Friday, August 19, 2011

Another prison rant.....

I need to rant about the prison. And I need to feel like someone heard me so I can let go of the anger I’m carrying lately.

Rambo is working on Cell Block A this week.


Block A is the intake unit and the worst unit. As you progress and behave as a prisoner, you move up in units (A through F) and rewards – so yes – if you’re in A – um – you suck. You haven’t earned a damn thing and you just suck.

Basically you make every guard’s life hell and you’re an asshole and you’re proud of it.

Rambo is a Support Sargent which means he moves from unit to unit filling in where needed. This week he is needed on A.

Great. I’d rather clean up Satan’s poop.

First of all – he’s working with a woman guard. Sooo – you all know what that means. It means the A prisoners shout incessant and gruesome obscenities at her and about her and every female body part she has and what they want to do with her and on and on – for 8 straight hours. Just imagine that. It gets old. It gets aggravating. It’s hard to deal with.

I get that. I do. A huge part of me feels sorry for her.

The other part of me says – Lady – you signed up for this job. What did you think the state’s worst prisoners would say to you?

And Rambo? He hates when they talk like that to her or any woman so he takes her walking shift down the ranges for her and he allows her to stay in the cage out of their eyesight.

Great for her. Not great for Rambo.

Should I pissed or proud of him?

So all day they shout obscenities at him. About me. What they’ll do to me. His mother. His kids.

One guy wouldn’t come out of his cell to go to his OWN trial so they had to suit up on him in riot gear. Then the guy proceeded to throw up all over himself. I cannot deal.

Constant screaming. Constant beliggerent remarks. Constant accusations. Yelling. All day intercom requests for this and that. He’s being flipped off all day long. Told to f*ck off all day.

Rambo isn’t the kind of guy who just stays silent and takes this. He plays his hand.

Right or wrong. It’s what he does. It’s what most of them do. There’s only so much a person can take in a job like that from wretched people who have raped 2 year olds you know? But yes – again – I too, know he signed up for this job. He knew that daily he, myself, and his kids would be threatened by prisoners. It doesn’t make it any easier though.

So he usually doses some of it back.

For instance…when one guy called Rambo a mother f*cker yesterday – Rambo stopped dead in his tracks and stopped at the cell and said, “You’re right. After my shift, I’m going to stop by your mother’s house and f*ck her.”

Immature? Yup. But you can’t let the prisoners have the upper hand. You can’t let them think you’ll back down. He might be a hated guard – but he’s also respected there.

He was walking by the next guy’s cell to check on him and walked past and the prisoner yelled, “Hey – Rambo just called me a n*gger!”

Again – Rambo could have kept on walking. He didn’t.

He stopped. Went back and said, “Are you deaf and blind? There are cameras everywhere that can prove I never said a word to you. I’m not racist and I don’t use that word. Back the f*ck down and behave.”


All day long. He’s wired and frustrated and wound tight.

All I can think is that if he wasn’t so kind he could have avoided it all and been in a cage all day. I hope that woman appreciates her break from the obscenities Rambo gave her this week.

Meanwhile…I just worry.

I said to Rambo, “Some day one of those prisoners is going to make good on those promises and you’ll be sorry.”

That’s my fear. Some of them get out. They know our name. They know where we live.

And he always says, “Honey, guys like that don’t ever get out of the system. Ever.”

Here’s hoping he’s right.

I realize some of you might completely disagree with how Rambo handles prisoners or how I feel about this stuff…and I know human rights are a touchy subject…but please – try not to judge until you’ve lived it. It’s really unexplainable. And thanks for listening.


Amanda said...

I'd be right there with you if my husband were in the same position. No judgment here. Vent away.

Laura Belle said...

I agree, that's what we're here for...listening, helping, being a good friend.

Vent till your blue.

And, if a person CHOOSES to do horrible, terrible, and immoral things in their life, then they choose to live in a cell and be treated like stomped dog shit. Personally, I think prisoners need rougher 'care'. But that's just me.

FitBy40 said...

I don't know how you deal. Talk about stress! Ugh. Believe me, I am all for human rights but these guys in super max pretty much gave all that up when they committed their crimes, as far as I'm concerned. Like the jack ass serial killer here in Illinois who goes up for parole every 3 years, wasting out tax payers $$, and will never get out because he killed 17 people for no reason! Oh, don't get me started!
Have a great day!

Dr. J said...

i can imagine how frustrating it is. i work at a county hospital that services all the jails and the prison in the area and on top of that i am in the psych department, so i have seen a lot. some of them are so nice and some are not so i use humor to cope and i VENT to people. so vent away sister!

~Lisa~ said...

I admire Rambo, and fully appreciate the work he does - please thank him.. And (((huggsss))) to you for the stress you live with constantly....

Dawnya said...

I'm glad I work in a prison. I hope I offer some reassurance sometime. Rambo is right. Those guys never leave the system. If they did they go right back within 2 months.

They don't show up at your house or look for you on the streets. They are all cowards. They talk all that mess because they want to be recognized by other inmates. If they ever catch you alone...they apologize for their behavior.

