Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WTF Wednesday.

It’s time for WTF Wednesday where we list anything and everything that makes us want to scream WTF!! Copy the badge above and paste to your own blog if you want to join in the fun!

• I wish that I understood brains and head games and thoughts and emotions more. I wish I had a magic wand to fix the people in my life that are so damaged and in so much pain that they can only do one thing – which is self-destruct. WhyTF does anyone have to go through that? WhyTF does the family have to watch? Helplessly. Rambo’s sister is in trouble this time. And I don’t know how to help her. No one does.

WhyTF does the fact that a person has a penis make losing weight almost effortless? Seriously. A guy here at work has lost 42 lbs in 10 weeks…and he hasn’t worked out once. I want to shank him in his skinny leg. WTF!

• A bunch of people we know just finished the tough mudder race. It’s a 13 mile race of obstacles with fire, walls, pits, electricity and lots and lots of MUD. Rambo is seriously thinking about doing it next year and wants me to do it with him. How do I tell him that I think I’ve turned into one of them annoying women who doesn’t want to get dirt under my acrylic nails? I used to live on a farm. WTF happened to me?

• I bought the 50 Shades of Grey book – just to see what all the hype is about. The weirdest thing about the book is the fact that I discussed it with Banana’s kindergarten teacher. Who is 8 months pregnant. On the field trip. It was funny…and awkward all at once. Mildly inappropriate but then again – she’s a woman just like me once you take away the teacher role. I’m into the 2nd chapter already and there’s still no sex scene. WTF is up with that?

• Next year Watermelon has to make a bug collection. Like seriously find real bugs, freeze dry them and stick pins through their frozen bodies onto a board and label them. My sister knows this and had the balls to send me a picture of a bug she’s saving for Watermelon that she thought was “cool”. WTF! No bugs are “cool”. I texted her back and told her to never ever send me a picture of a bug again or I would shank her. WhoTF does that?

• Banana thinks that the minute I get in the bathtub, that it is time for her to come sit on the toilet and have a chat with me. Probably because I can’t get away. Sometimes she gets right down by the side of the tub and chats. She did that last night and at one point leaned in really close and said to me, “Mama, why are there dots around your nipples on your boops?” I said I didn’t know. She then says, “Let’s take a closer look at them.” WTF!! Are you a doctor or nipple dot scientist? Why do kids have the insatiable need to know everything???

• Lastly – guess WhoTF designed my next tattoo? Guess how gorg it is? It has like triple meaning and I love love love me some tats with meaning. It’s Jenny – my bestie. It’ll go on my right wrist since a tat symbolic of Rambo is on my left wrist. It’s dainty and feminine yet strong and knowing she made it makes it even more special. For now I have scratched my other tat design until I can wrap my head around the meaning behind it and not feel pain when I think of it. I can’t wait to get it and show you all!!

That’s it for me! Now tell me WTF is up with you today!


Jen said...

I have some friends who did the Tough Mudder.. that is hard core!! I don't do anything in mud either!!

Just you wait on the 50 Shades.. you'll get to the sexy scenes soon!

trishajo said...

Okay, I kinda participated in WTF-Wednesday in my latest post and I really didn't even realize I was. So does that kind of count??

I downloaded 50 Shades Of Grey on my Nook a couple weeks ago and look forward to reading in on my flights/airport time to/from surgery. So after seeing the words 50 shades of Grey I skipped over to the next color cause I was scared I was going to see something about the book I don't want to know yet. LOL

LuckyEight16 said...

Lmao, nipple dots! I have no idea where kids come up with some of the things they say. Mine aren't at that super inquistitve stage....yet

Chris said...

Maybe the bath water was cold??

Hooray for the new tat idea and design!!

angel shrout said...

Ok so why on earth would you read 50 shades of grey when you have someone that writes a whole blog about that kind of stuff?? That would be me.. ahem it is my naughty blog.. and if you talk to me real sweet I'll hook ya up with the link in email lmbo.
Nipple dots bwhahah.. next time tell her it is where milk would come out if you were breastfeeding for future info. My son got out of a bad relationship with a mind crazy fuck with your head girl. We finally had to block her from everything. and call the law on her.

LDswims said...

Let me know when you find that magic wand. I have a few people to use it on, too.

Not fair. But then I don't want a penis...they have to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders...(as if we don't...)

No interest in 50 shades of grey. Haven't heard good things from the people that really read it, all seems like hype is in the media. I'll be curious to "hear" what you think...

Ha ha, I'm sure I'll get mine.
Ha ha, that's awesome!

And totally awesome! I can't wait to see a pic!!

becca said...

love the whole Shank his skinny leg comment i totally agree and cute nipple dots that there is funny

Cat said...

Hahaha! Love the shank in the skinny leg comment. Love that Banana was curious about the dots.

Kristin50 said...

You did it again, you made me choke on my water here at my desk. I spewed it all over the computer. LOL

Shank in the skinny ass leg.....I will have to remember this one.

I love you!

Lala Loses said...

oooo keep reading on the book! I am about to start the 3rd one, love them. and nipple dots made me snort out loud hahahaha!

Kaycie Christine said...

50 Shades... not something I will read again, but they were definitely page-turners. The first book I was hot and bothered the entire last three quarters. By the third book, I was over it... The story is completely over the top and unrealistic, but I still dug it. Hope you like it!

tray lane said...

Nipple dots. Hi Larious. Glad I have boys. They are interested in other women's boobs now :(
That's another story. I snorted wine through my nose.
Long time reader. Recent commenter. Love your blog.

tz said...

OMG, nipple dots cracked me up! Kids are the funniest things out there!

Laura Belle said...

This is a good one!! Love your vest btw in the other post! Gorg!!! And sooo cute little you! I miss you like Mountain misses the Dew!

MandaPanda said...

I keep fighting the urge to get the book. I tend not to buy hype-y books because they usually don't live up to expectations. Can't wait to see the tattoo!

jennxaz said...

still laughing at the dots....where does our privacy go!

Kelly said...

50 Shades gets kinky about 150-200 pages in. Trust me on that.