come out. That means his arm is in the trap door where they put through his lunch tray and he won’t move it so they can’t open the door to get him out to put him in a controlled cell. He’ll have to be gassed or tazed.

Can you imagine the testosterone and emotions on that range? An inmate just assaulted 5 guards and the other guards can’t do a damn thing – can’t even go in and get him….the inmate retains control.

Until the tazers come out anyway.

He’ll be slapped with another 5 counts of assault and never get out so he doesn’t care.

And the taxpayer money he’s wasting? The police have to investigate these assaults. The cases go to court. The guards who are hurt have to go to the hospital and get their aftercare paid for. Other guards have to work overtime to cover their shifts. If the one guard can never work again – the state has to pay him for that. It goes on and on.

I have to remember Rambo is good at what he does. He’s a highly trained Sargent who will be the Squad Leader when the cell entry/riot squad goes in….which means instead of being the first guy in behind the shield, he’ll be ordering the team commands. I hope. He usually wants to be the first guy in but I hope this time he’s the Squad Leader.

I don’t want to say “cell entries” with tazers and batons and shields are his passion but he’ll admit he loves to put inmates like that in their place – especially if they have hurt children (this guy is a pedofile) and then assaulted his co-workers.

He was asked last night to become an EMT for the local village and I heard him jokingly say, “I’m a life taker, not a life saver.”

He’s wrong about that – he saves my life every day.

He can take care of himself. I know that. He’ll come home safe and sound.

Okay, now I’m done.


Leslie said...

I'm so sorry Drazil, that you have to worry about these things. I don't know how you survive it, you must be super strong because if my husband did that for work I wouldn't be able to function.

I'm thinking of you. *Skittle Hugs*

Lisa Mancini said...

Wow! I'm sorry that you guys have to deal with this. Definitely frightening

Hyla said...

My sister in law was a guard for 5 years and she has so many awful stories mostly to do with shit, its just gross.

Jacquie said...

I dont know if i ever told you but my husband was a Corrections Officer for 7 years before he became a Sherrif's Deputy. He always said the"rights" of prisoners made it so hard for the CO's to do their job. That was many years ago....I can only imagine based on what you describe what all goes on now. I will keep Rambo and his men in my thoughts and prayers for a safe resolution to this problem.

Pamela E. Williams said...

My flesh just crawled all the down to my feet. The shivers I got from just reading this. I am just at a lost for words, but I swear they need to taser the $hit right out of him. He won't be able to throw any more of it. A$$ will be dried up.

I just said another prayer for you and Rambo. Keep you head up as much as you can.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

You are right to vent it all out here. I couldn't live with the pressure of knowing my husband was at risk like that every day at work. Things can happen even though he is good at what he does. Anyone in your place would worry. Don't be so hard on yourself and allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling. It might be good to let Rambo know that you are worried for him and to be careful. At least you will feel you did SOMETHING. Hang in there. I hope they get the guy and put him someplace he can never cause harm again.

Jody V said...

Special prayers and thoughts from Jersey for you all. He would make a wonderful Rescue EMT!! He would enjoy the challenge and be a great addition to the team I'm sure. Hang in there! I can't even imagine what you go through. Hope the commenting helps you out!

Bridget said...

I'm so sorry that you and Rambo are having to deal with this. I hope getting it all out on your blog helps a little with the stress, and makes it a little easier to deal with. So sweet that you want to protect those that love Rambo by not worrying them.

Cat said...

You are a strong woman hon. I know this is a bit of a repeat from what the other skittles have already said, but you are right to vent out what you need to here with us. We are your own personal outlet for your anger and frustation and worry for your dear hubby. That sounds so completely foreign to what my hubby does (he works in customer service basically). At least Rambo can take control of the situation with a taser. I'm so sorry you have to go through this dear.

Jen said...

la la la la la la...I didn't read this.

give ME the tazer, I say. Mother-Fer!!!

Justawallflower said...

He also saves the lives of all the victims there would be if there monsters were on the streets! It not only takes a special person to do his job, but it also takes a special person to be married to a person who does this job! Seriously, what do you do to a guy to punish him, when he is already spending the rest of his life in a maximum security? You just let it out!

Dizzy Girl said...

yeah- TAZER!!!!

I don't know how you do it either- it gives me hives just READING it. :) Esp the feces in the eyes part- that makes me ill on so many different levels. :(

xoxo baby girl-


Sandy Lee said...

