Friday, February 3, 2012

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for BYOC. Bring Your Own Crazy. We answer five questions in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break. Copy and paste if you so desire and ENJOY!

1. Have you ever bought undies/bra/lingerie for someone else? Or has anyone ever bought them for you? How was the “experience”?

Rambo bought me a bright purple bra and undies once. Key word there is ONCE. Um – cuz I told him he was never allowed to do it again. Wanna know what size they were? Extra small. The only time I ever wore extra small anything was when I was an infant. This was before my breast reduction and I had double E boobs people. There wasn’t enough material in the whole bra to cover even one boob.

Disaster. Freaking disaster.

And no – I’ve never bought for anyone else. Not even for a bachelorette or shower for a girlfriend. It just never occurred to me.

2. Do you have an internal song you replay in your head that is just yours?

I have no idea who sings this but I find myself replaying “I will survive” in my head in difficult moments.

3. I heard on the news the other day that something like 80% of people think a tan person is way sexier than “not tan”. How do you feel about that? Do you tan? Fake bake? Real sun? Or do you wear SPF 150?

I’m definitely partial to tan. I can’t help it. I swear to God tan makes me look skinnier. Or at least hides my stretch marks. I tan about 2 times a month. Probably because I have a tanning bed in my home. If I had to pay for it, it’d be less.

I do not wear sunscreen because I’m allergic to it.

So yah, apparently I’m a poster child for skin cancer. Add it to my list of flaws.

4. Do you vote in the presidential election? Do you vote based on news, family opinions or research or your gut?

I do vote. Because of my work within the community villages and Rambo being an elected official and because I know many government workers – I vote in even the smallest elections (school board, county officials, etc.). Every time. It’s an honor and a privilege. And I do it because I know people very close to me who cannot vote legally. So I do it for them too.

I vote based on all of the above – family opinions, news, research and gut. I have a very politically involved family that debates politics and follows it very closely so I like to think I have some pretty good facts to base my decision on.

That being said – I will admit that sometimes my vote is not for a certain person – but more accurately – a vote against the other guy.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

Real life is moving along. I feel like I have a sense of control and power in my mental health by taking steps to remedy my stress. I’ve made purchases (salt lamp, oils & meditation CD) and even researched therapy this week and I feel good about it. Physically I’m cleaning our workout room this weekend and have a plan of attack for my physical health too.

Blog land was fun this week. I had a lot to report with my new purchases and loved doing the “If I were the President” post!

Have a great weekend Skittles!


Kelly said...

Sometimes I will fake bake. I won't lie. And I am definitely one of those people that thinks that a tan person looks skinnier & definitely sexier!

Cat said...

I am one of those people that don't tan. Not at all. I got the fair skin and the strawberry blonde hair and if I step in the sun I become a lobster then I peel. So I am a huge fan of sunblock and pray every day that alabaster skin and parasols will make a come back. :)

Joey said...

you are allergic? that's f'd up. No wonder you look like Beyonce!

MandaPanda said...

I think most overweight people (talking about myself here, not you) prefer tan to not tan...brown fat is just prettier than white fat. Same with porkchops. LOL

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Good the way it's Gloria Gaynor..."I will survive"
I could be on Toddlers and Tiaras, because I'm a fan of the spray tan booth. I lik tan, but me no likey skin cancer!

affectionforfitness said...

Once, I helped mother-in-law (with droop nearly to her belly button) pick out a bra. This was an awful experience, but I just could not stand, every single day, seeing what that looked like without an intervention.

20 to go! said...

Thanks for your comment. I was hoping it wasn't "just me". I should try a tan one day "when I am thin" or maybe just bite the bullet and do it. They are like 25 bucks - I am soo stingy sometimes.

Desert Singer said...

no tanning... but agree that 'tanned fat' is skinnier looking than 'non tan fat' - whatever that is about (?!) :D.

will have to look into the salt lamp, it looks way cool.

Counseling... I miss it. Someone having to listen is just cool. Asking good questions that make you think... no judgement, just questions. Cuz we all know the truth for us, but for whatever reasons (mind-farting, but the other f word instead of farting, is what my dad so eloquently calls it) we think all this other baggage which gets in our way.

Good Luck with finding a good match for you ♥

Rachellabelle said...

LOL @MandaPanda. You're right -- brown fat is prettier. haha I'm loving the recent tan I got on vacation and want to keep it up.