Monday, February 27, 2012

A Facebook slap in the face or something like that.

I'm pretty sure I've never admitted it here but when I was in high school and searching for myself...I got involved with some girls that were VERY into religion.  And when I say "some girls" I mean - every girl in my class because in my small town that means about 10 of us.  We were all Catholic and to be confirmed you had to put in a certain amount of hours doing "faith work".  All 10 of us signed up for a youth conference that lasted an entire weekend to fulfill our faith work quota. 

We all went - and not very happily might I say.  I mean really?  Why would a bunch of teenagers want to spend an entire weekend for religion?

BUT for about 5 of us - it changed something in us and we connected with many people there. 

And we signed up for more.  And more.  And more.  We were well known in the circuit.  And for me, after a while - it seemed a bit cult-like and it lost its luster and I burned out and I stopped going.

One girl - the prom and homecoming queen, Miss Perfect - never grew out of it.  She preached religion every time she turned around.  You could have hated her for it if she wasn't so nice.

Today - I still keep in touch with her via Facebook.  She married a doctor.  Surprise, surprise.  She does speaking engagements on marriages and religion.  She's still perfect. 

Excuse me while I go throw up in my mouth

Just this weekend - I wrote this status on my Facebook wall.

Interesting...I was reading about a woman's reading with a psychic. Do we even have those around here? I've never heard anyone talk about them locally.

Yes, the woman I was reading about was a blogger.  It spiked my curiousity.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Pretty harmless.  Yes?

Well - not according to my old high school friend.  She sent me this private message:

I wanted to warn you of the dangers of dabbling in mysticism, psychics, palm readers, and divination. I have recently been reading in the old testament and all that stuff was around back then and it is vehemently warned against and admonished. I hope you know that I am warning u out of care and concern for u and your fam. I unfortunately had to watch a family member get deep into Wicca and witnessed her wedding performed by a witch and am thus pretty sensitive to this stuff and don't want anyone to dabble bc it's such a slippery slope. I of course have my own sins and temptations that I struggle with so please don't take my email as righteous but know it is outof love. Have a good weekend.

Oh my God.  It made me laugh.  I mean I didn't know whether to keep laughing or be angry and insulted.  Or maybe jealous that there's nothing in my life that I feel so passionately about that I would randomly email such a thing.

I replied to her:

Thanks! I wasn't going to see one - just thought it odd that no one around here even talks about it. Was just curious if it was only a big city thing.

I kept it short - afraid that if I didn't I might tell her to f*ck off or something and that would surely condemn me to hell faster than a psychic could predict it.  To which she replied:

There are psychics near u for sure. U can even find them in small towns. People think they are harmless fun and it makes me sad bc I did research and have a little experience and know how dangerous it is.....very very Contrary to our Christian beliefs. Thanks for listening.

The funny thing is - when she says "our" Christian beliefs....she makes the assumption I share HER beliefs.  Of which I no longer do.  Shoving shit down people's throats is a reason why sometimes ANY kind of religion turns me off. 

I have faith.  Stronger than many realize.  I just don't feel the need to tell everyone about them.  Or email anyone on Facebook privately about them.

Anyway - I still can't decide what I even feel about her message.  It wasn't meant in anger or to be mean and I know that.  I think I'm just surprised at some people's passion and balls.

What do you think?  Are you this passionate about your faith?  Would this message from a random high school friend have made you angry?  Or do you think it's just funny?

The only thing I do know is that she inadvertently gave me blog material.  That's always a good thing.

And yes - FYI - I'm not against psychics in any way.  I'd totally see one and I just might.  It's interesting to me.  I don't want to know when I'm going to die or anything cryptic like that but it could be fun to know if I'm going to win the lottery right?  Ha!

Have you guys ever seen a psychic?



Miz said...

and laughed outloud at the blog fodder remark.
I swear these days even the most "WHHHA YOU HURT MY FEELINGS?!" thing or experience is made more palatable by "well crap. I can blog about this!"

people be crazy.


