Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nutrisystem stuff...


I have some leftover Nutrisystem stuff that I want to sell because it's taking up space.  Rambo and I only did Nutrisystem for two month and we liked it but the first month I was too dumb to realize I needed to make my own choices so NS made them there are a lot of items I wouldn't have picked myself.  

Rambo still eats some of it but I can't eat it anymore now that I've gone gluten-free and I just want the space back.

Anyway - I don't care about getting what I paid for it so I'm selling it for a fraction of the cost.  I have NO idea what shipping will be because it'll be a big box.  I'm not selling it in pieces - it's all or none.  I thought I'd throw it out here before putting it on Ebay.

I think there's AT LEAST a month's worth of food for one person - if not more.  For one month, when we did it I paid $270.00 plus shipping.  I'll sell all of this for $100.00 plus whatever it costs to ship it.  And you don't have to join or go online and choose or anything!! 

It was a great program and I lost 7 lbs in the month I was on it and it was simple and smart.  I wanted a month off of cooking, planning and grocery shopping and it was worth it just to see if I liked it.

Here's what I have:

Breakfast items:
nutrifrosted crunch cereal - 1
berries & multigrain flakes - 3
cluster crunch cereal - 3
lowfat granola cereal - 4
nutriflakes cereal - 2
scrambled eggs & veggies - 2
maple brown sugar oatmeal - 2
apple cinnamon oatmeal - 3
pancake mix - 1
blueberry pancake mix - 1
nutricinnamon square cereal - 1
cinnamon bun bar - 1

Lunch items:
Mexican tortilla soup - 4
pasta parmesan with broccoli - 6
cheesy homestyle potatoes - 11
hearty minestrone soup - 1
cream of broccoli soup - 3
3 cheese pasta with chicken - 3
fettucini alfredo - 1
pasta with beef - 1
beans & ham soup - 1
chx pasta in cacciatore sauce - 1
cheese tortellini - 1
creamy caeser dressing w/ diced chicken - 8
red beans & rice w/ chicken sausage - 1
tuna salad - 1

Supper items:
Mac & cheese with beef - 4
mac & cheese - 2
hearty beef stew - 2
vegetarian chili - 1
chili with beans - 3
Italian herb flatbread pizza - 5
flame broiled beef patty - 8
thick crust pizza - 4
buffalo chicken wrap - 1
cheese & spinach ravioli w/ meat sauce - 2
chicken pasta parmesan - 1
veg lasagna w/ basil tomato sauce - 4
cajun style chicken & sausage w/ rice - 1
bbq sauce over beef beans and rice - 1
lasagna with meat sauce - 1
rotini w/ meatballs and tomato sauce
grilled chicken breast - 2

Dessert items:
butterscotch pudding - 9
peppermint cookie pattie - 2
chocolate crunch bar - 3
chocolatey nougat bar w/ peanuts & caramel - 6
milk chocolatey delight bar - 2
chocolate peanut butter bar - 2
mint chocolate crunch bar - 2
coconut almond bar - 2
pretzels - 3
honey mustard pretzels - 3
walnut chocolate chip cookies -  1
white chocolate chunk cookie 2
chocolate chip cookie 2
peanut butter cookie 1
nutrichocolates - 1
double chocolate almond cookie 2
butter flavored popcorn - 3
oatmeal raisin cookie 2
nacho crisps - 1
buffalo wing pretzel bits - 1

Let me know if you're interested!


Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Not bad deal at a lll... HMU and let me know what shipping it to 30349...

Bring Pretty Back said...

That is a very good deal for someone on NS. I will ask a friend of mine that was on NS, I am not sure if she still is now...
Have a pretty day!

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

Thanks for your support on my blog, Drazil! Sounds like you've got a NS haul... . What variety! And a great deal you're offering. Someone'll snap it up.

Raven said...

holy shite, all that good grub left over? I wish you could ship it to me but I need to actually eat NOTHING to lose this weight.

oh and about the bacherlotette... EMILY!!!!!!!! They had better give her some good guys and not duds!

Lisa said...

Hiya! New (ish) to your blog. Well, er, I have been stalking it for awhile. I am getting banded next Friday myself eeek! Just wanted to say I LOVE your blog (&FB) You are beyond witty in your writing and make me laugh often which rocks! It's also a super fun page and I love to visit it often. My blog (which isn't nearly as fun to look at) but am going to use you as inspiration is at
Any insight or words of advice are always helpful and welcome from rockstars :)

Bunnie said...


your newest follower :)

follow me back? XOXO