Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ten Things Thursday - Drazzie style!

I’m joining in on Ten Things Thursday…not just because it’s Thursday but mostly because I love Laura Belle who started TTT. Here we go:

1. Wanna know what I’ve had for supper every night this week so far? Like the literal ONLY thing I’ve eaten each night? 3 scoops of praline pecan ice cream. On the couch. In my pajamas. While the rest of the world enjoys the 80 degree perfect summer weather doing fun outside stuff. I sit inside – eating ice cream for supper. It’s bliss in a bowl. I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with me.

2. Mountain Dew is a liquid gold orgasm in a can. Who needs cocaine to be addicted to with Mountain Dew around? Besides, it’s cheaper. And doesn’t show up on a random drug test.

3. Remember last year when Rambo and I worked at a biker/tattoo convention all night? Well, we got asked to help out again. It starts at noon and doesn’t end until the NEXT DAY. It’s going to require shitloads of Mt. Dew and Skittles to get me through it but I’m looking forward to it. Mostly just to spend all that time with Rambo and hot bikers in leather.

4. My mom is going to read the erotic book called 50 Shades of Grey and then she’ll want to discuss it. That could get awkward. I might pretend I never read it to avoid the whole impending discussion of things mothers and daughters should never discuss.

5. Rambo was officially sworn in as the permanent President/Mayor of our Village this week. As soon as the votes were tallied, an older gentleman who has served on the Board for over 20 years, gathered his papers, stood up and said, “Well if he’s President, then I resign.” And he walked out of the building. Wow. Just wow. What a terrible way to end your years of service. By throwing a tantrum because no one nominated you and you wanted to be the President. It was shocking to say the least.

6. My “sale” blog (Drazzie’s Closet) is almost ready to go…courtesy of my bestie’s amazing design skills (Just Foolin’ Blog Designs). I have a couple of Coach purses and lists upon lists of thing to sell from shoes to jewelry to clothes. Can’t wait to start clearing out some closets so I can fill them back up.

7. I have maintained my 8.5 lb weight loss with WW. That’d be impressive if it was more like 12 lbs or something cuz that’s what it should be by now. But it’s not a gain…so that’s a good thing.

8. My kids have been saying “poopin’ reuben” every time I tell them to do something they don’t want to do. I have no idea what it means and it makes absolutely no sense and uses the dreaded P word but it is now my newest, most-overused sentiment.

9. I love it when kids use a completely wrong word. Like Banana last night. She came in to tell Rambo and I that the neighbor boy was here. She said, “He is being mean. He hit me in the arm with a ball. He is being a snot. He is just acting completely overwhelming.”

What? He is acting overwhelming? No, I think YOU are the one who is overwhelmed, my love. I told her because the neighbor boy has a penis he will remain a snot so she should try to get used to it. Okay, no I didn’t. I wanted to though.

10. I just now realized that a few days ago marked my 4 year anniversary since my tummy tuck. Did you know that once you get liposuction somewhere that fat will never deposit there again? So unless I gain massive amounts of weight, my stomach will remain flat and all the extra weight I carry will deposit in other places that I didn’t have liposuctioned. Like my ass. And my face. And the rest of my entire body. But dammit my stomach will be flat. Cripes.

Your turn!  Go do TTT!!  It's fun!


jennxaz said...

that is an awkward moment with your mom...don't go there! Love the draz's closet plan...can't wait to check it out!

LDswims said...

Yesterday sucked. There was no you. I did not like it. Please do not do that to me again. Text me or something if there will be no you in blogland. I read now. And I matter.


I love your TTT. They are always hilarious. I wish I could do that. But I can't, so I stay away from TTT. Makes me feel inferior to read such funniness on yours and Laura Belle's and know that I can't even get into the outskirts of the remote realm.

Haha. Discuss away. Let us know how that goes.

Congrats to Rambo. That is awesome. But phooey on dumbass. He is dumb. Wait, no, he's completely overwhelming.

Love you! Have a good day, please!

becca said...

congrats to Rambo and yea awkward talk about book hope you can avoid. Great job on weight loss i'm considering going back to WW but doing it online as weekly membership get expensive

MandaPanda said...

Now that you're first lady of podunk, should I curtsy when I meet you?

Kids are too funny. I have to share this kidism with you because I know you'll appreciate it:

My niece, Alex, had asked my sister a few months ago when her pee pee was going to fall down so she'd be like matthew. My sister then had to explain that girls don't have pee pees and she taught her the "real words" for everyone's private parts. yesterday afternoon, Alex came running through the living room and shouted "I have to go potty - I'm going to pee from my china!"

LuckyEight16 said...

That's really awesome about Rambo, congrats! My mom too is about to start 50 Shades. I really don't know if I will be able to look her in the face after that. I didn't know that about lipo. I've always wanted to get it, but I don't have the $, and the last surgical experience I had was not the greatest, so I will just deal with my flabbiness I suppose.

Laura Belle said...

OK, you are right. Mt. Dew is crack. liquid crack gold. I shall be opening said crack gold in

And 8.5lbs is awesome!! Who gives a toot if it's not 12 or 20 or whatever! you be proud of yourself Sunflower!!

And what new tat are going to get this year at the convention? because you know you're going to get one. ;-)

Sarah said...

Oh poor Banana. DO you think she meant overbearing?

Kyla said...

Mountain Dew, really?

And now I want to see a fat person with a tummy tuck.