Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters Link Up!!!

Dear makers of the drug Paxil: I’d like to make you go on this drug and then make you go off of it – and see if you ever sell it again. Not one time was I told that the withdrawal symptoms of this drug have literally been likened to coming off of heroin and some people can never get off it or are hospitalized trying. I’ve only been on it for 3 months as a migraine preventive med and I have already decided to go off it due to side effects. I feel like dog poo. I can’t sleep, feel like I have the flu, am nauseous, everything hurts, I’m anxious and scared and sad and irritable and have no appetite and am fatigued. I want to shank anything the moves. Don’t come near me.

Dear demon that is my 6 year old: Why? Just why on Friday mornings – in front of my mother – do you turn into the Spawn of Satan? With the flailing legs and spinning head and noises only animals make coming from your sweet little lips? Are you sure you are mine because I’m certain you are not the child I shoved through my birth canal.

Dear Watermelon: Thank you for teaching me that the old saying “this hurts me more than it hurts you” is 100% completely true. You got in trouble for the first time ever and Rambo and I had to ground you. While it crushed you – it nearly killed me. 10 minutes later I was already asking Rambo if we could un-ground you. Jesus.

Dear nail God : Please, please, please shine down on me today while I finish my landscaping around the pool. It’s a small area and all I have left. If I can finish this through the waves of nausea and fatigue AND not break a nail – I will sacrifice a small bunny in your honor. If I can find one. And catch it. Oh wait – there’s a burn ban in my town due to the drought…no bunny cooking today over the spitfire. Sorry.

Dear Miller Lite beer: I hope that today you taste like pond scum and that you are ridiculously warm all day when Rambo tries to partake in too much of you at the bachelor party.

Dear person who invented skinny jeans: I just have one question. If I can never purchase a pair because I can never fit in a pair, does that automatically mean that every pair of jeans I wear that aren’t skinny jeans should be termed fat jeans? Or are they just called “My legs and ass are too huge to ever actually fit in real skinny jeans” jeans?

And on that note – I’m done. I’m too crabby to write anything worth any merit – you know – due to the f*cking withdrawals I’m having that no one prepared me for. I mean if I have to suffer this much I would have at least hoped that it’s actually because I really did have some huge heroin high and while on that high I cleaned my whole house, wrote a novel, mowed the grass with just a pair of scissors and ate 16 ice cream cakes without gaining a pound. THEN this withdrawal might be worth it. Maybe.

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Have a good weekend, Skittles.


Brenda said...

I agree about Paxil. It was terrible. And coming off it was pure hell. It is a nasty drug. Ever one of them that makes it should have to have an IV drip of it and then be cut off cold turkey.

Joanna said...

Paxil was one of the meds they put Butter on before he started having his violent anger problems. It was later confirmed that Paxil had a lot to do with it.

I've seen so many people have horrible side effects from the drug, that I can't believe it's still available.

I'm sorry you're having to go through the withdrawals - but hopefully, it won't take long to get it all out of your system.

jennxaz said...

oh proud moments with our kids!!!LOVE THEM--- f-skinny jeans!

angel shrout said...

I loathed Paxil. I began walking everywhere. Walking and praying. Drink lots of water to flush your system and get it out of there quicker. ACCCK gotta love kids. I do the same thing with our youngest about grounding. He is just so different from my other 2 more laid back and easy going.. if he gets in trouble it is something major

trishajo said...

I've heard from so many diff people about the Paxil withdraws, I am SO sorry you're having to go through this girl.... hang in there.... <3

CJ said...

I know nuthin....(she disclaims) but....are you titrating off? Not just going cold turkey? I know with most meds that hit your neurotransmitters it's important to ease off of them so the effects aren't so bad. (((((((hugs))))))) I've had my own trials with trying to figure out what makes my body/mind/emotions work right. And again, thanks for your special gift of making even the crap of life amusing.

mommykinz said...

Hang in there my friend. Be good to yourself while you detox from the paxil.
When you feel better - look into hormones as a possible culprit for your migraines. In my hiatus from blogger I've learned that simple progesterone cream may be helping more than the two preventatives I'm on.
Thinking of you!

LDswims said...

In all of my drug travails of late I'm learning exactly why cold turkey is a no-no. Someone else asked if you are titrating off...are you? The withdrawal symptoms by themselves are bad enough but cold turkey can also cause heart attacks and far worse. I used to think that was just what you had to do, to tough it out...but turns out, it's a major health risk to do so. I know I'm gonna have one helluva detox when I'm done with my problems but I'm definitely gonna let my docs control it for me. Too scary to think of fighting through everything just to lose it to getting back to drug free...

No matter what, my heart is with you. I know it sucks but know however you do it, it truly is temporary. I'm in your corner sending you warm fuzzy thoughts with big ol hugs.