Friday, June 1, 2012

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!

It’s Bring Your Own Crazy time! Copy and paste the button above to your own BYOC and join us! We answer 5 questions to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break.

1. Are you a daily purse switcher, an often purse buyer or a one purse kind of woman? What factors influence your purse buying?

Okay – for sure I am not a daily purse switcher. I find one I like and I carry it for a little while. I am an often purse buyer so I switch often to the new purse but never daily. I change my purse to match my outfit ONLY when I’m going out on a date or out with friends or for a special occasion and that purse is usually much smaller than my regular one. I have a tendency to carry purses the size of airplanes.

I’m still trying to find just the right Coach purse so I have a few more I’m going to sell soon. I normally don’t buy purses for their name. In fact, just this month was the first time I specifically bought a purse because it is Coach. Price and name don’t factor in a lot for me. Color, certain pockets, and size matter the most to me so whethere it’s 99 cents or $200….if it has all the right pockets, zipppers, and shiz like that….I’m in love.

2. What’s your favorite board game?

I’m an accountant sooooo for me it’ll always be Monopoly. I was always the banker or I refused to play. Stubborn much? Fake money or not – that shiz is fun to count and dole out and organize. Hmmm….maybe that’s part of being a control freak too. Nope. Let’s just stick with “it’s because I’m an accountant”. It sounds less crazy.

3. Are you a sore loser who throws fits or a gracious winner? Are you competitive?

Well shit. If I’m being honest I’d have to say I’m competitive. Winning was always important to me. If I don’t know that I can win it – I probably won’t play it or attempt it. (Man that sounds awful) This comes from my mom.

She needs to have the best and most unique and have and be more than anyone else. At the same time – not a lot of people know that about her or me. We don’t show it…meaning even if we lose, we lose well. Most never know how much importance we placed on the competition. So as an adult I’d have to say I equate with being the best or winning with meaning you have to love me – because there’s no reason not to. I’m totally aware that feeling this way is completely warped…but it’s what I know.

4. Tell us something you are afraid of that is a physical item…like spiders, deep water, heights, snakes, thunderstorms, first dates, childbirth, etc.

I think I could go on forever with a list of things I’m afraid of. Snakes rank right up there and are the cause of my nightmares quite often. P words – the words themselves, hearing the words and the actual item – scare the living beJesus out of me. They would include poop and puke.

I’m not a huge fan of deep water that isn’t in a pretty, clean pool. I’m afraid of floods. I’m not a fan of blood or needles but I can tolerate them. I’m also afraid of granny panties. And yes – childbirth sucks a fat baby’s ass too. I’d like to never do that again, thank you very much.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week.

The week was short due to the holiday which is SUPER fun. I always miss Jenny after I’ve been with her for a few days so that feels icky. Our long driveway got completely re-blacktopped. I finished some more landscaping. My kids finish school today – thank God.

I get a tattoo tonight designed by Miss Jenny. I’m still searching for the perfect Coach purse. I finished 50 Shades of Grey in less than 8 hours. I think I’ll do a review on it.

I’m thinking of opening a “Drazzie’s Closet” blog and selling all the things I bought with tags still on them or things I’ve used once like my shoes, purses and clothes. I’m slacking on my 2 part time jobs for no reason. I should shank myself with a syringe filled with some motivation and ambition.

Have a good weekend Skittles!


Cat said...

This is a super fun week. Cannot wait to do my BYOC! : )

I also cannot wait for your new blog. Could it just be because I'm sooooo nosy about your fashions? Nah...couldn't be. :)

Sarah said...

Haha! The Monopoly comments cracked me up! I'm the SAME way! lol


jennxaz said...

The monopoly comment was hilarious. and I hate the p's too!

Amy @ Findingfitme said...

Can I join the party. First time.

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I stick with one purse and I also have a coach. Actually they have a big sale going on right now. If you sign up on their email list they will send you the link to their special sales which really do have a big discount so it's worth it. I just bought a new one b/c my son threw a BBQ sauce from McDonald's into my other one and it exploded. So my whole purse smelled like BBQ sauce permanently lol. That has to be good reason for a new one!

Angel Shrout said...

Have you seen the new Monoploy games. They come with NO CASH everything is on a card, like debit or credit. We have that one that way no kids can have money scattered from pillar to post. I have been gone all day so I didn't get to link up this week. This is one whooped little girl..

Read said...

ok - so I'm an accountant too and while I like Monopoly - I don't love it - I think it's because I spend enough of my life paying attention to the details - that I don't want to do it for fun too. :)

tz said...

"I should shank myself with a syringe filled with some motivation and ambition. " -- well said and me too!

jen said...

p words... lol!

Joanna said...

Peanut got a good giggle when I told her your fear of P words... she made a very insightful claim that you wouldn't be able to spend much time in my house. HA!

I'm a little behind in catching up with blogs - so I did BYOC today (Monday) instead of Friday.

Laura Belle said...

I'm so excited for Drazzie's closet!!! I want to see all the shit you have for sale so I can buy it! Ryan's going to love this.