Rambo is doing his job well. Hell better than me. I actually put piss in their oatmeal...because I'm evil.

My favorite thing to do was to always embarrass them.

For instance...inmates would write me love letters and hand them to me while I walked the range. I would go back to my office and read them over the intercom. How funny.

Don't worry sweetie. Love ya!!

Ronnie said...

No judgement here, I would have said those things and worse to the scum that reside in Cell Block A.

Samantha said...

I'm totally all for Rambo and whatever he says. I work in (an admittedly gentler) branch of law enforcement, and have long since stopped feeling too bad for these people. I don't know what that makes me, but I do appreciate Rambo and all he has to deal with!

<3 Hugs to you both!

Cece said...

Rambo is a good man and you're a good wife. I cannot imagine (a variation of: I cannot deal). Be good to yourself ...

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

Yep, I could never have a husband that was a cop, fireman or a prison guard. Too nerve wracking for me too. And I say good on Rambo for saying something to them.

Ms. Chunky Chick said...

I am surprised he is still able to handle it. I know I would have crumbled at this point. And the fact that he hasn't taking up the poo slinging that can go on in there speaks alot. So a couple of words to someone who needs to be put in their place seems so trivial. I can't even imagine the stress that you and Rambo he-man superhunk suffer so the rest of society don't have to deal with god's diarrhea.

Bodacious Boomer said...

Rambo gets two big thumbs up from me.

Caron said...

No judgment from me! Bless the guys and gals who deal with this all the time. They are also protecting us from them.

MandaPanda said...

I can't imagine my hubby having a job like that. I would just be a mess every day all day long.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

No way I could put up with that kind of shit all day long. I would be worse than Rambo about dishing some of it back. I have an acid tongue when I need it and I don't mind one bit cutting a rude asshole off at the knees. He needs to do whatever he needs to do to deal and so do you. These people are being pampered, in my opinion. They broke the rules of society then they should forfeit all their rights. I think they should be forced to work for their meals and their beds and board. Yes. I am a hard-nosed bitch.

Wendy said...

i feel ya! get it off your chest and out of your head.

heck i though of several comments for the m=f= comment.....
and your momma swore she doesn't kiss and tell!
your momma would know wouldn't she?
can't help your daddy can't be a man and....

and on and on and i am so not a "your momma" joke type person.

Jessica said...

Once they are behind those bars they lose all their rights. (IMO)

Cat said...

I honestly think you handle this the best you possibly can dearest. I, like Laura, feel that prisoners that act this way deserve what they get.

Miss Mary said...

My brother is a police officer and I feel bad cause he sees all the bad stuff all the time. It can make you callous because of all the stuff you see. My brother tells me some sad sad stories. I think civil servants are awesome. I couldnt do it.

Food Freak said...

I knew a woman who was a guard for many years at Folsom. For those of you who never heard of Folsom prison, it's a major penetentiary--a hellhole for some of the worst men society has ever seen. It ruined her. She did her job well, but the constant, relentless, psychopathic abuse she dealt with turned her into something you don't want to think about.

Rambo does what he does to keep that from happening to him. They will respect him anyway, as long as he does it to those who deserve it, and does it fairly (to white, black, Latino, etc.). Try not to freak. He's right. They are in the system for life. Yes, they might get out for a few weeks, but all they want to do is get high again. They're busted or violate parole and back in prison in the blink of an eye.

He has always sounded like a good man. I'm not surprised he has the urge to protect the female guard. You aren't surprised either, are you?

AutumnLeaves said...

Having been in law enforcement, I know the drill a bit and I must applaud Rambo for his restraint. The whole purpose of prison, I thought, was to take away the "rights" of the scum who break the laws. They are lucky to have 3 meals a day and a bed, to my mind, at least.

Julie Harmon said...

No, we are a law enforcement family too- I totally get it. I could NEVER work in a jail and he is a special person for doing so.
Dont be so hard on yourself. You worry because you love him and you are a better couple because of it.

Chubby McGee said...

Yikes! I'm soooooooooooo sorry he has to deal with those scumbags. I don't know how he copes. He is lucky, however, to have a gal like you to come home to and make him forget (even if it's just for a minute) all the crap from his work day.

*hugs to you and I'm sending prayers to Rambo*

Tanya said...

Hugs to you and your husband. He is dealing the best way he can. Good for him!

ShrinkingJustine said...

Make sure that your husband writes any altercations and things down. I have a brother who used to be a c/o in NY and something happened. one of the guys above him told him to just go home. it wasnt that "big of a deal". well it wasnt but then it turned into a big deal and by him not filling out the paperwork it looked like he was tryna hide something when all he wanted was to go home that day. the feds came in and railroaded him. just be careful and document document document. my heart goes out to any c/o. its a tough job.

Dinnerland said...

I don't have anything to say about what Rambo says-- the guy who called your hubs a 'mo..f'er'-- I believe he deserved what he got back. I am sorry things were rough for him, but I am always fascinated by these inside looks to prison life in your posts.
Tell Rambo he has support in the rational world. He's brave to take on what he does-- it is just really too bad that there are any humans who are low enough to behave like what he has to put up with. UGh.