Thursday, February 2, 2012

Officially over the edge. Like for real.

Duudes, it's getting downright Buddha-istic up in heyah. 

Remember how I'm going rogue and flipping the finger at Western medicine because I'm so desperate to get rid of my migraines that I'll do anything

I told you I'm covering myself at all hours of the day in Progessence oil to prevent migraines. 

AND since I have attained proof from my "oil guru" that my migraines are caused by emotional shit - I'm on a journey to remedy that emotional shit.

Enter the salt lamp from the Himalayas. 
No - I'm not so naive that I really believe it's from the Himalays but it sounds cool, doesn't it?

Have you ever heard of these things?  The reviews on them are pretty stellar so I figured it's worth a shot.  Here's what one looks like.

Here are a couple things said about this salt lamp:

Its therapeutic glow of orange hues infuses a natural calm bringing the mind and body to a gradual sense of tranquility and well-being. This lamp is scientifically proven to work like an air purifier and is often called-nature's air purifier. When the lamp is lit, it emits negative ions that fight against positively charged particles that cause us to feel stuffy and sluggish (allergens, smoke, dander, pollens, and other air pollutants). It clears the air and naturally dilutes odors, so that we can breathe easier.

People with asthma often find it helpful in reducing their symptoms and many medical practitioners recommend using these lamps to help relieve depression and fatigue. Made of salt crystals that come from deep within the Himalayan Mountains, home to the world's purest and most colorful salt, it is hand carved to preserve its natural beauty and attached to a neem base. You can keep the lamp lit for as long as you like and the longer you keep it on, the better the emission of negative ions.

Sounds almost like it can create world peace, right?  Like I said - worth a shot and if it doesn't work - it'll be a pretty lamp.  Or it will make a nice Cmas gift for someone like my mother-in-law.

Also in my "eliminate stress" bag of tricks is this little ditty.  A new meditation CD.  Notice the little corner wording = ADULT RELAXATION.  It almost feels a little dirty.  Like - this isn't for kids....or something. 

I have quite a few guided relaxation CDs already but none that I love. 
Once again - the reviews on this were GREAT.  So I believed them all - hook, line and sinker. 
Did I mention I'm too trusting sometimes?

Here's my new CD:

Totally made for me.  I am a REAL person feeling REAL stress. 

I shall keep you posted on how these little trinkets help me.

And lastly - and this is big big that Draz and Sheniqua are having intimate conversations that go something like this:

Crotches.  Both of them.

Anywhoozle, they are right.  I am officially "over the edge". 

Meaning I am officially practicing what I preach and going to actively search for a therapist.  One that can maybe teach me biofeedback and obviously help me figure out ways to alleviate the stress and emotional triggers in me that manifest in me as migraines.

I had therapy once before - almost 15 years ago.  Which is exactly the reason why I haven't had any since then.  It was awkward and didn't help much and left a bad taste in my mouth.

But that was then and this is now.

So that's it - my new mental health plan.

Stay tuned.  I have a new physical health plan in the works too.

Have any of you ever tried a salt lamp?  Or meditation CD?  Biofeedback or therapy?


Joy said...

Stress and anxiety are such killers in so many ways. I am glad you are looking into how you can eliminate your stress.

Keep focused!

Dawnya said...

If that dang Salt Lamp thing works...I want 2!!!

You should walk around with your chest stuck out today like a rooster. You are standing up for yourself and doing what you need to do to be healthy and happy. That is such and important part of every aspect of life. You are a truly amazing woman!!

Tell Draz and Sheniqu to take a flying leap.

Miss April said...

Interesting. I have never heard of a salt lamp. I think headaches suck, my sister has had headaches for 10 years. They are not migraines. She has had every test under the sun to find out the cause - no solutions. She's been given shots, gone to the ER numerous times, spinal tap, MRIs, contrast MRIs where they dye her veins... the whole shebang. :( It all sucks balls. Hope something works for you, and soon.

Jacquie said...

And buy a new pillow! I just ordered 2 pillows from my and they claim the pillow will reduce issues with migraines, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea and a whole bunch of other stuff. Check it out and if you order them use promo code mypillow and you will get them at 25% off listed price. I hope it's everything it says it is but if not, there is also a 60 day money back guaranty.

