Friday, November 18, 2011

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another installment of BYOC! That’s Bring Your Own Crazy!! We answer 5 questions in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break! Copy and paste to your own blog if you so desire – and ENJOY!

I’m going to do a Thanksgiving themed BYOC this week (it was Jenny’s idea)!

1. What is your FAVORITE part of Thanksgiving?

The turkey - hands down. I’d love to say family but that’s just not true. I’d rather be alone in a room with a turkey (a dead, cooked one to clarify) than have to attend some of the Thanksgivings I have to attend this year. If I sound cynical and bitter…um…it’s cuz I am.

2. How many Thanksgiving family events will you attend?

Three I believe. Two are Thanksgivings and one is an early Cmas. I’d rather skip every single one. Don’t sue me. Sue my social anxiety.

3. What’s your biggest Thanksgiving tradition?

Hmmm – I don’t think we have any other than the food. And the fact that every Thanksgiving is one of our Christmas parties. And it’s deerhunting season so tradition is that every man eats and then leaves to head back to the woods. LOL

I wish I could say a tradition is that the Cmas tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving but that’s not always true either.

Is eating so much that I want to throw up every year considered a tradition?

4. Do you Black Friday shop the day after Thanksgiving?

I never have. Not because I necessarily don’t want to but I’ve never needed a certain item that was on Black Friday sale. We only buy gifts for our two kids and not much else and they have been little enough so far that there’s no need to Black Friday shop (just toys basically). However – this year I’d love to get our girls a Wii (anyone have one they’d like to sell?) and I see Wally World has fancy blue ones on Black Friday sale for $99!

What do you think the chances of getting it online would be? Slim to nil I’m guessing.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog world.

Real life is good. Family politics shit is still driving me CRAZY so I wish the holiday was over already. Also, Rambo works the holiday and when he’s not working he’ll be deer hunting and that tends to make me crabby as hell because I’m selfish.

I’m happy I only work 2.5 days next week though.

Blog world is good too – um cuz I finally posted a BYOC!!!

Tootles Skittles!


Laura Belle said...

oh how I missed you BYOC! Smmooooooch!

(The kiss was for you, not the BYOC! hehehe)

Dawnya said...

Okay...if your family starts talking crazy next week call me and put me on speaker phone. I will tell them to kiss my black butt! LOL

Tina said...

sheesh..don't even get started on the family stuff. We are staying home for the first time in my life. I am so happy to plan a pleasant nonfighting holiday!

Ice Queen said...

You finally posted a BYOC and I am finally going to do a BYOC.

We'z on the same wavelength. :D

I'm sorry that you have to do so many Thanksgivings. Getting together is lovely, if that is what you really want. Doing it out of obligation is torturous and I wish that you could just have a relaxing home Thanksgiving. *hug*

MandaPanda said...

I think eating so much you wanna puke is totally a tradition that most people have. It makes you "normal" (if that's what you strive to be :) )

Cat said...

I completely understand having to attend family functions you'd rather not. Mine are more related to Christmas though.

Sam said...

We don't have Thanksgiving in Australia, so I can't do this BYOC but I love yours. Good luck with the Wii, I haven't seen any blue ones yet,but them Australia is always well behind the times with new releases.

Amanda Kiska said...

Walmart usually has a good stock of their Door Buster deals. I'd say go for it!

Read said...

We used to have to run from one Thanksgiving to another (Christmas too) and I'm so very, very glad we don't do that anymore!!! Hang in there!

mommykinz said...

We live 5 hrs away from our family and they're Canadian (us too) so we don't even share the same Thanksgiving anymore BUT this year both sets of parents will be here for Thanksgiving! Should be fun !

Joanna said...

What a perfect BYOC to put me in the Christmas shopping mood even more than I already am.

Andrea said...

Those blue wii's look awesome! I would want to get one of those, but I was traumatized by black friday shopping one year and I won't ever go again. Haha

Joy said...

Number 1 made me laugh. I'm with you!

Happy Thanksgiving - Stay focused!