Friday, January 20, 2012

If you're suddenly getting less or even no comments....

It's probably not because of you or what you typing!  Good news, right?  LOL

There's a known unable to comment/white page issue going around blogger right now.  It's annoying as hell...I can't comment on blogs (like Kelly, Ice Queen, Sarah).  Sometimes clicking on the person's blog link brings up the blog when clicking on the post link just brings up a white screen - BUT - then I still can't comment.

Here's a fix that's been working for a lot of us.

Go into your settings and change your comments from embedded under your post to full page. 

Dumb - but it works.

Try it and see if you suddenly start getting comments like you did before.

If you change it and still no one comments - well then - it might be because you're talking about poop or sumpin.  Oh wait - I'm the only one who has issues reading about poop.  Scratch that.  LOL

Hope this helps some of you! 

Try to get the word out if you can - I miss commenting on everyone's blogs!  It's driving me crazy!!


jennxaz said...

great idea...seems to be working already better for me. Thanks Drazil!!!

Ima_do_it_2012 said...

Thanks I have been trying to write on posts for a week now.
BTW your blog makes my day and your nails are gorgeous.

Jo said...

It has worked for me...thanks!

Kelly said...

OK - I fixed it! :-)

Sheila said...

Thanks, I have that enabled on my blog but can't seem to comment on those who don't. HATE the white screen of nothingness. Grrrr!

Jazzing up Jackie said...

Thank you! I'll give it a shot :)

kristi said...

Love those nails girl!