Friday, January 6, 2012

G-free, Day 3 of 30.

Day 3 of 30 is donezo! Here’s how G-free-3 went down!

2 eggs
2 pcs bacon
Mt. Dew

4oz chicken
1 very small potato
2 tbsp gluten-free gravy (cornstarch + chicken stock)


2 thin slices of cheddar cheese – PM snack

** at this point in the day I’ve had approx 97g carbs and 67g protein. Damn Mt. Dew.
I have got to kick that habit and my protein would well exceed my carbs.

Supper - tilapia and 2 bites of a potato
Snack - air popped popcorn

In 3 days time, as far as processed sugar goes – I’ve only had two Starburst (& obviously Mt. Dew). For me – Miss Sugar Addict of the Year – that’s huge. I am now fully aware that TONS of candies do NOT have gluten in them but I’m on a mission to be healthier all around – so I’m refraining.

Did I mention that there are Dove candies 2 feet from me and candy canes too and I haven’t touched them? Seriously. I’m in shock.

I took Magnesium and Vitamin D for supplements today.

As far as how I feel? I’d say today I feel “good”. I do not feel hungry. This morning I was a little dizzy but I’ve done some research on how fast a person starts to feel different or how the first few days go and of course – it’s different for everyone.

BUT the majority say at Day 4 a person can feel better. Noticeably.

Also – as each day passes it gets better.
And that for some it can take longer depending on how much gluten you had in you and how long your body takes to “detox” from it.

Just like caffeine and suger – your body can go through a sort of withdrawal.

So there’s that. Nothing too exciting.

Oh and um – I haven’t lost any weight.

Son of a bitch. I thought by today I’d be a size 2.


I have to say this doesn’t seem too hard. Now – I may be saying that because it’s only Day 3 and I think I’m still cool at this point but you guys – the evidence – is so overwhelming. You cannot imagine the comments, emails and personal testaments I am getting when I tell people I’m doing this.

I’m fairly convinced that even without an intolerance diagnosis – that gluten isn’t good for anyone.
Goodness – that sounded a bit over the top, didn’t it?

I’ve never done a food experiment or elimination diet for my health – meaning migraines, fatigue, stomach issues.

I’ve always cut foods and gone on diets to lose weight first and foremost – and they never lasted.

This feels different. This feels “medical”. Prescribed even. By myself – el doctore.

And there’s this teeny voice in the back of my head – a little ray of hope – that’s whispering,
 “What if this works? I mean really works? Holy butt darts, can you even imagine what that would be like?”

So I forge on.

Anyway – remind me I said all this crazy ass shit when I’m whining on Day 15, mmkkaayy?


Sam said...

Glad to hear the G-free is going so well. Here's hoping it will help with the migraines and other stuff that you go through :o)

And I will remind you if you start whining :p

Miz said...

is it wrong that I LOVE we are sisters in the mountain dew?

Rachel said...

You are on a roll - three days G free, whoopie! Also, holy butt darts made me choke on my crystal lite at my desk... must keep reminding myself not to drink and read your blog. Yay!! xx

Jacquie said...

I'm proud of you! Keep it up! You know what else is gluten free? Kozy Shack Rice Pudding. Its one of my favorites and as long as you stick to 1/2 cup its not bad for you. A little high in carbs though so I make sure I cut back in other things on the days that I indulge.

Caron said...

Very interesting to follow your experiment. Thanks for sharing. :)

MandaPanda said...

I also believe that gluten isn't good for anybody. I, personally, am not interested in going gluten free but I think the health benefits speak for themselves. Keep it up!

Dawnya said...

Okay. In an effort to help you stop drinking mountain dew read this article.

The stuff is battery acid in a can. Try not to hate me after you read it.

BTW...Great job on getting the gluten out of your diet. That is huge.

Maren said...

Good job so far! Keep going :D

Cat said...

I may do some more research on this and see about eliminating gluten from my diet as well.

Rachellabelle said...

Let me know if you need any suggestions. I've gone GF 95% of the time for nearly 10 years now.

Esther Cotton said...

Oh! I totally forgot that there is a healthy sugar-free soda (okay, that's an oxymoron). But really, they sweeten their bubbly beverages with stevia, which is derived from a plant and is a ZERO on the glycemic index! It also has no negative side effects like other sweeteners. :) Different brands of stevia have different tastes... some sweeter than others, and some with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Anyway, the brand is called Zevia

I don't know if they have a Mountain Dew flavor, but I wouldn't be surprised! They have a lot of variety.

The only catch is if it REALLY tastes like Mountain Dew... hopefully it does. :)

In case you were interested. :D

Esther Cotton said...

Oh, they have something called Mountain Zevia. :)