Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I’m Catholic. It’s Ash Wednesday. Lent begins today.

Ash Wednesday is “supposed” to mean a day of fasting and no meat.

Wanna know what I had for breakfast?

First of all – it’s not my fault. My work catered in breakfast today. It included eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, cheese, french toast, syrup, drinks, potatoes, mushrooms, muffins and the kitchen sink.

We were “encouraged” to go back for seconds and thirds.

Shizballs and grasshopper turds.

So much for fasting and no meat. It is quite apparent I have the will power of a tiny flea.

And besides - FASTING is a naughty word in Drazzie land.  It ranks right up there with any of the forbidden P words

Jesus balls I say. Jesus balls.

Soooo – Lent also means we’re supposed to give something or add something of value in. I thought of what I could do this year as I laid in bed for what seemed like hours. Leave it to me to procrastinate until the night before to figure this out.

I decided that:

I could give up imagining cutting off Explosive Man’s knees so he can’t go to the bathroom 20 times a day….but what fun would that be? And besides – he deserves it. Cuz he explodes. Duh.

I could give up swearing. I could stop saying “f*ck a duck and call it Larry” 24 times a day BUT “screw a duck and call it Larry” just doesn’t roll off the tongue like “f*ck a duck” does, you know?

I could give up pleading and begging the dust bunny Gods for a magical cleaning man who looks like Ryan Reynolds to appear on my lap and just do it myself. But come on. Imagine a man who looks like Ryan Reynolds AND cleans. Go ahead – take a minute – imagine.

I could give up wishing that I had been born to a pack of wolves so I wouldn’t have any emotional scars from childhood so I wouldn’t have to go to therapy and sit covered in hives trying to convince a stranger that I’m not crazy when I know I really – in fact – am.

I could give up bathing in Skittles, farting gumdrops, my Mt. Dew IV drip AND living in Care Bear Land but seriously – who the hell wants to live in the real world?

I could try to do something physical and give up laying on the couch not moving for hours watching juicy reality scar my brain shows. Or give up adding pounds of fat to Sheniqua by way of Milky Ways and Kit Kits. But honestly – what are the chances of that actually happening?

Le sigh.

I think I suck at giving up things (especially physical things) so I’ve decided to add something in (mainly mental) instead. In real life and in blog life I’m going to attempt to do a 40 day good deed endeavor. Every day I’m going to try to do one random good deed. Something truly nice with no expectations or assumptions behind it.

Just good old fashioned good will towards men (and women and children – and maybe even lizards).

For example…I can tell a co-worker I like their hair or outfit and actually mean it. I can hold a door open when I normally wouldn’t. I can send a nice email or snail mail card for no reason. I can write something nice on FB to someone I haven’t connected with for a while. I can offer my help to someone who needs it. Pay for someone’s coffee behind me in line.

Like today – my good deed is that I’m going to watch the neighbors 3 kids for an hour for her to help her out. Just because she needs it and I can and to make up for eating shitloads of bacon on Ash Wednesday.

In blog world – once a week I’m going to do “Pick a Booger”. Wait. That’s not right. I meant “Pick a Blogger”. I’m going to find a new blogger once a week that I love who is just starting to gather followers and do a “shout out” for them. I mean what’s more fun than someone helping people to find your blog and getting new followers? We ALL love that! And we were all newbies once.

Sooo – anyone wanna join me for 40 days? Catholic or not – I don’t care. It’ll be kind of fun. We can report our daily deeds quickly at the bottom of our other posts if we want and pass it on and pay it forward. In real life and in blog land.

I mean imagine if everyone you knew committed to doing one random act of kindness a day for 40 days? It’d be kind of a revolution…and you’d be a part of it.

And just once a week I’ll pick a booger…I mean blogger. And you can too!

Who’s with me?

Have you given up or added something in for Lent?  Please share.  I'd love to hear about it!


mommykinz said...

Great ideas - let the good deeds begin.
and by the way your comment on my post yesterday was 1 good deed!
Off to find a new blogger to follow.

Cat said...

