Friday, March 9, 2012

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!



1.  When you're sick - what comforts you?

* I asked this because me and my kids have been sick this week and it's been interesting seeing what makes each of my girls feel better.

For me - it's Rambo.  Right smack next to me.  Or making me chicken noodle soup.  And baths.  Lots of baths.

2.  How attached to your cell phone are you?

* Not very.  Try not to laugh at me but I JUST started texting probably less than a year ago.  I used to never even turn it on.  I do not take it to bed with me.  I often miss calls and texts.  A lot of people give me crap about how it's not worth calling me because I'll never pick up...and they're right.

3.  What brand, color and kind of sneaker do you own to work out in?  Why?  Do you get a custom fit or just pick one off the shelf?

Okay - I had New Balance shoes that were orange.  I had them custom fitted for my feet.  They immediately felt amazing and I've had them forever. 
However, I have just bought Brooks Ravenna's LITERALLY based on the color.  The reviews from runners on them were fantastic so I figured they'd be good.  And they are.  I love them though I have only walked in them so far.

Did you know that that you are supposed to buy 1/2 size up because as your feet warm up - they swell?  Custom fitting taught me that so it was worth it. 

4.  Do you ever wish you'd picked a different name for your blog and why?

I actually do.  *Most* days I'm happy with it except the name of my blog says NOTHING about me.  If you just read the title, you would never know what it is about. You have to read my "about me" section to figure it that's annoying in my opinion.  I should have used a title with the words sparkle and glitter in it but that's soley based on how pretty of a blog header it would have made.  99% of the time I love my blog title - simply based on the fact that my best friend designed it for me.

5.  Repeat question.  Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

Real life has been filled with donkey farts.  LIKE SUCK ASS.  Because my girlies have been sick and are now on antibiotics.  Here's hoping they are on the mend. 

I am slightly stressed in the fact that I have a huge government report due on April 1st when I originally thought it wasn't due until April 30th.  UGH
Oh and look - I got my nails done...still obsessed with an accent nail.  I chose a lime green for St. Patrick's Day!  The brownish color is OPI's "You don't know Jacques".
Blog land is fun, fun, fun because it seems like I'm finding fun, new blogs every day and I love that!
That's it!  Have a good weekend Skittles!  And don't forget to link up below if you participate in BYOC!


Laura Belle said...

I did it!!!!

And I love your nails. Guess what???? I may have found a way to do shellac-tastic at home!!! Cheap!!! I shall fill you in when I do it and it works!

Mini Me

Laura Belle said...

Oh, but damn it, I forgot to add Laurabelle's BYOC! Crap!

Oh well. I'm still #1!

Sandy said...

But did you pencil in the sex between bowls of Chicken Noodle Soup. I think my blog title says it all. But next week I have some changes to be made. Moving forward but not leaving. Never.
I'm not a phone person. Usually it is dead the one time each month I need it. And it has no voice mail. You cannot leave me a message. Text is ok but I'm anal with making sure there are no spelling or grammar errors. And I have to use punctuation. Takes me forever to type a message.
Love you.

Ronnie said...

I ALWAYS answer when people call. I have no idea why, I'm just compelled. Even the people who don't answer when I call. :)

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I just don't know what I'm doing here, but I tried to add my link and I don't see it. Oh well!

Lisa said...

I have been super sick too and it sucks!! Tomorrow is my last dost of antibiotics and nite # 4 on the couch because of my severe coughing attacks. YUCK!!! Nothing soothes me, I despise being sick and turn into a grumpy bitch.

Love your nails tho!! I too did a fun accent color. I did OPI Russian Navy on my fingers and on my ring fingers, I did a silver sparkle on top of the navy. I love gel manicures!

Tina said...

For goodness sake missy..a week without Sex and you are moaning? sheesh I go months and months here and Im all good with that. Hugging, kissing and hand squeeze before we float off to dream land is enough. kids are too much, work is too much, running around, cleaning cooking. I have too much to worry about hanky panky :)

Ok I kid..a little. I figure sex will improve when we both retire. :)

I do have a friend who has a regular "lunch' date with her husband. Her kids think it is really lunch and her neighbors know what is going on. She doesn't care cause she is getting 'it' weekly. Just an idea :)


Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I have those same shoes I think! And I also forget to check my cell phone. People text and call and think I'm avoiding them but really the phone is in my purse somewhere and I'm off doing something else . I can't get used to the idea of carrying the phone around everywhere I go. I'm clearly behind the times lol. Also I love your blog name! It is by far the most unique one I have ever seen and reading through the whole description of it was hilarious.

Tina said...

Hey..My link messed up-I just sent a second one that had better work. I hardly ever post on the crafty one these days.


trisha said...

I'm so confused! I don't know what the link thing is or how to do it or what it does!

:( I always say I am the most technologically de-advanced person I know....besides like, my mom and dad


Joy said...

Fun learning a little more about you!! Hope you all get better!!

Stay focused!

Robyn's Nest said...

I know I am DAYS behind but I wanted to post your adorable button and do BYOC. But I am not sure how........

Justawallflower said...

Many people say the same about me answering my phone. I don't like to talk on the phone. I'd much rather text. And if you leave a voice mail, chances are I won't listen for days, unless you send me a text telling me you left important message. I have voice mails that just say, "hey, it's so and so, call me".