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

You know you're not supposed to discuss religion or politics, right?!? LOL I would just let it roll off my back. She did private message you and didn't get into a sparring match with you on your wall for everyone to see, at least. That means she really does care and didn't need everyone to see her doing a "good deed", another reason to be annoyed with her sugar-sweetness! LOL

On the subject of psychics, I don't appreciate them either. Not for the religious aspect, but because I think you can help bring about the things the psychic says. Take my sister, for example. She was back and forth with this guy for over 10 years. They were to marry in '90, but her gut told her not to do it. She goes to his grandfather's funeral and gets back in touch with him. She sees a psychic and the psychic tells her she's getting married within the year, and having a beautiful baby girl right away. My sister was 40, all the things she really wanted to hear at that time in her life. Don't you know she married the schnook that October, got pregnant on her honeymoon, but gave birth at 27 weeks. (Her daughter's fine now.) But she was miserable from the word go. He was so difficult to live with that they were divorced before their 5th anniversary. He now lives in SC with his partner. Gee, how can you be happy with someone if they're not happy with themselves, living a lie. Now she has to deal with "co-parenting" (joke since he's 1200 miles away) with this a$$ forever. She's definitely blessed with her daughter, but had she not married him, she may have found the one man that was going to treat her right. We'll never know.

Wow! What a ramble! Sorry!

Joanna said...

That message is one of the reasons I avoid organized religion. I'm not going to point fingers blatantly at Christians or Catholics - but they are the ones I've had the most experience with.

Religion fascinates me. So much, so, that I have a hobby in which I study religions - all types. Mostly just the belief systems behind them all.

It amazes me how much similarity there is between the "major" religions - and yet, their is so much judgment and hatred between them all.

On the subject of Wicca - or Paganism - there are so many misconceptions it's not even funny. Paganism is a religion of nature. Peace. Harmony. Pagans are NOT devil worshippers. They don't even believe in the devil. When they talk of "magick" they are not referring to casting spells or throwing curses around - it's about collecting energy from nature. A Pagan's magick is the Christian's prayer. Also, almost every Christian holiday was originally a pagan holiday that was "transformed" in order to convert pagans to Christianity. Christmas and Easter are two of the biggest ones. If you look at the Yule and Osetera (Christmas and Easter in the Pagan faith) you'll see how the Christmas and Easter traditions got started.

I HATE that people judge others based on their beliefs. To each his own. I just wish people would practice their religion with the people that have the same beliefs, and leave those that don't alone!

*Stepping off my soapbox*

Gilly said...

Wow! I could go on about this for DAYS! However, suffice it to say I've lost my share of FB friends because of my views on religion! I think your reply to her was's useless to try to argue with zealots. You took the high road and you got a cool blog topic. You win!

Fab Kate said...

I don't discuss much of anything beside Castleville on FB... at least on my Fab Kate account. But in my other account I'm known as tackling issues in religion and politics on a regular basis.

Remember in scripture that Saul consults the "witch of Endor" to speak to the ghost of Samuel, and the disciples themselves cast lots (a form of divination) to figure out who was to replace Judas.

I always point those out when Christians talk about the evils of divination.

What I've been hearing a lot now is about the evils of yoga and meditation.

If people REALLY want to go there with me by sending me a direct message or such, I'll more than happily meet them with my own arguments.

Chubby McGee said...

This post is GREAT. I have a similar issue with a Baptist friend of mine. She was my first "public school friend" so I've always felt very obligated to sticking with her since I was very uncool in 7th grade...omg...VERY.

I'm a Catholic, but I don't practice it because I PERSONALLY feel that organized religion is silly because it puts an imperfect, human "middleman" between me and God (and I never ever force my beliefs on others either...I prefer to just feel spiritual and love God in my own private way).

She's the opposite. She used to drive me BONKERS preaching to me about flaming swords protecting the Garden of Eden here on earth and telling me that I'm going to hell because I'm not one of some medium-sized number of people mentioned in the Bible who is selected to disappear just before the Rapture occurs. Yadda-yadda-yadda. Not for me.

I ended our friendship when I was in college because I couldn't take it anymore and I grew tired of the preaching.

About a year-and-a-half ago, I friended her on FB because I am a grown-up now and I felt bad for the way I ended our friendship. Then, she started up again with the preaching (she found out I was pregnant when I got married - Oh, booooooo! I should have all my goats sacrificed for the deity over that one).

I just let a lot of it slide off my back now because: "whatever." I actually hid her status updates because I want to punch her when she starts up with pro-life stuff and how she's completely against homosexuality.'s her I keep my mouth shut about it or else I'm just as annoying as she is.

