Thursday, January 12, 2012

You can shove your trend you know where.

Gluten-free is the latest and greatest trend out there….so everyone is doing it.

That’s what I heard yesterday from someone. And truthfully? I wanted to punch them in the mouth and then rub peppers in their eyes. I can be a little mean when provoked.

See – the thing is – around here not a single person I know does gluten-free living as of just recently anyway. As far as it being a “new” trend – the only two people I do know that follow a gluten-free lifestyle do so because they have celiac disease – and um – they’ve had it for more then 30 years. Doesn’t sound new to me.

I do think that people and doctors are more aware now of gluten intolerance and allergies even when celiac disease isn’t the diagnosis. Instead of calling baby’s distended bellies and chronic crying “colic” – some doctors are thinking it’s gluten due to the fact that gluten is hard to digest – even for adults.

People desperate to find the trigger for such things as migraines are giving gluten-free a shot. Persons with chronic diarrhea or constipation are trying gluten-free because of the digestive issues gluten poses. Acne, fatigue, depression, mood changes, and a billion other things can be affected by gluten.

But automatically – people think this is a “trend” to lose weight. I’d like to point out that MANY people do NOT lose weight going gluten-free. Why?

Because today there is gluten-free bread, flour, cookies, cakes, pastries, candy and soda. I’m fairly convinced that there’s nothing you can’t eat on a gluten-free diet that you would otherwise. Do a little internet searching and you’ll find companies who strictly sell gluten-free products of every kind.

If I want to gain weight being gluten-free – I sure as hell can.

For me – I have lost weight BUT it’s because I’ve chosen not to buy gluten-free “junk” food most of the time. I’m trying to stay away from processed gluten-free stuff. That being said – Mountain Dew is already gluten-free. So are things like Cool Ranch Doritoes – and when I want to splurge – I’ll do so on those. MANY, many kinds of candy are gluten-free and always have been.

Trust me – I’ll get by. BUT I’m trying to do “healthy” gluten-free. And for me this diet – for the first time ever – is not about weight loss.

My stomach swells and hurts when I eat. I have adult acne so much that I take a daily antibiotic for it. I suffer from migraines up to 4 times a week. I’m on a preventive medication that I don’t want to be on for those. I rarely sleep through the night and never sleep restfully. I battle constant fatigue. All of these things leave no energy or will power to want to work out. The list goes on – one symptom perpetuates another.

Last night began Day 8 for me. And though they say it can take a full month to feel really true effects of going gluten-free….some feel it beginning on Day 4 already.

For me – Day 8 I finally felt “really” different. Like enough to stop what I was doing and think to myself, “Wow – I feel so different. Even well.  I wonder if this is actually working.”

Clear-headed. Focused.

And my God – I have energy. I worked out for an hour and it didn’t kill me. I still wasn’t tired. I even ran.

There are about 6 bags of my all time FAVORITE Valentine’s candy on my counter – which never ever in my life have I been able to resist before….of which I have also eaten more than one entire bag in a day….and there they sit.

Feeling like this – is worth not having those. They have traces of gluten.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been on a diet before whose effects were worth not cheating. Sad – but I’m being honest.

The only thing I miss right now is pizza – and I plan to remedy that with a gluten-free recipe. I am eating fruits and veggies daily. Lean meats like chicken and tilapia. And gluten-free isn’t carb-free. I’m eating a small potato or brown rice or yogurt or rice cakes.

Normally – I hit the snooze button at least 6 times every morning. Today – once…even though my sleep still isn’t great. (I hope that changes.)

I haven’t taken my acne antibiotic in 4 days – which by now would mean I’d start to see acne popping up. None so far.

Since I began gluten-free – I’ve had one migraine. I normally would have had about 4.

The constant swelling in my stomach is almost gone. I am not in pain every time I eat.

8 days done and already this. The next step is to get off migraine preventive meds, lower my blood pressure by losing more weight by finally having the mental and physical strength to exercise and lowering my cholesterol at the same time.

So to the person yesterday who rolled their eyes and told me this was just another “trend”. Well – you can take your trend and shove it. Up your gluten-filled ass that is.

While me? I’m gonna keep going – Day 9 awaits.


tz said...

I love it when something like steak has an advertisement that says, "gluten free" ummm, duh. It's like olive oil that says cholesterol free on it...given that cholesterol doesn't exist in vegetables...

I'm good at spotting trends...I bet the next one will be 'breathing'

Kelly said...

