Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to participate in a link-up!

I’ve begun using the link up feature to do BYOC on Fridays! Some of you emailed me asking how to participate and what link-up means so I thought I’d do a little tutorial for you in case you wanted to join us this Friday!

And by the way - I'm no expert and this is my "how to" post - so bear with me.

The major visual change that you’ll see actually comes after my BYOC post. A numbered list of other bloggers who have participated and posted BYOC on their blog too will be shown……so you can click on their link and see their post and meet new bloggers!

Yup, right there in a numbered list you’ll be able to see all the bloggers who have also done BYOC (or whatever link-up you’re participating in)!

Wanna know how to be a part of it and make sure your blog appears in this list? It’s super easy!

Let’s continue.

A lot of times when a blogger does a blog link-up post and they want people to participate, they have a button or badge you can grab to put in your blog post. This button or badge gives a brief description of the blog post and usually contains the original blogger’s web address so credit can be given.

This is my BYOC link-up badge.

Brief description of BYOC, permission to grab the badge if you want to link up and my blog web address. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

NOW – to get this badge so you can put it at the top of your blog post so everyone knows you are doing a link up - you can copy and save it onto your PC and then upload it into the top of your blog post as a picture….just like you would upload any other picture.

Or – instead of saving it to your PC and going through all that….you can do this!

Use the text in the box! Start at the beginning of the box and copy all the text. Go to your blog. Open a new post. Click on the "edit html" tab in the top right corner of your draft blog posting, paste the text you copied from the text box and then switch back to compose….

You could hit the "preview" button (at bottom of draft) to see if the post has the badge you just put in….

Is the badge/button or picture there?

It should be!

Start typing your BYOC or follow the instructions for whatever type of link up you are doing!

Hit publish post when you are done!

But wait – you’re not actually done yet. You still have to link up on the originator’s blog, remember?

Okay – hit view post. (you want to be looking at the post you just did as though you are a fellow reader to your blog). Look way way up top where the web address is (starting with http) and copy all that text. Copy the entire web address. That is essentially the link to YOUR BYOC.

Go back to the originator’s blog (mine if you’re doing BYOC). Scroll to the bottom until you see blank text boxes asking for your name and web address or link.

Fill in the blanks. Depending on which link service the originator used – the blanks will be a bit different. Usually you can enter your name or your blog name or email. The most important box to fill in is the one containing the link to the blog post you just wrote.

PASTE the link to your BYOC blog post that you just wrote a few minutes ago. Hit done or finish or submit link.

Now you are done!

Sometimes, you may need to go out and come back into the originator’s blog to be able to see your link listed at the bottom of the BYOC or link-up on the originator’s blog.

If you see your name/blog/link highlighted – click on it.

It should take you right to YOUR post proving that you “linked-up”.


Linking up is a great way to lead people to your blog and for you to find other blogs doing the same link-ups as you.

I try to click on at least one link-up blog listed and then become a follower of the blog if the blog speaks to me. You’ll find most people return the favor of link-ups and bloggers enjoy the ease of finding others through link ups!


Joanna said...

Wow, I must have not been with it at all last week, cause I totally missed the link up. I will definitely start doing that this week. :)

Also, I tried using the HTML box you provided for the link, but the box ended up being HUGE on my blog - took up the entire blog area and the sidebar. So, I had to save it as a picture. :(

Robyn's Nest said...

Thank you for helping out those of us that are slightly slow....... I needed it.

Cat said...

*raised eyebrow*
Did Jen write this for you? Like a cute bestie ghost writer?

Ok, just kidding. So grateful for the instructions. I didn't participate last week because the new fangled technology frightened me away. Whipper snapper!

Miz said...


mommykinz said...

Got it - thanks
FYI only 7 more to go

Crystal Renee said...

Awesome! Can NOT wait until BYOC for tomorrow... and I like how you "walked" everyone through it.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Hmmm... whom are you referring to? Me, the nit-wit.

Laura Belle said...

SaaaaaWeeet! I was going to email you about it for today's TTT, but ran out of time! Next week fo'sho!
And I'll have to do some button thing.

trisha said...

wow. ok. I may attempt this. lol

thanks for clarifying! I was SOOOOO lost last week! lol

Andrea said...

This is a great feature!