Currently, I'm having issues with my two-year-old (that seem...ugh...this is embarrassing to type..."supernatural"...please don't laugh at me) and I'm at the point where no one can tell me what is up with him. I posted on FB: I wish I could just talk to a genuine psychic/medium so I can figure out what is actually up with my little boy. Baptist friend went afterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr me and said those people are the devil and they're evil and against Christ and such. I just ignored her comment. I don't have the energy to fight with HER personal beliefs and I don't want to do it over Facebook.

One day, when she's finally open to other beliefs and ideas (and to dating...she's 31, mind you...and has never been on a date because of religious issues) and she gets married and has kids...she'll understand a lot more about life.

Not all the answers are in her perfect, little Bible which was written by men hundreds of years ago. Haha!

And, yes, I do believe in psychics/mediums. More now than ever...because of the stuff happening in my personal life right now. There ARE real ones out there. There are, sadly, some who are not real and take advantage of people for money. careful.

Amanda said...

I'd just shake my head... pretty much like you did :)

For me, faith is very personal. Outside of stating that and that I self-identify as Christian, I pretty much avoid discussions of it. So... I get where you're coming from. I think. I don't want to presume!

As for psychics, I had a Tarot reading at Universal once ages ago. The whole connection to the Jungian theory of the collective unconscious is rather interesting.

Miss April said...

I'd ignore it and move on. You won't change her feelings and she won't change yours. Very random for her to go out of her way to email you when you asked a pretty harmless question on your FB.

I admire and respect people who have really strong faith. I do not like people who try to cram it down other people's throats or judge them based on it. That is a huge turn off for me. Ugh.

Jordan said...

I think what she wrote is funny. She totally jumped to conclusions off the post you made. Great response to her.

LoriBang said...

Oh, what a post! I think your friend is caring because she did do it in a private message rather than spewing her beliefs on your page.I love how you answered her. Honestly, I would ingnore her. You are an adult and I believe have a firm grasp on reality and if you do choose to see a "reader" you can take it with a grain of salt. I'm not sure I believe in what they all say. I want to belive some psychics. I would love to talk to someone who could put me in contact with my grandparents who have passed. But even if I did, I still would be somewhat skeptical. How can anyone be totally sure its the truth? It human nature to be curious. Do what ever bakes your brownies, just be careful eating the brownies to not overdo it! LOL

terbear287 said...

I agree with the others that at least she did it as a private message. I have disassociated myself from people completely because of their selfish negative reaction to things I have posted on fb. Seriously can't you just write a question or comment on fb without people thinking you are talking about them. You did the right thing with your comment back and I would be looking up psychics right now just to see if the devil would get me? lol!! jk I am curious about psychics also.

Kate said...

Draz: Read this essay by a Baptist Minister: The Subtle Body- Should Christians Practice Yoga It started a firestorm back on 2008 among Christians who tried to develop a "Christ Centered Yoga Practice". So many other church representatives from across a number of Christian Denominations jumped on the bandwagon to denounce the evils of Yoga.

justjenn said...

I've had so many similar experiences with family members. I'm very assertive about not wanting to hear that kind of thing. But I agree with your readers: just ignore it. :)

Life Love & High Heels said...

Ohhhh my! As you know, I recently saw a psychic and for me, it was for entertainment purposes and general curiosity. I feel that I am a rather religious person, though I do not go around preaching it from the mountain tops and I often swear like a sailor. ;) Heck, I grew up going to a church school and being very involved with church until I was done with HS. But I don't think it's opening up anything that is "dangerous". In fact, some of that stuff that could potentially open "portals" for other energies/spirits to enter scares the sh*t out of me. I would never participate in ouija boards just for that reason. So saying that, if I thought psychics were dangerous, I wouldn't have gone.

It's funny how controversial seeing a psychic can be. Even some of my close friends seem to judge me for being open to something like a psychic even being remotely real.

le sigh...

Interesting post! ;)

MandaPanda said...

OK...I know tons of people already weighed in on this but I've just gotta say..."give me a break." She's done research? NO...she's read the bible. There's a big freakin' difference. I think you should take the high road but I cannot stand the way religious types want to shove it down your throat. I'm catholic..born and raised and have faltered as of late but I don't begrudge anyone having great faith. I envy them for it. But leave me alone about it. Ugh. I applaud your answer and think it was really appropriate.