Draz - I'm so happy to hear that you are reaping the benefits of gluten-free. Especially the not getting migraines part. If you can sustain it, then you know it's what works for you to feel better, and that is always important. =)

Kyla said...


Dawnya said...


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Good for you, Draz for making a change that actually makes you feel better. I feel better low carbing. My intolerance is to sugar and starch. It just drags me down into the depths of lethargy and depression. I feel much better when my protein is high and I'm under a carb limit. Keep up the good work and keep us posted. :)

Shug in Boots said...

Good for you! Yay! Yay! Yay! It is SO worth it! Keep going! Keep going! :D

Lucy said...


MandaPanda said...

I think a lot more people are becoming aware of the effects of gluten (and there's a lot more information to be found) so it seems like a new, improved diet thing. Like you said though, it's not about weight loss, it's just about health. Good for you!

Banded Mommy (Angie) said...

So glad you are feeling good hon. Things like this make you realize how different things can be. I really hope things continue to go in the right direction!

Sherry said...

Well, I am afraid I may be finding your fist in my gluten-filled butt! That said, I will say my piece anyway because I'm not afraid of things in my butt.

I DO think it is a trend. Yes, many people notice some kind of positive result from going gluten-free BUT there is simply no research to determine whether that positive reaction (or change in kind of long personal health issue) is a result of going gluten-free (GF) or if it is because to GO GF you are, additionally, mostly cutting out various preservatives, dyes, other genetically modified foods and naturally just eating healthier. I'm a research person. Unfortunately most of the research points to the changes being a result of a generally healthier diet that is a result of going GF, not necessarily because of the lack of wheats and gluten themselves. THAT SAID, if you feel better and are happier to eat this way -- by all means, eat that way! Honestly, it probably is a healthier way of life, in general so I'm all for that. I wish you nothing but luck with this journey!

Caron said...

This is sounding very promising! It would be great if you have discovered a way to remedy so many unpleasant things in one fell swoop. Yea.

Joanna said...

Like you said, it is possible to go gluten-free and still gain weight. It's possible for vegetarians to gain weight. It all depends on what you eat. It sounds to me that GF is working for you. You're having tons of success with non-weight related issues, and that's very important.

You keep doing what you're doing and don't pay any attention to the eye rollers. It's what you think at the end of the day that's important.

I proved several people wrong a couple of years ago when I lost 80lbs by NOT counting calories or eating tons of fruits and veggies every day. There are always going to be people out there that tell you what you should and shouldn't do - and what does and doesn't work. At the end of the day, if it works for you then stick your tongue out as far as it goes and yell "NA NE NA NE BOO BOO!!"

Jessica said...

Awesome that you are starting to feel better!

Ronnie said...

That heffa. I would have told her all that and spit in her face. (I'm in an anti-hater mood though.)

Fab Kate said...

Gluten free is tough, and unless you're really dedicated to it (or have celiac) it's tough to figure out all the hidden gluten in our diets. My work partner (for zoo trips) had severe reactions to gluten, and I was shocked at first when I had to go to restaurants with her, because you have to ask if the meats are gluten free, because it's common to spray meat with oil with a little flour before grilling. I never knew SOY SAUCE has gluten... and I'm sure that foods I never imagined as having gluten do.

Sandy Lee said...

So glad you are feelings better. You never know what little thing will work. Love you.

Stephanie said...

All I know, hon, is that if it wasn't for you and I talking about your gluten issues, I would NEVER had made the association with my daughters FOUR YEAR long problem with sever bloating and constipation which her doctor never addressed the root issue, just how to "solve" (?) it with laxatives, which pardon the pun, is a bunch of crap.

We didn't eliminate gluten entirely but have greatly reduced it and are giving her a probiotic, based on the recommendation of my cousin who (along with her daughter) has Celiacs. It has made a difference already. Her constipation and bloating is gone and she has had bowel movements every day for the last three days now...something that has never happened.

When you have a child who hurts and is in pain, emotionally and physically, there is no stone to be left unturned. She is THRILLED that she is going to the bathroom like a "regular" person.

If it is a fad, so be it...but I think it is just awareness. And I am thrilled. Maybe now I have a solution.

Gia said...

I'm glad to hear its working for you! That would be impossible for me. I'm a veg who likes gluteny things. And cheesey things.

Beth Ann said...

Every single person I know that eats "gluten-free" does so for their health. Those people that told you that are obviously idiots.