Monday, January 16, 2012

Gluten-free for two weeks!

Today begins day 15 of being gluten-free.  I haven't cheated...but I thought I might have to.  Rambo and I were going out for supper - my FIRST eating out gluten-free experience.  I was scurrred.

We decided on Chinese.  Chicken is gluten-free.  White sauce is gluten-free.  Rice is gluten-free.

I was proud of myself but later on my stomach was very uncomfortable and swelling and it makes me wonder if my research was wrong or there was cross-contamination.  So I suppose lesson learned in the Chinese area of food for me. (anyone else gluten-free have Chinese food issues?)

I'm noticing more and more good things as the days pass.

As I've said before - I suffer from fatigue big time and I don't sleep well at night and so on the weekends, I can EASILY sleep in until 11am.  And still take a 2 to 3 hour nap in that same afternoon. 
Being tired never ends for me.

But this weekend - BOTH days - even though I didn't have to be...I was up at 9am Saturday (even after staying up LATE the night before) and 10am on Sunday.  I didn't even feel like sleeping any more.  And unbelievably - I didn't take a nap EITHER day. 

What the holy hell is going on?

Here might be the best thing of all.  STILL no migraine.  That means in 14 days I've had ONE people. 


Pre-gluten-free - by now I'd have had EIGHT as my average is about 4 a week.

Can you say holy shit?  It actually might piss me off.  Why?  Because if you knew the life and time I've wasted and MONEY I have spent in the last 5 years on ER visits and pain meds and days off work - you'd be pissed too.  That not one single doctor ever thought to suggest trying going gluten-free.  Really?

So I've pre-planned the week's meals with eggs, smoothies, chicken, broccoli, rice and potatoes. 
Oranges and lots of water.  Stuff like that.

Here's hoping I have another 2 weeks left in me!  So far, so good.


Joanna said... sounds amazing!! I'm wondering about the sleeping thing. I can sleep a good 8 hours at night, and still feel terribly tired all day long. I put it down to my out of control eating - and the fact that I haven't worked out in 6 months. When I was working out regularly, I had the most amazing energy. Now, I feel like a walking zombie. You're intriguing me with your reports.. interesting stuff!!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I'm glad it is working out for you, Draz.I am definitely going to check our the gluten free plan as soon as I can get a book.,

Michelle said...

SO awesome!!!! I often wonder if I have an intolerance too. Congrats on feeling fabulous!!!

MandaPanda said...

Sounds like you're really reaping the benefits!

As for the Chinese food, I know PF Chang's has gluten free options separated out from the rest of their menu so my guess is it's not ALL gluten free (maybe the sauces they use or something?).

Jacquie said...

All great news! Keep it going!

mommykinz said...

I have to be really careful with the Chinese food too on account of the MSG that may or may not be in there. PF Changs sounds like a great option if they already have specific gluten free options!!

trisha said...

SO good to hear! My bff suffers from horrible migraines like you did. I directed her to your blog to check out the gluten-free stuff you've been doing and your results!

Robyn's Nest said...

Dr. Draz- I am so glad you figured this out and it is helping you! Think about the time, and money, and life you will have now that you are feeling better!

Justawallflower said...

I am so very tempted to give this a try if for no other reason then because of my sleep issues. There is not a moment in the day where I don't feel like I could take a nap. Right now my eyes are BURNING I'm so tired, and I was passed out by 9:00 last night. I'm hoping the doc will give me answers to all the tests he ran last month when I see him in an hour. If not, I may jump on the gluten free wagon. I know Steph is having awesome results with her daughter (my daughters sister has similar issues as her and I've mentioned it to her mother). Kay, enough rambling!

Fat in Suburbia said...

Wow, it sounds like this is really changing your life. It's amazing.

Laura Belle said...

Get it girl!!!! You get on wit your bad self!!

so stinking proud of you!

I can't believe.....ok, I can.... that a diet would change more things than your weight. That's spectacular!

It helps to 'stick' to it when you know it's not just about weight loss huh? At least for me it's been so much easier this time around!

Lyla said...

So glad you've cut down on the migraines- that's awesome.

FitBy40 said...

WOW, that is such great news. So happy for you!

NellieVaughn said...

I was diagnosed as a Celiac late last summer. I have been gluten-free since then. It changes your life and mood completey. You can do it!

Ronnie said...

That's fookin' awesome, lady!

I would sue these doctors. Or at least educate them with a little verbal smackdown.

Ashli said...

That's awesome! I'm two weeks into being gluten-free as well... haven't noticed a lot of changes, but really enjoying trying new foods. Excited to see how I feel two weeks, two months, two years from now. Just wrote a blog post about some of the fun foods I've tried and what I'm loving/loathing about GF dieting. :)