Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A little glimpse of high school courtesy of Joey.

Most of you know that I've been with Rambo since I was 15. 

He was 17 and he was your typical football playing jock. 
Typical "Don't look at my girlfriend or I'll mess you up" kind of guy. 
 I used to hate it and love it all at the same time.

I remember one time Rambo had a party and some idiot guy came that I hated.  I mean I was a bitch to this guy and I can still admit that to this day. Why on Earth this guy would come to MY boyfriend's party knowing we didn't get along was beyond me - but he did.

He came - Rambo met him at his car - the guy uttered a few words about me (or tried to) and the next thing I know is that the guy's head is being smashed into Rambo's car numerous times.  Ugh.

I was so humiliated and pissed. 
Jealousy was annoying back in high school but every guy I knew felt it when it came to "his" girl. 
 It must have come with having a penis.  And no brains.

As Rambo (and most men) get older, they tend to lose that whole jealousy thing......
and though I'll never tell him - sometimes I miss it.

It could be that other men no longer look at me (cuz I cut my boobs off) so he has nothing to be
jealous of anymore - but let's just skip over that little fact.

Tonight though - I got a little taste of high school. 
Courtesy of my blogging friend Joey - and her gorgeous little name.

My phone dinged. 
I had a text message.

The message was from "Joey".

Rambo was bringing my phone to me so I could read my new message.

I hear Rambo say, "Who is Joey?"

I think to myself.  Oh this is gonna be fun.  Let's play this game.

I say, "I don't know.  I'm not sure who Joey is." I smirk.

He says, " I need to start checking your messages?  Who is Joey?"

I say, "Come here babe.  Let me show you just who Joey is and how hot this person is."

I proceed to pull up Joey's blog

I'm so proud of myself as I giggle and say, "There's your Joey."

"Would you like to apologize to me now or later Mr. Testerone get your boxers in a tizzy?"

"Shit"...he says..."for all I know that's not the real Joey. 
You're lucky it's a chick though...cuz I'm not really into sharing."

He laughs and kisses me like he just won me in some duel and for a moment I feel 15 again.    

Hmmm...I guess some things never change. 

P.S. Joey - do not be afraid....Rambo will NOT be smashing your face into a car. 

Hand to Bible...I promise.

Your face is WAY too pretty for that.  ♥ you!


Shannon said...

lol I love it.

Dawnya said...

Hilarious!! I love it though. Rambo is my kind of guy. I just puffy heart him.

Banded Mommy (Angie) said...

LOL! That sounds like something my husband would do and say. I think its their little way to say... Yep still love ya! :)

Ronnie said...

Aww, young love. <3

Vanessa said...

Love it! I miss being 15 sometimes too....

Joey said...

Mwah ha ha ha haaaaa!
That is not the first time that has happened! I'm glad I could indirectly add a spark!

Joey said...

Oh, and bless you for all the compliments! Especially the one about having a vagina - I know it's an assumption you have made, and you are right! I'm not as hot as you, but I'm particularly fond of being called "smokin", just ask Barbara! :)

vickyd said...

Aww...I luv Rambo (he did EXACTLY what my husband would do)!!

Beth Ann said...

Super cute!

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

A little protective jealousy is sweet.:)

DiZneDiVa said...

Great Story... LOL. Joey is a homewrecker... LOL

Bodacious Boomer said...

Great stuff kiddo. My hubs is the same way, even now. Age didn't seem to change him too much.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

So funny! I used to HATE boyfriends being jealous--and once violence, which I was definitely not a fan of. But now I'm married, I could use a little jealousy to remind me I'm still wanted, hahah!

mallory said...

It's cute when their jealous <3

Joey said...

Oh, and I sent you a letter last night and some similarities are eerie. Hand to god I sent it before I read this.

Cat said...

I have to admit, I'm glad my hubby isn't jealous because I really like my guy friends at work. I talk about them frequently too, but hubby knows he's #1 and the coworkers dudes aren't even in the game. :) I love this story though!

Dizzy Girl said...

Should I text you too? You can change my name to Danny in your phone- it's not a lie- I used to get called Dani all the time when I was in high school myself. ;) Next time you need a good spark- you let me know and I'll text you asap!



Joanna said...


Hubby doesn't get jealous...but that's good for me, cause I have a lot of guy friends.

It would be fun to do something like this, though and see how it goes.

Justawallflower said...

Oh my goodness, I dated a guy in high school, off and on, and even when we were "off" I was known as "so and so's girl" which made it really hard to get dates, cause he smashed more than one head back then!

Julie Harmon said...

I need a friend named "Joey"! :)