Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gluten-free - Day 16 Update!

This gluten-free shiz is tricky. And challenging to say the least.

I’ve said before that I’ve NEVER been on a diet strictly for my health. It was almost always to lose weight to simply look better. If I slipped up and cheated – I would gain weight and feel pissed –
but it wasn’t a huge deal.

Now? If I slip or cheat – it “feels” life-altering.
Because, let’s face it – if going gluten-free works – it WILL be life-altering.

Today is Day 16. I didn’t cheat on purpose once. Really early on I read a package of Brach’s candies (my FAVE) and didn’t see anything with gluten in it so I ate them. Later on Rambo brought me about 10 more bags and when I checked online – Brach’s says it cannot confirm or deny traces of gluten so I shouldn’t eat them. Life almost ended. For real. But I’ve had none since.

The ONLY other time I goofed up was Chinese – and that wasn’t for lack of research or trying. I thought I was safe BUT in scouring the net today I’m 99% sure that what I had was cooked using soy sauce and that’s a gluten no-no.

I had that Chinese on Saturday night. Immediately after I swelled and felt nauseous and flu-ish and generally yucky. The next day I got my first migraine in over a week. The next next day I was covered in hives. Even the vagina got in on the action. Last night and this morning – again – I woke up covered in hives. As I sit at my desk with my radio on I can hear my stomach making loud noises – like it used to – pre-G-free.

Through extensive research again – hives are a VERY common reaction to accidental gluten ingestion. Once off gluten – and you eat it again – if you have a problem with it – your reaction will be much worse than when you had eaten gluten every day.

I am praying and hoping and begging that these hives are temporary and due to the accidental ingestion.

So yes, I did get a migraine. It was after the accidental gluten ingestion AND the day Aunt Flo arrived also sooo it could be the gluten OR a completely hormonal migraine.

My swelling in my stomach is much better. I used to be able to sleep until 10am or 11am on weekends and still need a 3 hour nap later – and I have done neither. I used to hit my snooze button massive times before I could find the will power to drag my fatigued body from bed. No more. Today I arrived at work EARLY.

Today – just to be sure I’m not getting hives from topical gluten – I’ve researched hairsprays and deodorants and makeups that are gluten-free. I suppose next is detergent.

They say if your gluten intolerance is very sensitve and high – when you accidentally ingest it – your reaction will be worse. Makes sense. So in the same token – if your intolerance is high – you possibly may not be able to tolerate even touching glutens that you don’t ingest – like makeups, hairsprays, etc.

This hive thing? Well, it sure as hell is enough to make me want to throw in the towel. I mean – ask yourself – how long could you live with hives in every crevice but your ass? Or why would you want to?

I don’t think I’d even wish this on Drazil.

So I sit doped up on Benadryl – and unbelievably – it doesn’t even make me tired.
Normally I’d have had to go home.

I’m not giving up. I’m waiting this out. There is also such a thing as gluten withdrawal. The gluten and toxins leaving your body – coming out through your skin as hives. I could be sensitive to dairy as many gluten-sensitive people are.

Also – did you know that there is a book out there that tells a person all about themselves – what they should eat, what they are more prone to, etc – by their blood type?

Now I have no idea if I believe in this too much or not – except that I’m Type O. And sure as shit – Type O people are very prone to gluten-sensitivity. Of course they are.

Oh wait – one last thing. Remember how I don’t sleep through the night – like ever? And I also sleep with earplugs to drown out Rambo’s snoring? And I was filled with hives when I went to bed?

Didn’t matter. I slept the entire night. The whole thing people. I do not recall waking up or moving or anything and I didn’t even use earplugs.

OMFG. That would be Oh My F*cking Gluten.

Couple other things I discovered are this:

Ragu spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce are gluten-free! This means that with my gluten-free pasta I bought I can sit down with the family and still have spaghetti night!

Anyone ever eat/make shit on a shingle? Dried beef and rice and white sauce. Um yes – I can eat this too.

I went to the candy drawer at work yesterday. Took out two Milky Ways. Got to my desk and googled whether or not they had gluten. They do. They mother-f*cking do. I nearly passed out because I didn’t want to believe it. Who the hell stuck gluten in my favorite candy bar??? I threw them in the candy jar like a pouting 3 year old would - for someone else to enjoy.

My family had a giant roll of french bread smothered in butter and garlic and cheese and broiled to perfection last night. I did not even so much as look at it. I’m not sure you understand the difficulty of this feat. It’d be like Drazil not talking smack to me 24/7. It’s nearly impossible. But I did it.

