Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ten Things Thursday - Drazzie style!

Look at me – actually doing Laura’s Ten Things THURSDAY on an actual THURSDAY. Don’t be falling off your chair or anything. Everything will be alright. I promise.

Now read. I shall try to shock you some more.

1. Last night I stayed up late to watch Sparticus. In the name of all that is good and holy – I have a psycho crazy I want to stalk you and tie you up in my basement to do with you what I please crush on the guy in the show named Crixus. Dear God – he’s so hot to me that I swear he cannot be human. Last night he got naked….with his woman. I may or may not have pretended I was that woman.

2. It is week 1, day 3 of me being on Weight Watchers. Translation = gung ho, honeymoon, follow the program to the letter week. I’ve been kicking my flabby friend Sheniqua’s ass since I started. Staying within points AND working out AND drinking water, eating fruits and veggies and taking vitamins.

3. I put up an Easter tree in my office. There is so much pastel on it that it looks like the Easter Bunny threw up on it. There are even little chickies on it!

4. Rambo has first real day off in 6 weeks this Saturday. Sleeping in without an alarm is the #1 thing getting both of us through this week.

5. Migraine recheck is today. I had 8 this month. Effing fantastic….when you consider the norm is nearly 30! I might try to kiss my doctor. I’ll let you know how that goes.

6. I have to figure out what my next tattoo is going to be in one month. Rambo knows his and has it planned out and even got measured for it….and I’m getting one at the same time but I can’t decide what or where. I have a folder full of ideas but none are standing out to me. At this point – I have all the tattoos I’ve ever wanted that contain meanings or memories for someone/something in my past. I’ve never really gotten a tattoo “just because” or without meaning – so this is really hard for me.

7. Morel season is coming. I could pee my pants about this if I was a pants pee-er. I must somehow find the points values for those little suckers. Are they a veggie because they grow in the woods? OMG – could they really be zero points?

8. I really wish my new Ed Hardy skull sunglasses would come because I’m going Harley riding this weekend. It’s leather hoochie mama time in Podunk.

9. My mom asked me to go to church on Easter to represent the family. This is exactly why I don’t want to go. Church isn’t about representing. Sigh.

10. People in my town are getting flocked daily. Ever heard of this? It’s where you pay someone to put about 20 pink flamingoes in someone else’s yard. It’s used as a fun fundraiser. You can pay to have them put somewhere or pay to get them out of your yard. Either way – it’s cute – and you get to say you got “flocked”.

Happy almost Friday my Skittles! Anyone got anything you want asked in BYOC tomorrow!?


jennxaz said...

oh morel season...I think I saw a program once where a pig used to go look for those mushrooms out in the forest? Or maybe I had just done too many mushrooms back in the day eh?

mommykinz said...

I love the flocked thing - what a GREAT fundraiser!
Yeah for fewer migraines!!!

RockBand Barbie said...

I have heard of the whole flocked thing as a joke, but not as a fundraiser.

I want another tatoo too. I am thinking of getting it on the top of my foot, but I haven't decided what yet.

terbear287 said...

My sister and I are planning on getting tattoos' while she is in town for Easter. We are doing a butterfly with a pink breast cancer ribbon as it's body. They are both different styles but equally awesome. Our mom is a breast cancer survivor so that is our reasoning. Hers will be on her wrist and I am thinking ankle (because I am not supposed to have visible tattoos at work). I can send you pics if you are interested? We are going with pink, PURPLE, and black!

Shug in Boots said...

9) to represent the family? whuh. You are right - I believe there may be some confusion there regarding representin.

Congrats on all your success with your health! Meanwhile, I wrote a bitch post about how I'd like to strangle my diabetes if that were possible. Good days and bad days. Go you!

Cat said...

Easter is my least favorite holiday, however I love that you enjoy it enough to put up a little Easter tree.

I'm certain you already must have something that represents the girls in your tattoos, but what about little symbols of the four of you. Not that you'd actually use Banana, Watermelon and a pic of Sly as Rambo, but something personal to each of you that represents your family unit. Like if Watermelon loved writing, maybe a pen and a favorite toy of Banana's etc. Just a thought of a pictoral representation of the four of you. : )

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Flocking sounds fun. I wonder what the cause is? I am going to get my very first tattoo today if all goes well. I have an idea in mind but don't know for sure they will be able to do it on my budget. It will be small and on the back of my left shoulder. Just where it will show when I wear tank tops or swim suits. I am thinking of a yellow and orange sun with a red heart in the middle. "Sunshine's Heart"

MandaPanda said...

I've seen flocks and I've also seen herds...cows instead of flamingoes. Good stuff.

Mrs Swan said...

Flocking sounds awesome!!!

Laura Belle said...

I flocking love you!

That is all.

trisha said...

#10...interesting??? LOL

Andrea said...

Haha @ the flocking! Good job on WW! Glad your migraines are better and hope they continue to improve!

Ice Queen said...

I want an Easter tree. :D