Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gift giver backer.

Soooo there's this lovely running joke between Rambo and I about how I return gifts he gets me.

I'd like to point out that sometimes Rambo kicks ass in giving gifts and other times - well - he envisions me differently than I really am.

Like the time he bought me lingerie that included a purple bra.  It wouldn't even cover one entire nipple.  Wanna know why?  It was size XS - as in extra small (or extra stupid).  Um - I had double E boobs at the time.  Extra small?  Really?

And then there's the BIGGIE.  The big gift this joke stems from.  My wedding ring.  We picked it out together - small but beautiful.  And then I waited until he proposed. 

We were in the mall shopping and I lovingly asked, "Sooo, when do I get my ring?"  Screw the romantic shit - I wanted the ring you know?  He said, "How can I put a ring on your finger when you already wear one on that finger?" 

I said, "No problem - here - take the ring I already have on.  Now there's nothing standing in your way."

We continued to shop and by the end of the day I remember saying, "Dude - I can't stand not having a ring on my ring finger.  Give me my ring back if we're not going to do this."  (Jesus, I was lovely, wasn't I?)

He did.  He slipped my ring back on my finger as I kept digging through clothes racks...telling him to hurry up without even looking at him.

20 minutes later I realized I was wearing my engagement ring - my diamond that he had been carrying in his pocket to propose that day - and I looked at him and he asked, "Will you marry me?"

I know, I know - it makes you almost verklempt, doesn't it?  Almost.

A month or so later - the main diamond was cloudy and had a flaw in it.  You bet your sweet asses I took it back and got one very similar.  But no matter the reason - I'll never live it down.

For about 5 years or so I haven't worn it.  When we were married 10 years, I got a bigger ring so I replaced it with that.  Plus my original ring had lost a tiny side diamond and the prongs needed to be fixed.  Just this week, I finally got it fixed.  I made Rambo pick it up and told him I wanted him to re-give it to me so I can now wear it as a pinky ring.

When I got home there were shitloads of roses all the way up the steps.  About 20 zillion candles lit.  Our wedding song playing in the background.  A Coach purse I've wanted forever and a glass of wine ready.  And Rambo on his knee - with my tiny wedding ring that we bought when I was 19 - asking me to marry him again.

Okay - I totally lied.  That's how it was supposed to be in my head.  In real life...I was in bed going to take a nap and Rambo came to tuck me in - and without a single word he took out my ring and smiled and I held out my pinky and he slipped it on and I smiled back.  Then he kissed me and left the room.  Neither of us said anything. 

Not at all how I envisioned it but somehow it was perfect. 

Sometimes you just don't need words.

And then the next day I returned the pink Harley ring he got me for my birthday.  Oopsie.  Dudes - I tried but it was just too big and kept spinning.  So we returned it and I got one that says I♥ and a Harley shield.  All crystals and the heart is pink and it goes sooo much better with my other jewelry.

Here is a pic (if you can call it that).  My camera sucks but you get the idea.

Oh and also - check out my latest nail do before I go!

So tell me - do you return gifts ever? 

Tootles Skittles!


Lana said...

I don't always take gifts back...but darn it..I've been known to re-gift if the tag is still on! eek! OMG! I'm a RE-GIFTER!

Joanna said...

Nope - not much of a returner...but just like Lana, I'll gladly regift something - if I think it's something the person will like.

I try to keep stuff in boxes as much as possible if I know it's something I won't use...and then around Christmas or birthdays, I dig out the stuff. It saves me a few bucks at Christmas, that's for sure!

Love the ring...very cute!

Angela Pea said...

Take a gift back from my husband? NEVER. Mostly because when it comes to gift giving, he's a scrooge. (Yeah, I knew this when we got married 26 years ago, and love him to pieces anyway!) Gifts from him are rare, so when they do show up, they are cherished. Hmm...they're usually pretty useful, too, like a new computer, or a tiller. (I ASKED for the tiller!) I can't remember the last time he gave me anything pretty, lacy or sparkly. 10, 15 years ago? Don't fret or pity,though; I know my way to the mall and I'm really good at buying myself presents! ;)

Fat in Suburbia said...

I've been known to take gifts back but I'm a perpetual returner of everything. I constantly shop and constantly return. It's a sickness. ;)

mommykinz said...

I don't usually have to take anything back - my hubby is usally really good at picking out gifts, often clothing BUT he almost never gets what I put on my wishlist which is sometimes annoying.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I usually don't return gifts. I just keep them or pass them on. Dail is pretty good about choosing things that surprise me. It is my mother who can't seem to get sizes right and that kind of thing. I wish she wouldn't get me clothes at all. They never fit and I never know where she gets them.

Barbara said...

Draz.. you had me on the verge of tears reading how it was supposed to be (cause I envisioned that was how it was)... but such a sweet story.. I am sitting here in my pink harley shirt and black and pink jacket.. smiling and wishing you, Rambo and the girls the very best holiday ever! smooches

Sandy Lee said...

Hmmm. Remind me not to give you a gift. Oh, no. I did and it's going back. Hmmm. I forgive you though as it wasn't meant to break. Hope you don't have any problems exchanging it.

Now I do have some of those velvet paintings I could send your way.

MandaPanda said...

I never return gifts. My hubbys is a pretty good gift giver and I give him LOTS of help to make it like that. I'm also REALLY lazy and hate going to stores to do it. LOL

Stace said...

Jake proposed to me with one ring and of course the thrifty (cheap-o) I am found the same one for a lot less and so it was returned and I guess technically I got the ring.

Return away my friend!

Cece said...

Cute story :) Yes, my whole family is very cool about returning gifts (not that we give gifts anymore but we used to). Steve's family (OTOH) would never return a gift. It would sit in the box taking up room forever before it got returned. I wish I was joking.

Ice Queen said...

Yup. I do. That is why I ask for cash and gift cards. (Talk about evil! Muahahahaha!!!) Your husband obviously understands these things about you and loves them as part of you. that rules in the sweetest way.

I am loving your glitter accent nail. We're going to make a polish addict out of you, yet. :D