Friday, July 13, 2012

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Dear God…thank you for not letting the tears spill out of my eyes when I sat with our older neighbor to tell him I was sorry his wife had left this world. Strong, older men with tears in their eyes is nearly my undoing.

Dear God…thank you for making the circle of life so obvious. While our elderly neighbor was passing on into the next world, our young neighbors had a baby. The same day. Someone’s whole life ended and another one began. It’s haunting and celebratory all at once.

Dear Mind…honestly – what is your obsession with working so much freaking overtime? Can’t you calm down for a mere 8 hours so I can sleep? I’m so anxious over the upcoming spontaneous weekend that I almost threw up in my sleep. *sigh

Dear neighbor kid – while you are only 8 years old and while saying this means I’ve guaranteed my spot in Hell – I don’t like you. Behind your sweet eyes is a tyrant. Add to that the fact that you did the P word in MY toilet and then proceeded to use ¼ of a roll of toilet paper thereby clogging MY toilet – well – it’s hopeless. I can never like you.

Dear Banana – you’re 6 going on 7 and I realize you abhor waking up in the morning – as do I. However, when I drop you off at Grandma’s and you revert back to a 2 year old and scream, “Mommy don’t go!” as you cry and sob and hang on to my clothes - it breaks my heart. God bless you child. What a great way to start the day. Moments like this make me know with more certainty that tying my tubes was the best decision.

Dear rain that has been absent for months causing a huge drought…I know what you’re up to. I get it. Today rain is in the forecast all weekend solely because I have sworn to spend the better part of the weekend on the back of a motorcycle. You’re a heifer. But bring it on. I’m hardcore. Rain won’t stop me. Poop to that.

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jennxaz said...

oh I hate it when they cry as you drop them they are at an axe murderers house or something!

FitBy40 said...

I've stopped believing the weather guy when they say 'chance of rain'. What, like 2% chance?! I wouldn't worry too much about it.
Have a great time!

MandaPanda said...

Some kids just suck. There were a couple in my daughter's class last year that I would've liked to shank. Just sayin'. Have a great weekend and don't worry about the rain! :)

Cat said...

I dislike most children so if you're going to hell for not liking your neighbor a room for me, cause I'll be joining you. *hearts*

RockBand Barbie said...

Have fun on your "spontaneous" weekend! I am a teacher and there are still kids I do not like...there must be a very special place in hell for me :) I have my niece all week, and although I love her to pieces...I don't like her very much right about now.

Beth said...

Oh my gosh, you are cracking me up. Glad I randomly clicked on your letter! :) Sorry for your neighbor and congrats to the other one. Circle of life, indeed, but God is good! :)

Brenda said...

I am glad you said it. I don't like some children either so I guess if that is what guarantees you a spot in Hell......well, see you there.

Joey said...

How dare you. ALL children are precious gifts. Except for me I was a brat.

angel shrout said...

My boys never did that after about 3 or so. I on the other hand was a basket case. I would worry myself to pieces about them and leaving them. I have a few kids that fall in that line up on my life list..

Nicholl Vincent said...

have a good weekend!

Come to and say hello!


Ronnie said...

UGH. I cannot wait until some little brat tries to drop a deuce in my toilet. (sarcasm) :-/

And 1/4 roll of toilet paper? For a boy? Mine barely wipe their little asses well enough, let alone use that much. That kid gots issues. lol

speck said...

I couldn't help but to think of my sister when you mentioned the death and birth story of your neighbors.

When my sister passed away, within a minute we heard the nursery jingle over the intercom at the hospital.

Thanks for sharing that.

We never know when something we say might effect others do we! :)


speck said...

I look forward to meeting you in Chicago this year!


Angie said...

OhMyGoodness...can we be best friends?
I made the decision to NOT have children. I love my neice and nephew, but yeah...don't use all my toilet paper and clog my toilet. Not nice.
Thanks for stopping by my place...following you back!