Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WTF Wednesday!

Welcome to WTF Wednesday. I make a big list of things that make me want to scream WTF (in a good or a bad way)…for no other reason than it feels good.

- I finally found a pair of Harley boots to go with my snazzy “club” leather vest. (The lovely blogger Miss Katie J sent me two patches to put on my vest by the way…can’t wait to show you all) My Harley boots are called “Tracy”. I was looking for a boot with the silver Harley tab on the front or side…for the simple vain reason that if I’m going to pay out my ass because they say “Harley Davidson” on them…then that name better be visible even when I wear my chaps.

These suckers were clearanced to only $90 AND I had to buy a full size smaller than I usually wear. WTF! I mean that’s good but so weird. Harley boots clearly run big.  There's nothing pretty and pink about them but here they are:

- I’m down another pound this week going into my 7th week of Weight Watchers. That makes my total down 8.5 pounds. WTF is up with that? (again in a good way). I don’t feel deprived or pressured. I’ve been running when I have time and when I want to and not guilting myself on days when it’s not possible.

- WTF is up with small town politics? I suppose big cities have it too. I can’t even put into words the amount of time and effort and thought Rambo and I put into our villages we work for…and sometimes we both just want to scream WHYYYYY???? That is all I have to say about that. Well that and I want to throw sand in some people’s eyes and kick them in the balls. And then point and laugh.

- We’ve been in our home 12 years this October and suddenly at the 12 year mark it appears that all the landscaping needs a makeover. WTF!! Now this would be fine if I was a normal person with one or two patches of landscaping. But nnnnnnnooooo! Ever the over-achiever – I have spent thousands of dollars and hours over the years and now have hundreds upon hundreds of plants, hostas and lilies to now move (10 yrs old = HUGE) and split. Literal tons of river rock to move. And craploads of dirt to get under my pretty nails. It makes my OCD insane just looking at it how it is now. I must fix it. Maybe I’ll take pics.

- Banana’s ENTIRE class has head lice. She called me on the phone and said to me, “Mama – I have the fleas!” Wow. I told her she doesn’t have fleas – it’s called lice. And now every night I get to sit like a monkey on The Discovery Channel and pick through my kid’s hair and swear under my breath at whomever brought this into my world – even though I know it’s no one’s fault. We have like 3 weeks left of school and this happened NOW! WTF. This shit ranks right up there on my list of things I hate as much as poop.

- I have a new addiction. not in a good way. It is WHITE chocolate Kit Kat bars. In my little brain, somehow if the chocolate isn’t brown I tell myself it’s not as bad for me. Anything colored white is cleaner, more pure, less heavy, lower in calories…almost virgin-like you know?

- Rambo has this weekend off. WTF?! (in a good way) He’s taking me to a “Women’s Harley Day” and there’s going to massages, sales and a psychic. How cool is that? I’ll have a full report next week if I don’t chicken out!

Alright – your turn. What’s making you say WTF this Wednesday??


MandaPanda said...

You may want to try Steph's blog..I think her daughter went through the lice thing a year or so ago and she has the key to success on that one. Sounds like a fun weekend!

Brenda said...

Oh, how I hate lice. We had to battle that one year. I finally ended up throwing the mattress and all the stuffed animals away. I still curse the child that gave it to us. It is not fun!

jennxaz said...

love the boots!
Hate lice!
Hate yard work even more...good luck with that one!

becca said...

congrats on the weight loss that's awesome

Kelly said...

Yay on the weight loss this week! :-)

LDswims said...

Those boots look an awful lot like my Navy boots - but those were "free". I just had to sign my life away...

Good thing it's white chocolate and not dark chocolate. I'm the opposite - dark, less impurities therefore must be healthy - even means I can eat more. HA! (some truth to the healthy, though, if I could pull off that moderation thing)

Awesome on the weightloss.

I have a yard that needs help. I'll be waiting for you. With the babies...not much time for gardening anymore. And I miss it. We need to fix our yard lights, too. Sad to have a beautiful setup and not be using it because I can't spend the time to replace bulbs and rewire a few lights.

At least it's landscaping - something you love so much! We're about 6 years in our house and getting into all the appliances are crapping out. Last 6 months, refrigerator, AC, oven and dishwasher. Lucky us, just before that started, we bought a home warranty and so it's all been covered save $25 service fees!

InWeighOverMyHead said...

"In my little brain, somehow if the chocolate isn’t brown I tell myself it’s not as bad for me."

LOVE this. lol

angel shrout said...

OH I LOATHE lice. I am shocked they are having issues at this time of year.. LOVE the boots and have a ball at the convention.. get a massage for me

Jacquie said...

Love the boots! However, I was just at our local Harley dealership and I tried on a pair of boots you would have loved! Had the Harley logo just like yours but they were practically stilettos!!! I almost broke an ankle but you would have rocked them!!

.5 -2lbs. A week. Sounds like you are losing just fine. Congrats on your loss.

mommykinz said...

I said the same thing about the frozen yogurt I had today - I put bluberries on it and they're good for you!
Lice is really tricky - my niece had it this year, my sister ended up calling in a specialist (yes they really exist) to comb through her hair and make sure they were really gone. Good luck.

Robyn's Nest said...

Oh, can't wait to hear what the psychic has to say.

Katie J ♥ said...

I can't wait to see the patches on your vest. I will be with you wherever you ride :-)

RockBand Barbie said...

You are my sista from another mista...I totally heart the white chocolate kit kat...chased with the Dew :)

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I'm with everyone on loving the boots and hating the lice! Congrats on the weight loss. WOO HOO!!!

Sarah said...

Those boots are pretty bad ass! And this girl totally agrees on the white Kit Kats! Heavenly! :) Enjoy your psychic!

Sarah @ Thinfluenced

Joanna said...

The boots are very Bad Ass!! I love them!!

I'm sorry about the lice thing - working in a school, I know what that feels like. I have made it a point to spray my head every day in hair spray.. supposedly it helps keep them away. It's worked.. I haven't had lice all year. KNOCK ON WOOD.

And yay for weekends off and Women's Harley Days. That sounds AWESOME!!

Laura Belle said...

I wanna go to Womens Harley Day! How fun!

I keep changing things in my garden every year, splitting, replanting, re-arranging. And this year I noticed that all our border rocks are too low and the mulch is going EVERYWHERE. Which hubby thinks is extremely annoying, cause he has to mow over it all. So I suppose next summer I'm going to have to completely redo that. ugh.

Dontcha love gardening?!?!

Ronnie said...

Oy, I am with you on the white chocolate kit kats. Yummeh.

Hope you have fun at the Women's Harley Day! Sounds like a blast. :)