Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blood is thicker than politics.


You didn't know that?

That’s not how the old saying goes, is it? Isn’t it blood is thicker than water or something like that?

Sure it is. If you’re not in my crazy ass make up drama because you have no life and your brain is small extended family.

Allow me to explain.

Many of you don’t know this because it’s not something I shout from the rooftops – unless it’s necessary – but I’m a politics whore. I follow politics regularly and stay pretty informed and I can debate with the best of them. Okay – maybe not the best – but I can hold my own for a small town girl in Podunk.

I get this from my brothers. Both of them carry on highly educational debates regarding politics nearly every day of their lives. What I love most about them is that they rarely get personal. They almost always stick to the facts and percentages and research and history.

And what I love even more is that they can debate with you for hours – but then walk away – calm and never changing how they feel about you personally. Meaning if you were their friend before you spouted off something you can’t back up politically – you’ll still be their friend when the conversation is over.

Okay – so – my state went through some HEAVY political things earlier this year. I was heavily involved due to the fact that Rambo works for the state. I have a cousin who is heavily involved because she is a teacher.

Let’s just simply say – we disagree on politics. And we did so – on Facebook.

Let me also say - I never attacked her character or made any personal attacks. That’s not my style. My brothers taught me well.

And yes, my brothers joined in our conversation a few times too - minus any character assassinations.....

I thought it ended fine. I was wrong.

She ended up deleting my brothers off her Facebook. She left me on hers but when I saw her in June – she would barely speak to me.

I was confused. The minute our debate was over – I left it there and moved on.

She did not.

Now she is engaged. She announced it on Facebook. I never said “congrats”. Um….sorry….I have a slightly busy life. Oopsie.

Her mother is my aunt. My mother’s sister. This aunt sent me a bday card.

In the card was a nasty note. Not really nasty – but nasty nonetheless….and in a bday card??

There’s nothing like “Happy Birthday – but you suck”…to make your day special right?

It basically said and I quote – “You haven’t congratulated us yet. Hopefully when we see you for the holidays you will remember blood is thicker than politics and you will be happy for us.”

Wowser. No congrats typed on a FB wall automatically means I am not happy for you. Yes, because in all of my life you’ve known me as a hateful bitch. Sure.

Also – if blood is thicker than politics why then did your daughter delete her own cousins off of FB over said politics?

Oh yah – she didn’t know her daughter did that. A little fact her daughter left out. Convenient yes?

And if this is such a huge issue to your daughter – why is she having you fight her battles for her in MY birthday card? Does she herself own a phone or a pen or can she type an email?

Oh and did I mention this cousin never congratulated me when I got engaged or had babies or whatever? But now since there is FB – I guess it’s a requirement.

For the record, all of our cousins are on FB. Only ONE did say congrats. However, none of them are in trouble. Just me. I’m held to different, higher standards.

I hurt her deeply – with my political facts. Jesus balls.  Who knew I had that much power?

I don’t have time for this.

So of course, my brothers are pissed. My sister is pissed. My mom has to call her sister and ask what the hell is going on?

And the holidays?

Oh we all cannot wait.

No matter what I say or do – it’ll be wrong. If I make a big deal out of my cousin’s engagement ring – they’ll think it’s because her mother wrote me a nasty note.

If I say nothing and do nothing – it’ll be because I’m a heartless bitch who wishes them evil – because of my political views.

I should sell tickets to the show – because it could get quite entertaining.

People suck. They just do.

And if you ask me – blood is still only thicker than water.

Leave politics out of it.

Do any of you dabble in politics in real life or on FB? Ever had any bad outcomes because of it?


MandaPanda said...

How immature! Next time you see her, I'd just react the way you would always react (if you're the type to make a big to do, go for it) and not worry about what anyone else thinks of your reaction. There's no good way out of this one because these people are obviously unreasonable.

I am semi-political. I keep up with it and certainly have my opinions. I'm rather moderate though so I try to avoid debates with people way far to the right or the left...a lot of the time, you can't reason with either if they just blindly follow a party line (just my opinion and here I go on a political rant...oops! lol).

Dawnya said...

Gotta love family....unfortunately.

Losing It said...

It's immature, but it's the sign of the times. Facebook has made people retarded.

My sister has yet to congratulate me on our expecting a new wee one, but I'm more peeved that it hasn't been mentioned in our many in person interactions!

Oh well, I don't need her congrats to be enjoying this. As your cousin shouldn't be hanging solely on needing yours. Children.

Ronnie said...

I never even talk to my cousins (or SISTERS) on FB, though they're all on there. I'm kinda jealous that they care enough to purposefully not to talk to you. :(

I bet this'll all be cleared up with one convo... and if not, she's too immature to worry about anyhow!

Jessica said...

Gotta love family drama... I am not a big fan on politics but I do love to debate with the best of em!

