Monday, November 14, 2011

You're not gonna believe this........

Remember that one time – or maybe those 1000 times – when I overpacked? Like for a one day trip yours truly packed enough stuff to live on an island for 16 years? Or the time I went into convulsions because I was going on an overnight trip on our Harley and I could only pack a few things?

I’m sure by now – that besides the fact that I’m an over-packer – you’ve realized that I am a bit high maintenance. I’m sort of a nails, hair, clothes, bling freak. It can be a bit reedick at times.

I’ll wait a minute so you can get all the shocked gasps out of your system.

Okay – well – I’m all about growing and learning and accepting myself and all that good kharma bullshit sooo this weekend I put myself to the test.

Rambo and I went away for one night this weekend. Just the two of us – to finish all our Christmas shopping.

I’m going to list for you what I packed. This is no shit. I’m not kidding.

A pair of Nike swish pants.
A Harley Davidson sweatshirt.
My teddy bear Rambo gave me 20 years ago.

The end.

For realz. So other than those above things – I had the clothes on my back. I had worn jeans and a sweater and boots (and undies, bra and socks).

I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking to be honest. Well wait – I was thinking – we’d wake up – and get in the car and drive home. Not a single soul on this Earth would see me except Rambo.

Turns out we were hungry and wanted breakfast. That meant I had to go out in public.

Read the above list again. Do you see any mention of a comb, makeup, or a toothbrush?

How about underwear? Nope – didn’t pack any of those either. How about shoes?

Nope – I was going to have to wear Nike swish pants WITH pretty knee high brown boots.

If I was going to break every fashion rule in the book – I was going to do it good. I don’t do anything half ass. I want perfection just in case someone snaps a picture of me for their “white trash” website.

I can never ever again make fun of “the people of Walmart” pictures.

I am one of them.

Rambo threatened to walk 5 feet behind me and even sit in a different booth. He’s an ass like that. Like he’s any better in his camouflage sweatpants. Can we say HICK?

I told him he was lucky I had a bra on and that I had all my teeth.

Albeit non-brushed teeth…but dammit, they were all there.

So see? I am growing. I have a severe issue with people seeing me like this. Not so much because of my own feelings but because I was brought up in a family that lived their life on what other people thought or how you looked to others. As an adult, I know it doesn’t matter. But it’s hard to let go of something like that.

I remember being a young teen and waking up in my pajamas and planning to wear them all day since I wasn’t going anywhere and it was the weekend but I wasn’t allowed.

It wasn’t respectable. It reflected poorly on me. No one would want to talk to or look at me. That’s what I was told. I was taught really young that we are loved on appearance and physical attributes.  As a kid I took it to mean - if I wasn't pretty or dressed up - I wasn't loved or good enough.

There’s no need to feel sad about that. It taught me to be the exact opposite with my own kids – and even myself when I can be.

My kids stay in PJs all day if we’re hanging out on the weekends. I don’t wear makeup or do my hair or get dressed either….just to prove to them and to myself that people like Rambo will love us anyway.

This weekend I took it a step further and was literally and simply myself.

Turns out the waitresses at Denny’s don’t give a flying f*ck what you look like….as long as you pay.

Who knew?

That whole “what matters is on the inside” thing – might actually be true.


Bodacious Boomer said...

The man wasn't just over the moon happy that you had all your teeth? Seriously? Obviously his priorities need an adjustment.

And always remember the servers never care what you look like as long as you tip well.

Ice Queen said...

Shit Draz. Way to pop a girl's bubble. Here I thought that my having makeup on and my hair done made the world go around. lol You are so gorgeous that you probably rock fresh scrubbed. :D

Jessica said...

hahaha yay for personal growth!

I would totally have loved to see a pic of you in said outfit though!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Good for you, Draz. I'm proud of you for overcoming that hurdle. That's real progress.

Kristin50 said...

LOL you always make me laugh and Congrats on getting past that!

Beth Ann said...

I go to the gas station, grocery store and Target in my pajamas. Are you saying that's bad? ;)

RockBand Barbie said...

I swear every time I run to Wal mart in sweats with my hair piled on top of my head that I will come home and find myself on people of Walmart

Joanna said...

Ah...a woman with my own heart. I can't count the amounts of times that I've slipped out in a get-up similar to this...although, I don't think I can ever say that I've worn my pretty brown boots with my sweats...but there's a first for everything!!

Sounds totally comfortable!! ;)

Ronnie said...

Good for you, making it through that experience! Hope you got some good shopping done. :)

Cece said...

I thought I saw someone in Denny's who looked like you but sans hair, makeup, shoes and bling ... hmmm ... :)

Barbara said...

OK.. spill it.. how did you do that... You need to give me lessons.. K wants to go camping.. he says no makeup, just a back pack.. WHAT>>>>> .. So spill it Draz.. how did you do that.. hugs

MandaPanda said...

OK...I'm still floored with the fact that you FINISHED your Christmas shopping. I haven't even STARTED yet!

Stephanie said...

You know what my motto is in times like that? "What the frick do I care? I'm never going to see these people again"

Seriously you were at DENNYS. You're not at the f-ing Ritz and walkign the red carpet. Although, out of anyone I know, YOU'D be the one to do it in style in swish pants and knee high boots without undies and no makeup. Then you'd be on the cover of InStyle as some new fashion trend and we'd all be like that. How do you think trucker hats and feathers came into vouge? :)

mommykinz said...

Well done
Many times I head out in my slippers to run errands, just 'cause they're so darn comfy!
I was thinking the same thing though, pics?!

Rachellabelle said...

haha I'm sure we've all had our Walmart-ish moments. ;)