Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ten Things Thursday - Drazzie style!

It’s Ten Things Thursday which means it’s almost the weekend! Can I get an AMEN?

Thank you Miss LauraBelle for giving us 10TT!!

Here are my random 10 things!

1. I’m not a fan of working with people stupider than me. Yes, I realize that was mean but it’s a fact. To be honest, I’d rather completely do their job AND mine the first time rather than RE-do everything they do. I mean really – why on Earth can’t everyone be just as smart as me? I’m kidding. Sort of.

2. For Easter at the in-laws we are having a redneck feast. I’m not kidding. Rambo’s mother sent out invites and on the inside it said, “Hope you can make it to our redneck Easter!” By redneck – she meant we’re frying everything anyone brings. Last year we fried broccoli, the turkey, fries, onion rings, Reeses peanut butter eggs, ham rolls, small children, beans, peppers, cheese, the Easter Bunny…and anything else that was in the kitchen. We all stand out by the fryer and think of things to drop in it. It’s hillbilly at its best.

3. I am STILL kicking ass at Weight Watchers and am shocking even myself. Working out every other day and staying on plan. Go me!

4. My new preventive migraine meds make me more tired than a mother with newborn triplets. I do that whole “accidentally fall asleep, head drops to my chest and then I snap it back up and look around to see if anyone saw that” on a regular basis now. It’s redonkulous.

5. I ordered a bunch of pink and black patches to sew to my biker vest now that I’m an official member of the “hog club”. One of the patches says, “Who needs big tits when you got an ass like this?” God I love that. Won’t my mother be proud?

6. My camera broke. I am sad. Someone please send me a new one cuz I only use money to buy shoes. And purses. And clothes.

7. I want to move into a new house literally only because it would be clean…..rather than clean my own house that I live in now. It’d just be easier I think.

8. How is it that when all the snow melts and it’s suddenly spring that under all of that frozen shit is weeds? Holy shit. How does that happen? I have what feels like an acre of landscaping and the weeds that grew during the winter piss me off. Cripes and pink donkey balls. I do not have time for weed picking.

9. I have eaten 5 pounds of morel mushrooms so far and it’s only the first week of the season for them. The mushrooms themselves are zero points. Rambo goes out and tromps through the woods to pick them for me and I eat them in like 5 minutes. To. Die. For. It’s like eating gold. They are worth $30 a pound in some places.

10. Nothing was on TV the other night so I watched the season finale of “19 Kids and Counting”. It was the episode where they went in for their 5 month ultrasound and found out the baby had passed away.

Now – I’m not going to go into my views or other’s views on having 19 kids and how they live and such. I will say that the episode was incredibly touching. That little girl never lived a day in her life but man – she experienced more love and joy than some people who live to be 100.

the ultrasound tech told Michelle her baby had died – the first words out of her mouth were: “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

As I watched and she said that I thought, “My God – that is some kind of faith right there” and even in her deepest grief with tears rolling down her cheeks you could still sense a great peace in her. It was inspiring – no matter what you think of their lifestyle.

See you tomorrow for BYOC!


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I had a semi-argument with my s-i-l about that episode. She doesn't watch the show and can't believe anyone would agree to film it, be filmed for it or watch it after the filming. I've watched the show for years, and even though I think they may be crazy and find it a bit unfair for the older girls in that family to mother their siblings, there is just something about them. I never hear them raise their voice at their kids or tell them they're going to kill them... that takes some MAJOR patience, which impresses me to no end. A few of my s-i-l's friends made it sound like the show was a platform for pro-life. I never got that impression at all. They just love each other and their family to no end.

Reggie said...

Ummm.... Where can I get that patch?

MandaPanda said...

Your redneck Easter sounds awesome! As for the 19 kids...I'm exhausted with the 2 I have. I don't get it. And she's definitely got more faith than I do. I would've been pissed at God.

Ice Queen said...

I want one of those patches... Even tho I have tits for days.

My heart aches for Michelle and Jim Duggar. While I am not a huge proponent of the huge family thing (I believe that we are taxing the shit out of this planet as it is...) I do believe in the freedom to choose and they choose to have babies until the cows come home. And every one of those babied is loved and wanted and to lose one is devastating. I can't even imagine that kind of anguish. Shit, I want to cry, just typing this. I will say this; I do think that Michelle's body is trying to tell her something and perhaps she needs to listen to it.

Now I want to have a Redneck Easter. Think about it... Deep fried Cadberry eggs. Two things I love in life; Cadberry eggs and grease, all in one. I think I just had an orgasm. :P

mommykinz said...

I want that patch - it is perfect!
Sorry your Meds make you so sleepy - it's no good to trade one problem for another.
Pics of the jacket please

Azmomo2 said...

#7 You joke.. but I have totally done that. On more than 1 occasion. I think it's why usually after a year I get antsy. The real deep clean that needs to be done I never want to do. So I move... humm this time... I hired a housekeeper. It saves me money and the family hassle in the long run :-)

FitBy40 said...

OK, So you have me crying over here about that baby! I didn't see the episode but have watched some of the previous ones. WOW.
BTW, I have no tits but plenty of ass so I need that patch!

Cat said...

You are so my fashion hero with your new patch. I also would like to buy a new house just so I didn't have to clean this place! I do, a few times a week, but dayyamm, I'm so tired of cleaning.

Andrea said...

Good job with WW!!!

Kelly said...

I've heard of the show, never seen it. I have to wonder though, after like, the 12th kid, doesn't your cervix rebel? Or your uterus fall out? I'm scratching my head over that one.

Miz said...

it's over.
and the child has to go back to school.
maybe thats not so bad...