Wednesday, September 21, 2011

School update!

I want to give you guys an update on Banana and how she is doing with school on her second full week of school. I also want to brag about Watermelon. Yah, that’s right – I said brag.

You can vomit if you’d like but let me just say that most of the time I pretty much suck at this parenting gig. When it turns out that I do something right – listen – I’m as shocked as anyone so while I’d like to shout it out on some tall skyscraper – we don’t have skyscrapers here in hicksville – so I’m gonna brag about it on my blog.

When Watermelon tells me what went on I do my best not to do the shocked open jaw “you did what?” thing – but honestly you guys – she’s a great big sister. I can’t get over it.

Okay – Banana – she is doing great. We haven’t had a full on full tear fall from her little eyes in days. Friday Rambo even dropped her off and she ran to her room and didn’t even want a kiss from him. Score!!!

She does say once in a while she doesn’t want to go but no tears and we can easily distract her and she’s starting to come home and be excited about what she learned and she’s understanding the long day does end and weekends come and stuff like that!!

Woot! I think we made it!!!

Now onto Watermelon. Last night Watermelon took me aside and told me she wanted to tell me about Banana and school.

She said that Banana didn’t really want to get on the bus yesterday.

She said, “I told her that she could listen to some songs on my MP3 player when she got on the bus cuz I got some new songs on it. I don’t really have new songs on it but she doesn’t know that. So she listened to a song and then she was fine. And then at recess she was a little sad so me and my friends played with her a while and she got over it and was okay. Every day when recess ends I walk her to her classmate line and I hug her and kiss her and tell her to have a great afternoon and that makes her really happy and I think that helps her.”

Ah yes…this is me – amazed. While my girls still fight like sisters do – there is also something different about them. They are closer. There’s a new protectiveness that wasn’t there before. There was never a need for that before.

It’s like Watermelon feels she has a new job – and it’s one she takes seriously and is proud of. And her friends take it on with her. It makes me proud of all of them and I think I’ll take them all cookies or something and say thank you. They need to be recognized for it. They could easily say “get away from us” or something and not be compassionate.

I heard Banana say to Watermelon in the back seat last night, “Watermelon, I love your friends.” And Watermelon said thank you. That made her proud of her own friends too. It’s good for all of them. Watermelon’s friends of course have younger siblings too and they are all learning from each other.

Okay enough of the sappy stuff. I shall leave you with this.

If you don’t believe that I truly live in hicksville…on the way to work this morning I saw a Jeep Cherokee with a lift kit – jacked up so high that yours truly would literally need a ladder to get into it. The tires on this thing were so high they’d be up to my boobs. It was very nicely covered in mud.

And strapped on top? Was a pristine, clean baby’s high chair.

Not kidding.

What the holy hell?


Dawnya said...

I've said it before and I will say it again....Watermelon ROCKS!!!! She has to be the best big sister in the world. I'm so proud of her. Girl, you must be doing something right.

Amanda said...

I live in the same kind of town, Draz.

I am so proud of your girls!!

vickyd said...

What a wonderful sister Watermelon is...I'm so proud of her (and Banana too for being a big girl and not crying)!!!

Ronnie said...

I live in the same kind of town, too. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

Proud of Watermelon and Banana today! :)

Banded Mommy (Angie) said...

Watermelon will be a great mommy one day Draz. Fighting over things is normal but no matter what happens to a younger sibling the older one will always be there to kick someones ass.
Case in point... My mom and aunt... My aunt was terrible to my mom growing up. She even gave my mom "chocolate" which was really laxative telling my mom it was the best chocolate ever! So my mom ate it... then spent the rest of the day laying in the tub because that was the easiest place to clean and keep up with everything.
But through every divorce and break up or even death... they were always the first one there for each other. Sisters have a bond like no other. Ones that people, especially men, have a hard time understanding.
You are doing just fine raising them. This right here just shows what a good parent you are. Only a good parent would have kids like this.

Red Riding Hood said...

Reading about your girls reminds me of myself and my sister. We are very close and were always there for each other at school. Watermelon is doing a great job, and from one little sister to another, I know that Banana really appreciates it. Hugs xo

Rachel said...

This may sound creepy, but you make me want to start making babies with my hunny.... now I want a Watermelon and a Banana of my own!!!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

There is nothing like having a sister, so I am told. I don't have any sisters, just brothers, but I have two daughters who are only about 17 months apart in age. They are very close and I'm proud of them for helping each other out the way they do. They still tease and fight sometimes but they always make up and have a common bond. I love that the kids are close. When they were young, Bethany looked after Kailee too. She was a little mom to Kailee whenever I was busy. Kailee attracted bullies sometimes but they were all afraid of Bethany. Bethany never fought anyone but they all knew she meant business when she was defending her sister. I'm glad your girls have this kind of relationship too. It will serve them well all their lives.

Caron said...

I'm smiling. I have two girls too. All grown up and not as close as I wish they were but living 14 hours apart is hard. :)

Fat in Suburbia said...

Wonderful news about Banana and Watermelon is a fantastic kid! Brag on girlfriend!

~Lisa~ said...

It's so wonderful to read about what raising girls is like - I have two grown boys. The boys are tight and that makes my mother heart happy.. Oh, they (still) fight like brothers do, but they belong to each other. Thank you for the smile today!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

That's so sweet!

Laurie said...

You are doing something right, I tell you. Watermelon is learning how to nurture from her nurturing mama, whether the mama knows it or not.
And, how sad that Banana has to learn at this age that weekends do come after a long week.

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

That is darling.

The jeep however is not. WTF? Did it also have a pair of truck nuts? (Gawd, I hate those things.)

Laura Belle said...

I wish I had a sister. That's a pretty wonderful pair of girls you got there! They're lucky to have one another....and a wonderful mommy like you!

Tina said...

I love it when girls are nice to each other. So often you hear adults complain about how rotten kids are today and it isn't that they really are it is that the quietly kind and considerate ones like watermelon and her friends don't get noticed. I am glad you are bragging about them on here.


Camille said...

Sisterly love is just so sweet!

Bring Pretty Back said...

I do not have a sister- sniff sniff.
And what the holy hell is right!
Have a pretty day!

Bridget said...

So glad that Banana is having a better time at school and what a wonderful sister Watermelon is being to help her so much!!

Dizzy Girl said...

So happy to hear your girls are such good sisters. I love this post. ;) xoxox

Cece said...

You're doing something (I'm sure a lot of things) right :) A baby chair? Never, in 1000000000000000000000 years would I have guessed that ... lol ... thanks for the lol !

Bodacious Boomer said...

I'm so happy that Banana is doing better. I know it was tearing at your heartstrings when she was so unhappy.

Joanna said...

Awww, I love hearing stories like this. Watermelon is such a great big sister.

I know that my Peanut would be like that with Jelly - not Butter, but definitely Jelly. Unfortunately, by the time Jelly starts school - Peanut will be in a different school. I'm nervous, now. :(

Oh - and the Jeep? Holy grasshopper balls...I sure hope the driver is small enough to fit in it and that there isn't an actual baby. The huge tires are just compensation for the size of the owner - right? Dear God, I hope so.

AutumnLeaves said...

My daughter loved it when she had a lift kit on her Forerunner. Not my cup o' tea but I suspect her husband put her up to that one! LOL

My granddaughters are amazing sisters to each other as well. They are 7 and 5 (5 today!).

MandaPanda said...

Fighting tears...seriously. I hope my girls learn to look after eachother the way yours do.