Ronnie said...

I almost pity her blind faith. Not to say I don't have faith, like you, quite the contrary... but still... what a strange message to send someone.

Sarah G said...

I've never been to a psychic/medium but when I was 16 I had my birth zodiac analyzed and saw a tarot card reader. I have cassette tapes of the readings around somewhere. I'd go looking for them but I don't have a tape player anymore.

Catherine55 said...

LOL -- that is so funny! There are tons of psychics in NYC, and I've gone in a few times with friends or my mom for fun. It's fun and kind of interesting (because they are really pretty good at reading people and sometimes tell you things that are really on point). But we're not going to delve into Wicca (or even Wikapedia) just because of that!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Hey, I think I know her....

Lonicera said...

Self-righteousness is what it was. Ugh.

Jen said...

Co Co for Cocoa Puffs

Sarah said...

I think it is interesting that those who believe so adamantly in the after life, should be so opposed to communication from it.

I borrowed a tarot book from a friend when I was younger and my mum, a much more devout woman than I, thought that I was about to cover myself in chicken feathers, chant and dance around naked.

BeesKnees said...

What a great post! I'm dyin' over here! I don't know if you watch True Blood but she reminds me of the Preacher's Wife Maryann a totally prim and proper demeanor that masks all these sinful thoughts.

I'm somewhere between Agnostic and Atheist but we have some friends that are super religious and are always trying to "Save" me I go along with it to be nice but it really is annoying and we hang out less because of it.

Me and a friend saw a numerologist in High School. Basically a bunch of vague statements and mild entertainment for $15 bucks - no harm no foul.

Sandy Lee said...

I posted last year about wanting to go to a psychic but just for fun. It isn't anything to do with a religious bent but just curiosity, like reading my horoscope every single day and thinking it knows what will happen to me. I doubt you could win the lottery with their advice because there wouldn't be any psychics since they would all be rich.

I am not religious, but am spiritual. I believe we all have a reason to be here and decide how to use our time. Besides, I'm told I'm going straight to purgatory (those catholics got rid of limbo just after i married one) but since most of my friends and relatives associate with me, the "heathen" I guess they will all be there too. A big party central. Kinda of like BOOBS but warmer.

But I also hope no one would judge me because I don't believe what they believe so I keep quiet mostly. And try to be good to others in my own quiet way. And if I'm wrong? Well... Isn't Jeebus supposed to forgive everyone? I have seen far too much shit because of religion. And here's a shocker--I haven't been baptized and the reaction I get from some people--it's like I have VD or HIV or some other disgusting disease. So I hope you don't put me on your blacklist now. I had sorta hoped we'd all be partying it up in wherever we end up.

Can you believe I typed this long comment on my iPad? Peace be with you. Really.

Brenda said...

You should have replied back to her and asked her if she had a Ouija board that you could borrow. That would have really sent her into a tizzy.

speck said...

There is a small house on one of the main streets where I live that a psychic owns. She started building a huge house right next door to it. It's been I know over 10 years since all contruction stopped and the house is boarded up.

Everytime I ride by it, I say, She should have seen it coming"!

Sorry, not sure how this fits into your friend but I just had to share. :)

mdlapband said...

This post just made my night! I have a cousin who is Holier than Thou. We should get them together so they can judge eachother.Gag! I would totally go see a one!

This whole thing reminds me of something I saw on pinterest:

"You're beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does."

Stephanie said...

I'm sure your friend is very passionate about her faith and more power to her for her beliefs, but my personal belief is that she is driving the short bus to Cray-Cray Ville is she thinks that psychic abilities are Satanic.

Don't even get me started. I don't know which sets me off more...religion or financial aid fraud.

Laura Belle said...

HA! I love that kinda shit!!! We shall go get readings and the lady will tell us that we're pretty, and that I'm going to have a hot date with Ryan Reynolds (my Ryan won't care, it's fine), and that you will never have to listen to Explosive Man again, and that we'll live happily ever after.

The end.

trisha said...

so many good points you make!! and this also made me think of my hypocrite Fundamental Baptist co-worker....MEH. I won't get started!

I think going to psychics is fun and entertaining. I've yet to become a witch because of it - or have cult like tendencies thereafter?!