Monday, August 27, 2012


I think I have a weekend hangover or something like that. I feel pretty good BUT I’d give anything to rewind a day or two and repeat them and their perfection.

If you’ve been reading me for any amount of time, then you know that Rambo works 4 jobs and therefore he goes 5 full weeks without having a single day off. It takes 35 days of straight work before he hits a Saturday and Sunday off. But at that point, he gets 2 in a row. YAY! It sounds kind of yucky but we're just kinda used to it now. 

Anyway, on his weekend off, the heavens open up and angels sing. We act like a real family who has real weekends off. We do really exciting things like sleep in and eat breakfast together. We go to movies and go on bike rides. We veg out and stay up late. We do all the things most normal families do every weekend – and it’s pure bliss.

Sunday, Rambo and I went and saw The Expendables….oh mee geee…those old guys are still freaking hot if you ask me. We also took a Harley ride to get frozen yogurt. Went to the neighbor’s house to hold their baby and talk some bull. Spent time with our girls a lot and just did a whole lotta nothing.

To burst my bubble and bring me back to reality, this morning Rambo got up at 4am as usual. I rolled over to go back to sleep after he kissed me as usual. NOT as usual – my daughter came running in our room crying because she’d had a nightmare about her little sister being hurt. I rubbed her back and told her to go back to bed.

In the meantime, Rambo had seen her TV on in her room after he showered at 4am and went into her room to check on her and being a man – he then got drawn in by the TV so he stood there and watched it for a minute. At this time, my daughter is going back to her room after her nightmare. She has no idea her Dad is standing in her room. Only a shadow in the glow of the TV light in his prison getup at 4am!

Did I mention it’s 4am?  Like roosters aren't even awake yet.

And then I hear a blood-curdling scream. Because she then sees her Dad. But doesn’t know it’s her Dad.

Jesus f*ck – I shot up in bed and I think I yelled, “WHAAAATTTT?” I can’t remember. I just remember hearing Rambo yell, “It’s just me. It’s Daddy. Calm down.” And then more crying.

And then the other little girl is suddenly awake. Neither can go back to sleep so it’s still 4am – well probably 4:10 by now – and they decide to stay up and snuggle and chat and watch TV together until I get up for work.

At first I thought my daughter was screaming because she realized it was Monday and the weekend was over – because I mean really – that would have been appropriate but that wasn’t it.

Welcome to Monday. At 4am.

By 7am, I was at work – reading an email regarding our impromptu board meeting that was called for TOMORROW. I kept reading only to see a mounting to do list for me to prepare by TOMORROW. Ah yes. I love Mondays.

Have no fear though – it’s a 4 day weekend coming up due to the holiday so everything will be alright because Rambo has his second weekend off!! Holy Christ – it’s almost too good to be true.

I see swimming and barbecuing and Harley rides and loads of family stuff in our future. And probably another hangover.

Hopefully minus the blood curdling scream at 4am though!

And yes - I have now broken the record for how many times a person can write 4am in one blog post.  Congratulations to me.

So how was your weekend?


MandaPanda said...

I hate those ultra early mornings. My weekend was fantasticle! So sorry to see it end and this Monday so far has sucked. :)

LDswims said...

Ugh. What an unspectacular ending to a wonderful weekend! I hate those early mornings like that. But at least they amused themselves. I hate impromptu meetings that change the whole lay of the week like that! I just had something of the same - at 12:55 I was told I had to attend a class at 1pm today. The class would be 3 hours. I hadn't eaten lunch yet because I wasn't hungry. Knowing me, I figured it'd be around 1-1:15 that I'd finally want to eat. Yeah...I could bring my lunch I was told. Then I get into the class and hear "we all need our laptops, like the email last week told us". My laptop is at home, didn't bring it in today because I didn't know I was going to be attending this class! Sheesh!

Oh well. I'm learned now. And most attending don't even have laptops so we were dismissed "early" to complete our exercises on our desktop machines. Totally put a wrench in my day, though. No biggie, and pretty small in comparison, but not what I thought my day was going to be like...

Sounds like a blissful weekend! I hope it's all that and more next weekend!

Beth Ann said... sorry for the crazy morning. But YAY for the family style weekend. Glad you get another so soon.

FitBy40 said...

I can't ever go back to sleep after my little one wakes up screaming. She has bad dreams quite often so my sleep pattern is disastrous!
So glad you get a holiday with your family this weekend. You need it!

adorkbl said...

I am sick. Because I laughed. I am sorry. But I can't help it. You paint such a vivid picture. Hope her nightmare don't morph into daddy demons. ;)

angel shrout said...

Good grief poor little thing, I probably would have screamed bloody murder as well. But on the upside I am glad he gets 2 weekends off in a row.. that is great for ya'll.

speck said...

I can so relate to craziness! lol JK

I'm with Adorkbl...I can't help but laugh but that poor baby! :(


Carla Birnberg said...

come over and play with me next time.


Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Weekend sounds Heavenly!!! So glad you get to do it all over again this weekend. Also, there was no mention of a raging biatch created by that 4 am wake-up scream, so kudos to you!

jennxaz said...

oh my 4 am wakeup is never good...then they are usually tired and cranky after school and it doesn't make for a pleasant evening...hope yours was better!