Thursday, September 8, 2011

An almost catastrophe.

I'm having a crisis of epic proportions.

It'd be funny - if it wasn't.

You see - this weekend I'm morphing into my leather Harley bitch mode. 
And yes - that isn't all that unusual EXCEPT this time? 

Well, this time - it's my FIRST overnight Harley excursion. 

Overnight - with people I don't know.  I bet you're thinking that's my main problem -
me with my hive inducing social anxiety issues and all.

You'd be wrong.

I mean - yes - for sure - that scares the crap out of me and I'd rather scoop pig shit in 6 inch heels and a bikini all day BUT that's not what I'm freaking out about the most.

We should rewind because you probably missed one teeny word I mentioned above.

The word was overnight.  Mixed with on the Harley?
Do you catch my drift yet?
When I asked Rambo what he was going to pack - this is what he said:

I hate that azzhole.

People - this is a a full blown four alarm emergency. 
I'm the girl with the suitcase for a purse remember? 
I could survive on an island for a week with that thing. 
When I go somewhere I overpack - every time. 

This time - it's impossible.  I have one saddlebag. 
One mother-effing saddlebag to put my wardrobe into. 
Leathers.  Swimsuits.  Shoes.  Pajamas.  Jeans.  Riding clothes. 
Times all that by about three. 
Not to mention whatever I buy in the shops we stop at.

Crotchface Asian massage girl had something to say. 
I hate her too.

Rambo said this would be a good learning experience for me.  I mean seriously.

To which I replied:

And that my friends - is how you avert an almost packing catastrophe. 
Carry on. 
Everything is going to be just fine.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Have fun. I'm sure you will manage. I always over pack too. It is just a girl thing. I hope you have a good time.

Ronnie said...

Haha, just pack your undies and some leathers, too. It'll be all good. :)

Sarah said...

Have a great time! Seriously, I want to eat whatever it is you have for breakfast! (Probably gumdrops... lol)

Sarah @ Thinfluenced

Bridget said...

Over the summer I had to pack a week's worth of stuff into a miniscule suitcase and a carry on. Oh yeah, it took me practically a week to pack once I figured out what I could live without. ARGGGG. I truly feel your pain.

Here's hoping you have a super weekend on the Harley ;)

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

Phew. Crisis averted. ;)

Chubby McGee said...

LOL! You'll be fine. We've all had to go without all our traditional suitcase packing methods once or twice. It's an initiation! Run with it. :)

FitBy40 said...

underwear can be left home, and you can wear the same pajamas the whole time (you know Rambo will be removing them as soon as your tent is zipped up anyway!).
Have fun!

MandaPanda said...

Need I remind you that you spent 22 hours at a tattoo convention with a bunch of people you didn't know? You're Superwoman! No worries!

Kim said...

Enjoy your weekend...can't wait to read about it next week.

Sandy Lee said...

I will comment on your previous post. Rambo is the guy who will kiss the palms of his little girl and laminate pictures so she isn't scared of school. Give him anything he wants. Just take the clean panties.

And remind him that one day he will have to walk those girls down the aisle and it will make him cry. Big slobbery, snot dripping tears. Maybe he'll let you take a T-shirt too.

Barbara said...

Can I go too~~ I will only bring my clean panties as well .. I love you sweetie

Read said...

it took me a minute to realize "cute pink things" meant that underwear - for a minute there I thought you'd become me... It was a little frightening.

Cat said...

I certainly know about overpacking. We had 4 suticases and 2 carryons for our 7 day cruise. 80% of that stuff was mine. Seriously though, I change several times a day while cruising. You dress for dinner, you dress for the pool, you dress for excursions. It's a lot. Seriously. I don't blame you for nearly freaking. /nod