Thursday, January 5, 2012

G-free. Day 2.

Try not to fall off your chairs - but I completed Day 1 - completely gluten-free.  Hell to the yah, right?

I'm going to only post gluten-y updates in a post a day and if I need to blog about other non-gluten-y stuff, I'll do that separate.  In case you're a reader who doesn't give a crap about gluten - you can skip this totally.  I mean, I'll be mad at you, but you can skip it.  Ha!

Day 2

Le Mountian Dew
1 cup of chex mix - gluten-free
skim milk
4 oz chicken
1 small potato
GRAVY - dudes - I made gluten free gravy with chicken stock and cornstarch - YUMMO
1 small potato
popcorn (Woot!  Orville Redenbacher is gluten-free!)
2 Starbursts....gluten free and just 2 instead of my normal entire pack.  Don't hate.



As far as how I feel?  Um - no different yet.  I am highly sleep deprived right now and I had a slight headache which was turning into a migraine so I took a pain pill.  I'm slightly discouraged by this but really - it's only Day 2.  

I do, however, feel less puffy, bloated and my stomach hasn't swelled after eating and last night I noticed my stomach wasn't making any noises....which is rare.


Oh and um, I'm not hungry or anything but I'd give my left tit to eat just two Doritoes.

Just sayin'.

Oh and due to many of your direct requests - I shall NOT be telling you about how my poopoo changes or floats or any such thing.  I'm sorry.  I just cannot.


Maren said...

Good luck on sticking to the gluten free plan, I'm sure it's hard in the beginning and then it hopefully gets better!

Joanna said...

Sounds pretty good so far, and thank you for not sharing the TOXIC information. I'm pretty sure gluten free Doritos will come, in time. :)

mommykinz said...

Well done!! Keep it going.
Just FYI - I take 400mg of magnesium. My dr. recommended starting with 250mg. You may need more than you're getting.
If the potatoes get old, twice baked sweet potatoes...Yummo.
Have another great GF day!

Esther Cotton said...

OMG I miss Doritos too! >_<

When I'm not strict paleo, I love to sometimes indulge in regular crunchy Cheetos, which are gluten-free ( They're sort of my Doritos substitute. Lol. I've tried buying other cheese flavored corn-only tortilla type chips, but they just haven't cut it...

Your meal list sounds sooo good. I'm craving chicken and broccoli, now!

One suggestion, if you're interested in cutting down on starches, is to try and use onions to thicken gravy. Sounds weird, but for Thanksgiving dinner, my parents left it all up to me (I had just re-started eating gluten-free and I used this gravy recipe ( that uses no starches, and onions as a thickener... it was great!

Sorry for all the links... I just love to share... probably too much. :)

Gilly said...

Phew...glad to see that "G-free" means GLUTEN free and not GILLY free! xo

Jacquie said...

Good for you! I'm also thinking of trying Gluten Free. I'll be watching you!

tz said...

Pamela's gluten free chocolate brownie mix...way yummy if you ever need a treat
going gluten free is hard, so kudos!

Leigh C. said...

I would also give my left tit for two Doritos! Looking forward to reading more:)

MandaPanda said...

I think you'd need to give it close to a week before feeling any real changes because you've gotta give the body time to get rid of everything that's already in your system and adjust to how you're currently eating, right?

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I'm glad you are doing well with your plan, Draz. Sounds tough. I hope it does all you expect. I don't know much about gluten so I will just have to keep reading to see what it is all about.

Lucy said...

Well this is just crap if I dont get to hear about your crap imnot reading

Ronnie said...

LOL @ Lucy.

I knew I loved Orville Redenbacher for a reason!

Losing It said...

There is a break down according to their site. If it's wrong I'd complain to them! Maybe you'd get something free out of it ;)

Shug in Boots said...

Don't feel discouraged! It took me close to three weeks to feel/see a difference, but IT WAS WORTH IT. YOU CAN DOOOOOOO ITTTTTTT!!!!! :D

Mary said...

I'm am so looking forward to seeing how this turns out for you! I have a lot of the same problems but they've only occurred since I got my lapband. I still may give the whole gluten free idea a try.

Jessica said...

a friend of mine is allergic to gluten and dropped like 20lbs in the first month of being on her new diet... so good luck to you!

Amy said...

but we wanna know about your poo!!!