Monday, March 26, 2012

Breaking the rules.

Because it’s Monday – that means I that I am unable to write an entire post of anything even remotely read-worthy – sooooo because I didn’t do Ten Things Thursday from one of my fave bloggers and people in general (that’d be Laura Belle)….Ima do it today.

I’m such a rule-breaker, I know!

1. Something huge is happening to me tomorrow. Huh. Uge. It’s time to stop the “let’s see how many calories I can eat in one day before I explode” mentality that is my life. Are you ready for this?

I’m joining Weight Watchers. Like officially and everything. I did it a LONG time ago and loved it but it was the old points system and nothing was ever online then. So for me – this feels ALL new. New points counting and online fun tools and crap like that. I am sooo excited I might pee my pants.

One of my dearest blogger friends kicks ass at WW and inspires me every day so now I'm following in her footsteps - hopefully.  Yes, Kelly, I'm talking about you.

I plan to spend most of the day researching the online tools and figuring this stuff out. The best part is that the WW meetings are onsite where I work so I don’t have to go anywhere and work is actually paying for it too! YAY!

2. I am in LOVE with the show Spartacus. Seriously people. We are talking some MAJOR man candy. The kind of man I like. Rugged, tough, sweaty, manly and insanely in love with their women. Usually I don’t watch any movies with blood and killing in them but for some reason I can handle it on this show (even though there’s a ton of it) because the sex scenes are TO DIE FOR. Like My God in heaven – I could mute the whole show and still I’d love it just as much.

3. My girls received two large chocolate Easter bunnies yesterday. I want it recorded that yours truly did not bite the ears off either of them. Downright amazing, isn’t it?

4. My newest clothing obsession? Well, of course, it’s expensive. I’m never obsessed with something sold at Kmart for $9.99 dammit. It’s anything Ed Hardy. Ohmuhgee. It’s the badass rebellion biker lover of tattoos chick in me that cannot help staring at his creations all day. I mean like hours of shopping – finding things and putting them in my cart – pretending I will buy them all. Yesterday my cart total was up to about $800.00.

F*ck a duck. I managed to whittle down the list and got only what I felt I must have. Jeans with skulls/roses on the butt. Skull/rose sunglasses. I may or may not have thrown a pair of white/gold Nikes in my cart….along with some must have Coach sunglasses. I cannot confirm or deny this.

5. I completely lied to my children and then to their sitters about my plans for the day SOLELY so that Rambo and I could have “dessert”. I’m pretty sure I should feel guilty….but so far I don’t.

6. This weekend I get to go to a turkey and deer expo. Aren’t I the luckiest girl in the entire world? Rambo says if I’m good – afterwards he’ll take me to eat out at Hooters. I told him if that actually happens – he might get lucky enough for me to divorce him. Yes – I am anti-Hooters. I can’t help it. Every one of those girls is someone’s daughter and I can’t imagine my girls being ogled like that. And if one more person tells me “but their food is good” – I might shank them.

7. I wear lots of rings. I’m too chicken to buy actual cleaning solution so I scrub them with basic soap and toothbrushes. I did this the other day. Then the next day I was doing dishes. Wanna know what I found? My Grandma’s engagement ring!! Holy shit a brick people! I nearly went into a coma. A whole damn day – it stayed in the drain stopper. It’s a small gold band and I stack a lot of them so I didn’t even realize I hadn’t put it back on. Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

8. Reeses peanut butter cups made for Easter in egg shapes somehow make them taste better than when they are just round. I have no idea why – but trust me – it’s a well known fact.

9. I still have a Christmas wreath hanging on my front door. Next week is April. I’m pretty sure this makes me an official redneck. My Southern relatives would be proud.

10. I haven’t had a migraine in at least a week. That my friends – is downright amazing. I used to have 4 a week. I’m actually in a bit of denial over the fact that my meds may have finally worked. It doesn’t seem real. And yes – I do realize that now that I have said out loud that my meds are working – that today I will probably get a migraine.

Have a great Monday, my Skittles!


Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Congratulations on not eating the bunnies!! That took strength! I follow a lot of people doing Weight Watchers and they all seem to be doing great at it. I think having it all online now makes a huge difference. GOod luck with everything!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

You didn't post BYOC on Friday, dod you? I missed you! Oh, shit, now I forgot what I was going to say! Oh, right! RB Eggs taste better because I think there might actoually be less chocolate or the pb formulation is different. I don't know what it is, but I do love them both! And were the bunnies real chocolate? I make sure NOTHING I buy says "chocolate flavored." That really just should say "be prepared to be disappointed."

Cat said...

Oooh you rule breaker you! You're just so damn bad ass that noone would even think twice about you doing 10 Things Thursday on Monday. It's just how awesome you are. /nod

I have never eaten at Hooters. I have also heard they have good food. I cannot imagine some cheap sports bar type chain resturant really has better food than I could get at Chili's or Fridays. Nope, not gonna believe that one.

Good for you on WW! I know you'll do amazing at that program! Keep us informed on how it's going.

Jessica said...

Kick ass on WW!!

Hooters does have good food but I totally agree with you!

Last year I didnt even take my tree down till april so you are doing better than I did.

Kelly said...

I almost lost my gorgeous, Colombian emerald ring (wanna be engagement ring) down a mailbox and nearly passed out, so I know the feeling! I totally huge puffy heart you. I'm not sure what I did in a previous life to deserve to have you come along when you did, but I'm glad I did it (whatever it was!) Love you. :-)

Chris said...

This post right here is reason #253 why I love your blog.

Oh, and no guilt about that dessert!!

Morel said...

I just took my wreath down last week. My neck is, at the very least, pink. Maybe magenta...

Ducky said...

Whooo! There was so much awesomeness in the post I don't know what to start with!

Congrats on the WW journey!

WHOOT to not making chocolate bunnies deaf

And rock your bling girl!

RockBand Barbie said...

I am a lover of tattoos kinda chick too :)

I personally don't think Hotters food is all that. I would much rather have Buffalo Wild Wings food.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

A great Monday to you too, Drazil. I love your list. I have never been to Hooters but have always wanted to go just to see what all the fuss is about. I live in Dolly Parton's hometown. I doubt there are any Hooter's girls who can outshine her.

mommykinz said...

I was going to email you to ask about you migraines. Glad to here you're doing so well.
I'll have to check out the Ed hardy site! Love me some virtual shopping

Andrea said...

Good luck with weight watchers. I love their new program. I'm sure you will do great!

Joanna said...

Oh you are going to want to do so worse to me than shank me....

I would LOVE to work at Hooter's. I know that sounds crazy - but after being this fat for so long, I'd love the chance to prance around in tight booty shorts and a tight shirt all day. It may sound skanky and terrible - but I'd love it. And, they really do have great food... LOL

Love the post. ;)

affectionforfitness said...

I hope you do great with WW! I just joined TOPS (similar type of program)again last Tuesday.

I wrote a whole post about the decision making process to join TOPS again, which turned out to be an obviously good choice, when I was specifically asked by an older daughter about it (vs. being a bad decision maker by myself).

:-) Marion

Laura Belle said...

Sooooo, how's the WW going???
You'll rock it. I know these things.

I saw a dude on a motorcycle the other day in wranglers and cowboy boots and I swear to all that is Holy I about freaking wrecked my car into the Cracker Barrel b/c I was fixated on his ass candy.
Ima lika cowboy motorcycle dude-liciousness!!!!

That had nothing to do with your rule breaking 10 Things, but I just wanted to share.

Tootles love!

~Amie~ said...

The holiday Reeses are better because they're fresh (at least thats my reasoning) :) and, you're delicious!!