Thursday, May 24, 2012

TTT - Ten Things Thursday!!

Time for TTT – Ten Things Thursday courtesy of our skinnylicious LauraBelle. It’s easy peasy and fun! List 10 things about anything and let your brain run wild with making sense being completely optional!

1. I just ate a white Kit Kat for breakfast. I ate one for supper last night too. To say I have an addiction or obsession would be like saying I’m in love with purses and bling and shoes. It’s completely true.

2. Lately my “to do” list keeps getting longer and longer while my ambition level gets lower and lower. Maybe I should actually do things on the list instead of shopping for Coach purses.

3. Speaking of Coach purses….I lost the ONE purse I would have sold my left tit for on Ebay over a few bucks. I had to leave and couldn’t be there for the end of the auction. I nearly cried. I also have a new plan to make sure this never happens again. I’ll be calling my bestie and asking her to bid for me at the end if she can. She loves me enough to do that for me. Right Jenny?

4. Speaking of my bestie Jenny – she’s back to blogging and I can’t even tell you how happy that makes me. I’ll also be seeing her this weekend. We’re going back to Ulta and getting pedis fo sho!

5. I have been sucked into watching the Bachelorette. I have no idea why. The whole time it pisses me off. And seriously – could Emily be more perfect? Jesus, Joseph and Mary – I’d hate her if she wasn’t so freaking sweet. I mean she’s like a living Barbie and when she talks angels sing and unicorns dance. Gag.

6. I am a dreamer…as in when I finally achieve sleep I dream a lot or have nightmares. I’m always trying to find the meaning in them. I believe in angels and guardians and spirits and life after death. I believe that messages come to us in dreams from those who have passed. I believe this from watching psychics on TV and shows like The Medium and just from my internal faith. On the way to work this morning, all of a sudden I remembered my dream last night. My Grandma was in it. Not a feeling of her or the feelings of losing her but her actual body was in the dream. She sat with me. She had lunch with me in a restaurant. And this was right before some slightly scary things happened with Banana. Nothing life-threatening but I remember feeling scared for my child.

So yah – I suddenly remember that for the first time since she passed over 10 years ago – she appeared as her whole body in a dream. And even though I’m not a crier – big, fat tears rolled down my face as I drove. I couldn’t have stopped them if I tried. Just a few. And that was it. I saw her. Her whole body just like when she was alive. You can be an atheist if you want and I respect that but you’ll never convince me my dream wasn’t real or that it wasn’t her coming to me or trying to tell me something.

7. We have a long driveway. Last night, two small boys started walking up our driveway to come see my girls and play. We’d never seen these boys before. We know they are neighbors but they’d never come to play before. They knew our girls from school. They were smiling. Walking up the driveway. Then running to get to the girls. And then they saw Rambo coming out of the garage. He had on shorts and work boots so all of his tats were in plain view. He hasn’t shaved for a week and for Rambo that means he has a full black beard. I kid you not – both of those boys stopped mid-run and stood still when they saw him. Holy look of terror on their faces. They reconsidered for a second but decided to keep coming…but OMG – it was so funny to watch! Apparently Rambo can frighten small children without saying a word.

8. Rambo and I finished a 50 rock border on my landscaping last night. I potted some plants. Moved some lilies. Spreak rocks. Spread woodchips and watered. I’d say the front half of the house is done as far as landscaping goes. I have both sides and the back all left to do. It makes me want to cry. Or shank someone.

9. Rambo is calling in sick tomorrow to attend Banana’s graduation and picnic. I’ll never ever be able to put into words how I feel when he does stuff like that for our girls. Because not every little girl is that lucky. I can vouch for that.

10. Did I mention I’m seeing Jenny this weekend? Um, cuz I am. YAY!!

Have a great TTT, Skittles!


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Have a great weekend!

Steph said...

If it makes you feel ANY better 90%of the Coach purses you see on ebay are fakes. You are better off with your money...but if you really want to win something, you need to use to place a last moment bid automatically for you. That was how I always won auctions at the last moment. I love it!!

Steph said...

And I realize I shouldn't have told you about Auctionsniper, because that just makes me an enabler feeding your purse fetish!! :)


Kelly said...

Thanks to you, I will be schlepping to the Coach Factory outlet that is an hour away from me in order to get handbags. With matching wallets. :-)

mommykinz said...

That's funny Kelly - I looked at the purses online after the last blog post!

Dawnya said...

Rambo scares me...and I'm clear across the country. Those poor little boys!!

LDswims said...

I love your dream. I am glad you had it. I hope it gives you peace.

I am sorry you lost the purse. Must mean there's a better one out there and I know you'll find it!

I just found me my dream Coach diaper bag. It's from last spring so it's a year old already but damnitall if it isn't the most amazing bag ever. I already have the matching wallet/wristlet. I love it. I am addicted to purses, too. If I ever open a consignment shop I'd keep myself in business with my own stuff for quite awhile. Between shoes and purses and sunglasses and...

How you are about teal is how I am about pink these days. And my diaper bag is the perfect amount of pink without being in your face pink. I'll hafta send a link, I think.

That's awesome about Rambo. Good to scare the boys. Makes my heart melt that he's doing what he can to be there tomorrow, too. I love that. I never had that, either. Not for high school, not for college, certainly not for kindergarten. Working was too important.

I'm rambling! Have a wonderful weekend with Jenny!!!!

Cat said...

Have fun with Jen!

I have a Coach that I bought before Christmas it's just the normal tan and chocolate. My MIL got me the matching wristlet for Christmas. /love

FitBy40 said...

We also have 2 daughters, and sometimes I wish my husband was a little scarier looking. Lord help me when they start to date!

jennxaz said...

lol! I have this image of Rambo---and I am cracking up over the boys...have an awesome weekend!

RockBand Barbie said...

I agree...that damn Emily is just too perfect...perfect body, perfect kid, perfect big beautiful house...makes me wanna puke with her perfectness.

Lala Loses said...

I want a white kit-kat now!

trishajo said...

white kitkats are the SHIT. WAYYYY better than the regular ones!!

and tell Ms. Jenny to HOLLA at a girl!!! I am a Ulta junkie!!! ;)

so jeally of you and Rambo and what ya'll have... I pray that one day I find a man I feel that way towards!!!