Gilly said...

Um...totally great idea, Draz. *backs away slowly* I'm sure that will work and does not sound crazy to me at all...

Christine said...

I got to my breaking point last fall...and finally did some e-counselling though work. No major issues but when I put it all together my mind was actually going 10,000 miles a minute. Stress overload. It really helped. However, I also know for me writing can be cathartic (not blog appropriate) so that is probably part of it. The "impartial person who doesn't know me" helped. All the issues are still there but I can actually deal with them now! (one step at a time)
That's my experience and I'm hoping for the same for you! (helping. migraines are NOT fun. you know this.)

MandaPanda said...

I've tried meditation CD's before and it did help get me in a nice relaxed state. I hope these things work for you!

Samantha said...

I actually got one of those for Christmas from my step-mom. (ours is the basket type with a bunch of smaller pieces). I don't know yet if it actually "works" (we don't turn it on much) ..but it does look cool :)

Chubby McGee said...

Are you on any prescriptions for your Migraines? I was recently prescribed "Maltrax" and it works like a friggin' miracle drug. I see the aura lights and I pop one pill...within 30-45 Migraine is GONE. I feel so alive now! And, so you know, I get those stroke-like "Complex Migraines." That's a heck of a feat for modern meds. :)

Amy said...

adults it! I've always said that some hot guy should just make a CD of moaning and grunting noises to keep me motivated on the treadmill. I doubt that's on your particular CD ;)

terbear287 said...

Hell I think anything is worth trying. Good luck. Keep us updated, maybe I will get one of the salt lamps.

Sandy Lee said...

I'd probably just lick the salt lamp as I am so addicted to salt, you know,like those salt licks in the fields for cows?

Bu hope it works. If not, it's pretty.

Liz said...

My mom has these scattered all over her house. When I stay there, there's one next to where I sleep. I do find it soothing and peaceful, although I eventually turn it off before falling deeply asleep. I don't think I spend enough time with it to say for sure whether it really works, but I definitely like it. Thinking about getting one for my apartment.

Good for you for looking into therapy again! I had a few awkward experiences, but you just have to find the right match for you.

Cat said...

Had a coworker that had a salt lamp almost exactly like the one pictured there in his office. I don't know if it helped him, but it looked very pretty. : )

zionastar said...

key to a good therapist: find one that you're SUPER comfortable with. could you picture going out with them for drinks and enjoying yourself? probably a good fit, then! don't settle for someone who makes you feel awkward. and test them out a couple times (maybe 3 or 4) to make sure the awkwardness isn't just shyness (which is an issue for me!). you'll get more out of your sessions if you really like your therapist!

Joanna said...

I've never heard of the salt lamp - but I want one!! Before even reading what it does - I wanted it, because of the cool orange glow.

I don't have a counselor - but I use the crap out of Butter's counselor. His counselor is awesome at letting me have some time to vent, and he spends just as much time seeing me as he does Butter. I was always a person that believed I didn't need a counselor, but having one to talk to and give me advice sure does help.

I think I like it because he's on medium ground. He's not going to judge me, or take sides, or get upset when I say something mean about someone that pisses me off. He also dishes stuff out that I might not like to hear - but is the truth, and helps in the end.

Amy Childress said...

i hear the salt lap works, it also takes out all the toxins in ur body as well..

mommykinz said...

This is my new remedy idea. I love my relaxation CD when I'm starting to get overwhelmed. hang in there - you're doing great things to take care of yourself.

Life Love & High Heels said...

I'm glad you're finding ways to handle your stress and migraines. Part of stress mgmt is trying a little bit of everything, because you never know what will work for you. I really love yoga and deep breathing.

Good luck!

MrsFatass said...

I would want to lick that lamp. I love salt.

I heart you and am thinking about you all the time.

Laura Belle said...

I am going to spend the rest of my day (screw work!) researching informative websites for you on biofeedback. Stuff you can do at home and whatnot. Then I am going to write you a dictionary sized email about all the wonderful things that worked for me when i learned biofeedback. (Although that might be later tonight or tomorrow.)

Just because I love you.