Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Naughty children and a WW update!

Have I ever told you that my kids live outside if the temperature is above 40? When you make them come in – sometimes – there are even tears. The little one will have an all-out tantrum if she’s really pissed off about coming in.

So last night I got home and there stands Banana, the 6 year old. Inside the house.

Um – it’s nearly 70 degrees and she’s not outside?? Shitballs. Something is up.

I say, “Why aren’t you outside playing?”

“Cuz Daddy says I can’t go outside.”


To which Rambo replies….”read the note from the teacher”.

Double shitballs – with whip cream on top.

The note says: Banana was in trouble today for swearing at recess.

F*ck a duck and call it Larry. Where would she learn such f*cking words? I’m shocked, damn it!

When I asked her which word it was she said it was “a really bad one” and it started with “SH”.

Whew. Crisis averted. I soooo thought she was going to say it was the F word.

You better believe I let her continue believing that the SH word is the worst swear word there is.

She was repeating it with two other girls and all three ended up in trouble. I’d love to you tell that this is her first time in trouble but you all remember her filling a boy’s shoe up with water and her crawling under the restroom stalls and locking them from the inside, right?

Ugh. Well I remember. And I’m a little scared of the future.

Just a little.

Oh and yesterday was weigh in at my first Weight Watchers meeting. I’m down 4 pounds. Woot! I’m so proud of me. I didn’t even use all my extra points that I could have and I worked out a total of 3 times!

Onward to week 2! I worked out again last night…how about you?


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Oops, poor Banana. She can't go outside and YOU get punished!

I ran 3.25 miles yesterday in 30 minutes after not running for 6 days. Pleasantly surprised.

Dawnya said...

Well my first swear word begins with a B. So Banana is doing great. She is going to be fine...and very popular. LOL

Laura Belle said...

Way to go on the 4 lbs!!! Keep it up girl!

Crystal Renee said...

Lol @ Dawnya on the comments. Aww... yeah, kids copy everything they hear from us, lol. And I need your weight loss motivation!!

Jody V said...

Your daughters antics are funny! I've lived those days!!

Good for you on WW! I've done nothing :-(

Jacquie said...

Woohoo for the 4 lbs gone! Have you checked out skinnytastedotcom ? Great website! All her recipes have WW points and nutrition values. I make so many!

Cat said...

So so proud of your workouts girly!!

My aunt used to allow my cousin to say one swear word a year from the time she was 16. She could say it in front of her any everything. Just not at school. On her 21st birthday she got the F word. : ) I also chuckle about that.

I think damn was her word for 16. : )

MandaPanda said...

My kids throw fits about coming inside too. So annoying...

Great job on the loss! I worked out yesterday too...I'm feeling really good about us! :)

Robyn's Nest said...

Yup, Banana sounds like a handful- but that will keep you young!
Four pounds, you should be dancing in the streets; that is great.

Barbara said...

Nice loss!!

Beth Ann said...

There are worse things than cursing. :) Keep on her and I'm guessing she will be just fine! And way to go with WW, girlie!!

Joanna said...

I have a few of those types of notes. With all kinds of colorful varieties of words.

And WTG on the WW meeting - you are ROCKING it!

o.c. bandster said...

Good for you on the loss!!

As for the swearing....well, shit happens.

Sarah said...

I told my Dad to F*** off when I was 2! To his face and everything. I don't think I really knew what it meant but still.

Have you tried talking to Banana about why she was swearing? We have several cases at school every year where children don't think bad words are bad if you don't say them at somebody.

Kody at Skinny Sized said...

Congrats on your loss!! Banana will be fine!!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Hey congratulations on the weight loss!! that is awesome! Oh yes...the cuss words...I think all parents go through that one. Once I dropped a whole bucket of laundry detergent on my toe and said #!**@@!! Sure enough my 2 year old decided to say !@@@#$%$%$! at the church nursery the following morning!! lol

mommykinz said...

My DH just told our 9yr old that he could swear when he's playing hockey with the boys. I don't have a problem with that exactly, except that he told the boy he could use the "F" word. WTF!!! I told the boy he most certainly could not use it, that his dad was a dumb ass and he could use those words!!