Mmkkaayyy – there you go. My gluten free 16 day update. As of Day 14, I was down 4 pounds. Bonus!

I don’t find eating gluten-free that difficult but I’m not going to lie – this hive thing is taking all my will power to stick through it. The “thought” of cutting down migraines without meds is so powerful to me that I’ll do it. I used to have the mind-set that “if I eat that while I’m on my diet – I’ll gain weight” and that was never enough to stop. Now when I reach for something and realize I can’t have it and I then don’t have it – it is because my mind now says, “if I eat that while I’m on my diet – I’ll get sick.”

Totally different motivator.

Oh and also – remember I’ve been on an antibiotic for years to control my acne that produces severe swelling. I haven’t taken it in at least a week – and no breakouts yet (normally after 3 days I’d have a breakout already). So if this keeps up – that’s another dangerous medicine I’m off! In just 16 days.

Please – if you know who the God of Hives is – get on your little knees and pray to Him for me. It has to be a HE….no woman – God or otherwise – would let another woman get hives that encircle her hoo-haa.

Last night I almost took pictures of the hives. No – not the vagina ones. The other PG rated ones.
If they come back tonight maybe I will. It’s acky.

You will not likey. Trust me.


Michelle said...

This is pretty exciting! I'm lactose intolerant and I know its not as severe but I feel like such shit after I eat dairy that it scares me away. But I'm proud of you for turning away from the garlic bread. I may have caved for that one. And weight loss... added bonus!!

Dawnya said...

Hoo-ha hives. That is killer.

I'm so proud of you for sticking this out.

No breakouts...only one migraine. I say...hell yeah to gluten free.

Maren said...

Fantastic job on sticking to the gluten free diet, I'm bot sure I could have done it.

Christine said...

My friend who has Celiac disease tells me that sometimes she checks before she buys anything that she knows to be gluten free. Because they sometimes change recipes and they will have gluten...and you won't know until after its too late.

Good luck on your journey! I have learned lots from my friend... (and I don't have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease...and I'm not gluten free)

MizFit said...

I can 100% relate to this too.
It felt lifealtering when I "cheated" on this initially too because my body blew up and rebelled.


Kelliann said...

This is so amazing! Completely life altering! So happy you have found an answer to issues you've been dealing with for so long! Awesome!

MandaPanda said...

I'm so proud of you for sticking it out. The hive thing sounds absolutely terrible but you can do this!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Sounds like this plan is working out for you. I hope you can continue to stick with it. I'm getting ready to order a book about gluten free diets. I want to know what it is all about. I hope your hives go away soon.. That is NOT something I would enjoy AT ALL. I had a bad case of hives as a teenager when I developed an allergy to penicillin. It was a NIGHTMARE. I have never forgotten it.

Desert Singer said...

I feel your pain... not exactly in all the same places -- but I remember breaking out in hives after eating DiGiorgo's pizza; Safeway's Gingerbread cookies, Red Baron frozen french bread pizza; when I've had too many pretzels (so sad!), and too many of anything with wheat.

It looks like the G-free is working for you... WOOT! Health is such a stronger motivator than appearance, eh? :-) YAY YOU!!

Robyn's Nest said...

Oh Wow- I hope you feel better soon.
I am so very glad that staying G-free seems to be working for you.

Anonymous said...

Great job on going fluten free. However, most white sauce is made with flour, so make sure before you eat your sh** on a shingle.

Losing It said...

PF Changs has an awesome gluten free menu. And if you ask, some chinese places (like my local hole in the wall) has tamari (light soy) which is gluten free and will make your food with that if you ask.

It also tastes a ton better!

FitBy40 said...

The body sure is an amazing thing! Congrats on finally finding out what your body needs, and DOESN'T!
I just bought the BEST rice cakes today. They were a new item at my store, never seen them before. They're called "Mother's" and they're gluten free. I had the cheese flavor with some hummus on top. Good Lord that was amazing!

Sandy Lee said...

Sorry you are so itching. Been there, done that. My last "hive" experience was when I finished a round of potent antibiotics last spring. It lasted almost 2 weeks. I thought I would scratch my skin off. Thus I now have two antibiotics that I have to say I'm allergic too. It might be the withdrawal from the anti-biotics since you've been on them so long and stopped them--a good thing though. I am also glad you are finding this gluten-free to be, hmmm, freeing! Wishing those hives go bye-bye soon.

Amanda Kiska said...

I sincerely hope your hives are gone tonight, but I kinda want to see a picture anyways...

I'm really enjoying and finding all the gluten-free info helpful. Thank you for sharing your journey!