Wednesday, July 18, 2012

If the spirits knocked, would you hear them?

Do you believe the spirits of those who have passed on still live with us every day? Or are you a skeptic and that just creeps you out?

Either way – I have a story to tell.

I have an Aunt who just moved one house down from me. She has come back to Podunk – her hometown – after being far away taking care of her grandsons. You see her own son was deployed in Iraq and when he got home – he stepped off the plane and his wife handed him his wedding ring and his two sons and said, “Here you go. I’m leaving you.” And she walked away.

So my Aunt picked up everything she had and moved there to help him out. This is the same Aunt who had lymphoma cancer when she was a mother to two young sons. She worked full time during the cancer and through all the chemo and radiation and sickness and hair loss – she never missed a single day of work. She literally kept a bucket beside her to throw up in – but never missed a single day.

She’s tough as nails. Which is why I suppose she also survived divorcing her high school sweetheart who turned out to be an alcoholic.

Later, her father died of a sudden blood clot while she was only in her 20s.

Her life hasn’t been easy. She has a deep faith but never speaks of it. And knowing her all my life, I’d have to say she’s not a big believer in “fate” and “meant to be’s” and “angels and spirits”. She’s had one too many heartaches to believe in those things outright.

That is part of why this story gives me chills because she in no way seeks out things like this.

So she is back home in Podunk. She is very stressed about finding a job to support herself now that she is here. She went up to the local gas station and applied for a full time job there. They said they’d call her back that afternoon if they wanted to interview her so she went home to wait.

We live by a huge, beautiful church…and on her way home, she was drawn to go in. She just felt the need to go in and sit and pray. So she did.

We also have that church’s cemetery in our backyards. After she was done praying, she felt like she needed to see her parents. Both buried in the cemetery just a small walk away. She hadn’t been to their graves in years – since she suddenly left to help her son.

She knelt there for the longest time – talking to and missing her parents and she finally went back to her apartment.

She was sitting at her kitchen table looking over some paperwork and she says she got the strangest warm feeling in her stomach. So odd that she remembers noticing it. Then she heard a knock on the door. Twice.

She took a second to set down her paperwork and push her chair in and walked down the long hallway that leads to her front door.

She opened the door.

Nothing. No one.  Dead silence.

She shares walls with neighbors and there are always people outside but today – no one. Not a car in sight. No kids. Not a single adult or animal of any kind.

There was no way that a car could pull away out of sight in the time it took her to answer the door. No one could have run away fast enough to hide as her front door opens to a huge parking lot/yard.

She believes it was her mom and dad who knocked that day. To tell her they were there. That they heard her. That she wasn’t alone in this new, scary journey.

As she went back in the house, the phone rang. The gas station called.

Could she start tomorrow?

They wanted to hire her over the phone. Turns out the new manager is our cousin…who shares the same last name as my Aunt’s mom.

You know – the mom who just knocked on her door?

My aunt called my mom (her sister) – sobbing – to tell her what had happened. For her mind to even be willing to entertain the thought that the knock was from her parents and they helped her get this job – is a miracle.

Coming back home was hard for her. But her parents made it easier and they aren’t even alive.

My mom retold the story to me, and I heard the tears in her voice as she said, “Can you believe that? There’s nothing else it could be. She just visited them to tell them she was back after so many years and she’s been so stressed and scared.”

They came.

They knocked on her door and she had the courage to open it.

Would you have?


angel shrout said...

Well I could give a long drawn out answer. Do I believe they can come back and give us encouragement, Yep Jesus did. Read my PYHO post for today to get the rest of my answer to your question. I am glad she got the job hun..

adorkbl said...

That story gave me the chills. My stepmom had a similar experience after my dad passed. Chills.

Fit Mom said...

Amazing. Sometimes answers come in mysterious ways. And yes. I believe.

Brenda said...

I LOVE this story!

It gave me chills and tears!

Kelly said...

Wow. Just wow. The hair on the back of my neck (not that I have any) just stood on its ends.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I've never had an experience with the afterlife, but I will never rule out anything. And to believe that things happen for a reason or when it's the right time? I think had I not started my weight-loss journey when I did I wouldn't have had the AMAZING opportunites I'm having right now. I think there's a plan, we just aren't the ones holding the schematic!

jennxaz said...

Love the story--!

Sandy said...

I believe. Not many want to hear that but somehow a spirit does come thru if we are open to it. I have too many stories to debunk. So happy for her--one of those stories that you really do get what you deserve. Yeah for her!

Angie said...

Wow...that is powerful and awesome. Thank you for sharing!

trishajo said...

I have a phone reading with next thurs.... she's a psychic AND medium. I cannot wait!! I've been waiting two MONTHS for this!

Bless your auntie's heart - what a STRONG woman she is!!! <3 <3

FitBy40 said...

Yup, I most certainly believe that her parents were there for her when she most needed them!
I know for a fact that my mom ran her fingers through the back of my hair one day while I was driving ALONE on a road trip and was thinking about her the whole way. It was so real I actually swerved the car and nearly went off the road! I got chills and then just said "OK, I fell you, I know you're here. Thanks".
Great story.

Joanna said...

What an awesome story...gave me chills. I definitely believe in ghosts and spirits. While I've never seen a ghost, I do have a few stories about some spirits.

Sounds like your aunt is an amazing woman. She does what she can for her family, and really needed that sign that she's still being helped. And it sounds she got exactly what she asked for.

LDswims said...

So beautiful. Such peace in stories like this. Thank you for sharing!

(And, of course, you know my answer...)

Laura Belle said...

Holy shit this just gave me goosebumps! That's awesome!