Miss April said...

I don't talk about money, politics or religion. I just don't. My views are a little out there and I'm far too liberal and humanitarian for most people to handle. I'm mostly just a hippie!! People in this commercialized, corporate, greedy, simple minded, hate mongering society (including several family members and friends) don't agree with me. That's fine. Life goes on.

PS - Total bullshit that you had to deal with this. Grow the fuck up, 'family'! When did the meaning, value and importance of family get lost anyhow? Oh, don't get me started....

~Lisa~ said...

I did talk politics ONCE on facebook with a cousin of mine whose politics are wildly different than mine. I normally don't do politics in such a forum but she made a horrific comment that was offensive no matter what side of the fence you're on.. It got ugly.

Family drama.... gotta love it.

Kelly said...

I won't talk about politics because it's such an incendiary issue. And it can make people act like such children.
But seriously? To delete her cousins from her FB because of that? I swear I'll never do that to you!

Laura Belle said...

I have a cousin that won't talk to anyone in our family. And it's the side of the family that's really close. We have no idea why.

Family's weird. And you can't change other people, they have to change themselves. My advice: blow it off and don't let it worry your pretty little head!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

My political views differ greatly from the rest of my family's and so we avoid the topic. I will say what I feel needs to be said to defend my beliefs but I have not problem walking away. I live in a little southern town that is very RIGHT and narrow minded. I don't agree with most of the political view in my home state. Dail and I are even on opposite sides of the fence on some issues. We prefer to just leave it alone and allow the other to keep their beliefs without contention. Every now and then Dail and I will have words about an issue but we always can agree to disagree and leave it alone. Most of my family is better off not knowing most of my views. I avoid confrontation when I can and I do not enjoy political discussions with them. They are likely to make personal attacks and a lot of their views are not based on factual information. You can't argue with a person who has his mind made up and will not listen to new information. I don't try anymore. I don't know what I would do in your place. She was the one who took offense and I would just let her stew probably. Maybe the right tack is to be civil and nothing more and completely ignore the whole blow up. I don't think anything would be served from bringing it up again during the holidays.

Manda said...

I do dabble in politics... but I usually don't get offended by what others say. I post things on my page and usually no one says too much, unless they agree.

As for family dramas on Fb... I've had it. I didn't even start nada, I just disagreed on something and they went off! Next thing I know they attack me personally and then delete/block me. Fine with me.. just showed what they really thought/felt about me. And this was an Aunt (my mom's sister)

Fat in Suburbia said...

I've learned not to talk about politics and will sometimes have to sit on my hands to keep from responding on FB!

Justawallflower said...

Um, I try to leave politics out of my personal relationships for those exact reasons. I do not even comment on fb posts regarding them. Mostly because of one family member, whom I love dearly, and get along with really well. She takes politics very seriously, which we all should, but she does get personal and will attach someone's character if they disagree with her, which I happen to STRONGLY disagree with her on. I will talk "light" politics with those that can, as you say, walk away with the same personal opinion afterwards of the person as they had before.

Stephanie said...

This is a hot button topic that my mother avoid like the plague. To her, i am the heathen left wing liberal and to me, she is the ultra right but she can't defend her beliefs except to throw in "It's in the Bible". really? I didn't realize that there were Democrats and Republicans back then mom. Needless to say I avoid the issues with her. Both my inlaws are republican and I take no issue with them, because we can discuss our thoughts without tearing into each other.

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

Good lawd, that is childish and petty. I avoid hot topics like that. I don't need to argue with people when I clearly know I'm right! bwahahaha

terbear287 said...

No talky politics. I had a neighbor try to lock me down on political views and I changed the subject, hey I might need to borrow a cup of sugar someday.

FB can be a danger zone, you never know how some dumb head is going to interpret what you have to say.

Lucy said...

I have this same issue with many family members on my side and my husbands side, my husband and I just tell ourselves that we xant argue with stupid. F*ck em feed em beans

FitBy40 said...

My hubby and I are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to politics so we have a rule in our house. No talk of politics! Of course we are flexible about the rule when election time comes around, but in general, we leave it off the table.
Good luck with this craziness!

Kyla said...

I'm just going to say.. "ugh".

So "UGH" to this.

Amanda said...

He'll to the no. I do not dabble in political debates with anyone. Ever. I have my opinions and they are strong and educated and I don't like to argue!

This is another reason you need to keep me around...I can poke these people in the eyes when they are stupid!!

Carrie said...

Seriously cannot believe she put that in your birthday card!

mommykinz said...

My cousin deleted the rest of us because her mom didn't want us to know she got a boob job! Like we wouldn't have discovered it if she hadn't posted it! Some people are crazy

Shug in Boots said...

Dayum. People are on crack. I refuse to discuss politics with my own husband because I get so pissed I can't fall asleep. Politics = satan at work. :)