Wonderful ideas! I am not religious but I really liked Beth Ann's idea of writing a letter on actual paper once a day for the 40 days to tell that person how much they mean to me. I hope I actually know 40 people!! Ack...I just got stressed.

Cannot wait to see the new bloggers you find!

FitBy40 said...

I'm with you because I was thinking of doing the exact same thing before I even read your post! Giving up something just doesn't work for me, I have no will power.
However, it's pretty darn easy to be nice and make somebody's day!
Let's do this!

Katy said...

I don't typically give up anything for Lent, but I really like this idea!

Laura Belle said...

That's a great idea! I like those things vs the giving up things too. Because I never end up sticking through the entire 40 days.

I think you'll be great at this! I can't wait to hear all about the good deeds and the new boogers!!

Robyn's Nest said...

Last year I gave up alcohol. I told my hubby I this year was giving up swearing. He rolled his eyes and said I picked that because I don't swear. I did. Sigh.
I thought "I have given up so much already". I thought" I should give up soda." But I honestly know I will fail and I can't afford god madder at me then he is already.
So, I decided on 15 minutes of prayer and quiet a day.
I let people live each day that I really want to kill- that is my daily good deed.

Amanda Kiska said...

Great idea!

Jody V said...

Love your idea!! I'm giving up my unhealthy lifestyle. Not going crazy but taking those steps forward. Oh..but my beloved wine is still on the healthy side!!


LoriBang said...

I like your idea. I know I could never give up swearing like I said on my post yesterday. Just because of my trainer! But doing one good deed, hummmm. I think I could manage that. I'm a fairly new blogger, if that helps you out any. I've been reading you all for a couple of months now and I love it, and my band!

MandaPanda said...

I think you've got a great idea here. I'm giving up chocolate. Egad! I'm not fasting today but I am avoiding the meat. Good luck!

october 11 said...

Love it!! I'm in!

Elizabeth said...

i dont really ever fast but I am not eating meat. I am making an attempt to be more positive over Lent... Love your idea :)

Beth Ann said...

I didn't remember that I wasn't supposed to eat meat until 2pm today. I could not believe that I actually hadn't eaten meat all day and it wasn't on purpose! Woot, woot!

Kelly said...

Draz - I think it's a very sweet idea to give a shout out to a new blogger. For Lent, I think I'll take up smoking and give that up. Or maybe I'll take up eating cupcakes and give that up. Haven't decided yet. (I kid, I kid.)

RockBand Barbie said...

Love this! I'm not Catholic, but I will totally join you in a random act of kindess every day for the next 40 days!

Shug in Boots said...

I'm givin up alcohol. Wish me luck.

Jessica said...

Sounds awesome!!

Andrea said...

This is a great it!

Ice Queen said...

I am Protestant, so I don't grok the whole Lent thing but I think that adding something lovely for someone else in your day sounds fantastic.

I think that Explosive Man should give up exploding for Lent. Have you ever thought about locking the bathroom door and putting an Out if Order sign on the door?

I'm going to go look for a new blogger, tomorrow.

Stephanie said...

My first thought when I read your blog post: "You're Catholic?"

Random, I know...but I don't know why I just had you pegged for a Lutheran or Methodist. Not that it matters 1 iota, but you're too flashy to be catholic. You don't drink...I KNOW you're not Irish Catholic.

And I'm rambling. But at least I am commenting today!

Slim Smitty said...

I'm Jewish, so I'm constantly guilted into giving things up, but it never lasts.

I'm just starting a blog about my life before, during and after weight loss surgery. I have 5 fans including myself lol! Maybe one day it'll be awesome enough to have you "shout me out." :D

have a great weekend!

Ronnie said...

Love the good deeds idea! I'm giving up fast food... so hard. :(

Desert Singer said...

Love your ideas!

I'm giving up television for 40 days. Not movies. Just mindless, sitting in front of the tv... (seems I've traded it in for computer time, but that isn't going to be every day... I hope ;-) )

I'm not Catholic, either - but like the idea of giving up something... a lot!