Worry is just something we girls just have to do. No matter what. And we will worry with you. {{{HUGS}}} and good thoughts that all will be well.

Shannon said...

your doing good...just trust your hubby and everything will be as it's supposed to be :)

Amanda Kiska said...

Prayers for you two!

Stacey said...

My heart goes out to you Draz, I can't imagine how I would feel if my hubby was in Rambo's line of work. I worry enough about him just riding a motorcycle.

Alison said...

How awful, I'm in awe or Rambo doing such a dreadful job. I'm sure that he will be home safe soon.

Cat said...

Hearing some of the deputies talk about the things they have to deal with, and what you say Rambo has to deal with, I still don't see how that some of them don't have the continued temptation to 'go medieval' on those... people. Ahem. You have a strong guy there, just know that, and you have every right to be worried, but be happy you have a strong, smart husband, too.


~*Dawn*~ said...

I can completely understand Rambo. I worked as a corrections officer for three years. I put in a chokehold by a man, stopped two suicide attempts, and faced numerous threats. I've now been a Probation Officer for 4 years. I am much safer in my current position - but I do miss the constant adreniline and the bond you have with your coworkers. I didn't know until recent years how stressed my husband and parents were about my job. My husband would rather work three jobs than for me to return to the facility. Hang in there and trust Rambo's instincts...doesn't sound like they have ever steered you wrong ;-)

Dazee Dreamer said...

OMG. I'm proud of Rambo and all he does. You are a great wife, because you worry about him and are so proud. That comes out in all your posts about him. I could never be a guard, because I would go all rabid on the bastard and then, bamo, in the cell I would go.

Munchberry said...

Yeah, I would be scared shitless for my guy too having to deal with those crazies and people who have nothing to lose. The freaking stress Rambo must have to deal with. I'd tazer his rectum. Permanent ass spasm for that MF.

It does seem that the bad guys have all the advantages.

Barbara said...

OK.. I am breaking out in hives just reading this.. holy crap.. what freakin nuts there are.. dont the give the guards protective gear? I mean that is just so volital.. why dont they separate him.
Heres wish you a peaceful night.. hugs

Sweet Ever After said...

It's so crap that someone has to to deal with all these idiots. It's a shame they cant just be locked away somewhere, away from society and forgotten about! I guess they kind of are forgotten about, except for the guards dealing with them every day.

It's obvious that Rambo is very smart and VERY good at his job!

Hope things settle down for you guys soon.


AutumnLeaves said...

I can so understand your worries, Draz. Believe it or not, I went through the police academy as I was a commissioned law enforcement officer the state gambling commission (before I quit to move back to IL). I also worked security for ten years at Sears. There are a lot of nut jobs in the world and when they have nothing to lose, they don't care who they take with them. At 52 and with fibromyalgia, I know I couldn't do that kind of work any longer. But I will say that good training is imperative and that there is a definite and distinct brotherhood amongst law enforcement. They will come to each other's aid in a heartbeat and they have each other's back. I am thankful for capstun, tazers, and batons that good officers know how to use to help get that upper hand of control. Knowing how this nut inmate is and his threats should have those guards on their toes and ready. As a leader amongst his men, your husband will undoubtedly be careful. He loves what waits for him at home and that is a huge motivator to be safe!

Amanda said...

I can only imagine the stress that it adds to your life! This is the place to relieve stress. So talk about it as much as you want!

It takes a certain type of person to be able to do what he does. Thank him for us. Because I know I couldn't do it!

FitBy40 said...

I don't know how you do it (or him for that matter!). Pure craziness.

Banded Mommy (Angie) said...

Sweetie I am so sorry! I hope he is home safe and sound. Just keep in mind that he is good at what he does and he has others there to help protect him.
I just hope that some other inmate might accidentally shank that bastard shithead and get it over with. Men that hurt children and wish to effect everyone around them should just get the hell off this earth!

Bec said...

*hugs* Hope all is ok.

Bodacious Boomer said...

Ye Gods! That's one of the most awful things I've heard in a while. It'd be bad enough with regular shit; but super shit?

That's terrifying.

Laurie said...

Seriously shitty. (literally after the shit storm you described).
Why does this crazy human get to go back to a regular cell?
I have always been fascinated with prisons, your posts are filling some of my intrigue.
Hugs and gumdrops to you.

Dinnerland said...

I don't have adequate words to respond. horrible.