Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WTF Wednesday....

Welcome to WTF Wednesday...where I list things that make me say "WTF"!!  Try it - it's fun!

I'm going to show you a picture of something that some of you may have never seen.  Some of you may know WTF they are and ALL of you should try them.  They are BETTER than Skittles and M&Ms combined.  They are rare and right now some people are getting $75 a pound for these suckers.  I just finished off a 1/2 a pound for $15.  They are 0 points in WW. 
The toppings?  Well - those have some points.

Feast your eyes on these MOREL mushrooms!!

Yah baby.  I LOVE the WW plan for this reason. 
If I have the points - I can still have a small glass of Pepsi!  Woot!

The only bad part about these morsels of paradise is how labor intensive they are to cook. 
Oh and how you have to go into the woods to get them.
Oh and the bugs and dirt in them.

* WTF is up with running outside being so different from running inside?  I mean really.  I ran and walked 3 miles outside today and nearly horked up a lung.  My legs hurt RIGHT AWAY and my lungs feel like I have pneumonia.  I was only out there for 38 minutes.  I can do 70 or 80 minutes on the treadmill and still want to keep going.  WTF is up with that?

* WTF is up with puberty coming to live at my house?  My daughter explained to me that due to the school nurse telling her that when a girl has her period, she needs to have good hygiene - that she will need to take a long, hot shower each day beginning NOW.

I said, "Yes - hygiene is always good but you don't have your period yet."
She said, "Yes - but some day I will and I want to be in the habit of taking long, hot showers."

I'll be contacting the nurse today to see if she'll be paying my "long, hot" water bill.

* WTF is up with me not having anything else to say WTF over?  It's just not right....but that's all I got.

Your turn!!


angel shrout said...

LOVE mushrooms.. as for your daughter I would say amazingly you can wash in a short shower as quickly as you can a hot shower, the water temp or length of time you are in it make no difference. Putting soap on a rag is what makes the difference and if you don't do it in a short shower or a long hot one you still come out dirty. I think outside you have different terrain, slight inclines dips uneven surface which makes it more stressful on your body.

jennxaz said...

lol---still have room for a little make me laugh! Don't forget to tell your daughter that her new best friend when she "becomes a woman" is the heating pad

Lap Band Gal said...

Yes, WW ROCKS! It was the only other weight loss method (other than the band) that I was successful at losing weight with. Love the idea that we can "spend" our points on whatever we want. :)

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Not to mention the large, hot mess you'll have when your cesspool overflows (if you have one- if not, consider yourself LUCKY!!!).

Ducky said...

Mmmm...can we do lunch together? Gawd that looks so good.

I'm hungry...and pouting...I have nothing in my lunch box that will satisfy my cravings now.

As for the long hot showers? put a cap on that now. When my exhusband moved out my water bill literally cut in HALF. He was one for LOOONG showers multiple times a day.

Cat said...

The running thing - I have read that it's because the treadmill actually helps you run. As your foot strikes the belt, it's actually pulling your foot back where as with running outside you have to propel yourself forward. it's a completely different animal, and one I have not tackled yet. I keep saying when it warms up, and it's still like 37 degrees here in the morning!

Lisa said...

That nurse is a jackass.

Ok about the mushrooms. I don't like the taste of typical mushrooms but Truffle Oil and Truffles in food rock my flipping socks off. So is a morrel more like a barfy slimey regular mushroom or more like truffles?

Beth Ann said...

I love mushrooms, but I haven't tried that kind. I'm sure I would LOVE them!

Joey said...

I love you despite this.

Joanna said...

I've never seen mushrooms like that before.

Long, hot showers are banned in my house. Simply because one chid takes a long, hot shower - and then no one else in the house can shower for 2-3 hours. My rule is get in, wash, get out. Done.

Peanut gets a little more time because she's shaving her pits and legs - and I don't want to rush that - but she knows not to push my limits... I have no care in sending her to school with hairy legs. She'll know I'll do it. HA!

I have mastered the art of showing in less than 8 minutes when I'm washing my hair AND shaving all my bits and pieces. Period or no period. No long, hot shower required. What the heck is that nurse thinking telling her that? Showering everyday would have sufficed.

MandaPanda said...

I've never had those mushrooms before. Hmmm...will have to see if I can get them here. LOL @ long hot showers. I have 2 girls like you and am NOT looking forward to all the teen angst that goes with it.

mommykinz said...

Wow that sounds delish!!!
My daughter's on the synchro team, she takes long hot showers after her practise AT the pool!! Sign #1 daughter up for swimming!

Maren said...

I absolutely can not stomach mushrooms :p