Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Have you ever had a head reading?

You know – like a palm reading – but not. Cuz it’s your head instead.

I did yesterday – without even knowing it was happening.

I had a migraine yesterday. It actually started Saturday. I took a triptan pill. Triptans are used to help your blood vessels relax and open up to let blood flow so they stop constricting so tightly – which is what migraine pain is.

Sunday I had to take two more triptans. Which then meant I was out of triptans. My prescription is only for 9 pills a month. They are very expensive. If I get four migraines a week – well yah – they don’t last long.

So yes, folks. I had none left. Just like a meth user who takes their last hit – I get nervous. I knew Monday I’d have to refill my prescription right away and I prayed the migraine was gone.

It wasn’t. By Monday afternoon I knew there was gonna be a problem.

I was using my natural Progessence oil every 10 minutes. I decided to leave work early to get my prescription. But not before I texted my “natural oil dealer”. This is how the conversation went.

I have another migraine today.

Oh no! Are you light sensitive?


Looking up more stuff. We should talk about a serious system cleanse.

I’m so angry and sad all at once.

Try to let the emotion go. Don’t hold it in and don’t be fearful. What color is the first color that pops into your head if I ask you?


Where is your headache?

Right temple.

Looking up emotional triggers. How do you feel in your gut when I say “fear of inconsistency”?


Have you recently had a betrayal in friendship or love? Do any of those sit in your gut like old emotional stuff, or current stuff maybe?

Yup. I’m dealing with some major family stuff right now.

Okay. So that’s your headache. Pink told me. What is your main emotion dealing with family right now?




You feel disappointment and rejection.

Jesus. Yes and yes.

I’ll mix you some oils to deal with a migraine when you have one. I’ll drop it by.

That was the end of my “reading.” I sat there kind of stunned. Though I don’t know why. In my extensive migraine research, I’ve read that some scientists and docs believe 90% of migraines are caused by emotional triggers. 90-effing-percent.

And people? I’m a BALL of extreme emotions. Good and bad.

The whole thing makes me sad. I don’t know how to stop my excessive feeling, worrying and stress. It is who I am. And my body revolts against it – with migraines – that are debilitating me.

My oil woman says she can help. There are calming oils and things like that.

At this point, I’ll try anything. I’m all about Western medicine but it’s failed me so far.

Anyway – I used the oil she mixed for when I get a migraine and my migraine is gone. I took a triptan (after I got my refill) so I’m not sure which one fixed it. Normally the migraine would come back today so if it doesn’t – the oil may have worked.

Another girl at work had a bad headache and I gave her the oil and five minutes later she said it’s gone. That’s good news huh?

So how about you guys? Have you ever tried alternative meds for a health problem? What was it and did it work? I’d love to hear!


MandaPanda said...

Very interesting stuff... I happen to believe that homeopathic and naturalistic approaches may sometimes be better than anything modern medicine has to offer. I hope you feel better sweetie.

Jen said...

YES!! I went to a Naturpathic physician for a few years when I first moved to Arizona. I took all sorts of vitamins and supplements and did a couple of cleanses and have never felt better! Hope you feel better soon!

Ducky said...

Holy shit! I WANT YOUR OIL WOMAN! Seriously. I have HORRID BRAIN PAIN. Started right after my sister died (emotion caused? CHECK) and right about the same time my nasty divorce started (emotion caused? CHECK). It is by far THE WORSE pain I have ever felt in my entire life. I could die. I've been pumped to the max with narcotic pain killers that didn't even touch it. You know its bad when morpine doesn't dull it even a little (and did you know that stuff makes your whooha burn? Had no clue). I use a chinese oil sometimes that helps. Often, oddly (or not) enough just being within breathing space of Irishman helps tremendously. It slows my heartrate and I can litterally feel the pain dissipating. Its not even what I would consider a normal migraine for me (if there is such a thing as normal migraine). I've had migraines almost my whole life. But these...these scare the life out of me. Panic attack inducing because I KNOW what the pain will be like. Its awful. You poor thing... I've had MRI ARI CAT scans...everything...you name it. Its all a big mystery.

Stacey said...

i hope you get some relief soon!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

That's crazy! I really do hope the oils work for you!

Rachel said...

That is so cool - let us know how it works out!!! I am not at all surprised that headaches come from emotional triggers...blah emotions!

mommykinz said...

You know me - I'm on my way to full on tree hugger naturalist!
I love my vitamins without any side effects but when I get a migraine (like Saturday - from a full day in the humidity of a YMCA pool area) I love that the triptans work.
Today I went to the Chiropractor. Though the snap, crackle, pop scares the poop outta me, I'll try almost anything to get back to normal. (ice pack on my neck now).
OOh I also have a peppermint stick to rub on my temples... Whatever works.

Laura Belle said...

My migraines have always been triggered by stress and emotions. It's when I hold it in that my brain eventually decides to blow up. Sigh. But I try really hard not to hold it in, just for that reason, you know, with biofeedback and stuff. So yes, I did biofeedback for years, I think i've told you this, and that cured my anxiety, anger, depression, stress, etc. It helps me focus.

I hope you're feeling better! Sending good vibes to you now darlin'!

terbear287 said...

I so hope this works for you. I know some other people that have migraines and it seems awful. Luckily I am blessed with other ailments. I know the oils work and nature made remedies. I know people that swear by them I think part of it is believing they will work. Mind over matter and we all know the power our mind has. Good luck pumpkin hope you feel better soon!

Joanna said...

Natural stuff is all I'll take. I won't take any form of prescription or over the counter stuff unless I'm admitted in to hospital and have no other choice. That's never happened.

When I get a migraine - which isn't very often - I can account it to stress that I'm dealing with. I can often be in tears because it hurts to close my eyes and it hurts to keep them open. The only way I can manage the pain is by putting a heating pad on my head, and then covering my face with black cloth so that no light can get in. Then, I just lay there in complete silence. After the pain dies down enough to be able to at least take dim light, I drink hot tea. The caffeine helps, and the warmness helps.

People sometimes wonder why I stand the pain when I could just take something for it. Well, I consider the fact that I very rarely get sick to the fact that I never take medicine. So, I'll put up with being in pain once every couple of months. It works for me.

Raven said...

awesome! and this is why I LOVE naturopathic medicine. Now, I am not saying that I always follow that, I LOVE me some pain meds when I am in pain, but I won't get the flu shot (except this year, when I totally felt pressured, that won't happen again) let me know if the migraine doesn't come back! and eek! FOUR A MONTH? I would die.

Robyn's Nest said...

I started visiting a chiropractor and that helped with my migraines/headaches. Have you tried that yet?

MizFit said...

VERY interesting.
Im toying with acupuncture.
I just need to MAKE the time.

nurofen said...

I agree with the comments. Sometimes, relaxation techniques and the use of diversion to alleviate pains and other unacceptable feelings. I always do simple exercise to give myself a refreshing day. This also helps me forget about having headache. Sometimes, pain is just in mind.

4rx said...

It is also important to avoid stress, anxiety and other s=psychological factors that may trigger headache. On the other hand, it has been discovered that chocolates also cause migraines. It is good to always have medicines at hand. In case relaxation techniques don't work, then pain medications will surely do.