Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday’s Recall of Regrets and Repeats…

Today I’m RECALLing and looking back over the last 7 days, trying to remember certain moments that I REGRET and perhaps would do differently if I could; and I’m also recalling certain moments that I want to REPEAT because they were perfect. It’s a fun way to summarize my past week, become aware of what I want to change this upcoming week and most of all…have a journal of my daily life events and feelings written down for future reference.  Feel free to join in if you so desire.
REPEAT moments:

• I had a couple random texts with some bloggers this week about the return of Sons of Anarchy and even about glitter rain. Random, unexpected, happy, “I’m thinking of you texts” make my day.

• I bought a new navy polka dot shirt from The Gap and I wore it with my navy flare pants and nude heels. At least 5 people complimented me on the shirt/outfit. Clearly – people love polka dots – and I loved the comments!

• I moved my makeup and hair “station” into my master bedroom this week and it is like Christmas every morning figuring out this new get ready in the morning routine. I got new organizational drawers and containers and cups and nothing makes me happier than organizing and color coding.

• I had a great, impromptu, uplifting and laughingly long conversation with my mom when I originally thought I’d be home alone doing nothing much of nothing. It renewed my spirit and I hope as a mom – that, some day, I can be that person for my girls.

• I went into my 6 year old’s bedroom and laid down beside her with the intention of watching about 5 minutes of her movie with her before bed. I ended up falling asleep with my arms wrapped around her until Rambo came in and woke me up. Pure unplanned paradise.

• Last night I got into my 11 year old’s bed to watch a show with her and spend some time with her – under the covers while the house was dark and quiet and everyone else was asleep. We never even said very many words but it was perfection. For both of us.

• Rambo brought me 24 Panera Bread cinnamon crunch bagels as a surprise. Enough said. Let’s repeat this weekly, mkay Rambo?

• This hasn’t happened yet but Rambo is taking me to get frozen yogurt tonight and probably a trip to the mall and really…how can you not want to repeat something like that over and over and over again?

• I cleaned out my daughter’s clothes that she is too big for now and made 2 huge baskets of stuff for the local thrift store! I also cleaned out my pajama dresser and have 6 grocery bags full of stuff to give to my mom now. Love getting rid of stuff like that! It’s like a clothing detox (so I can buy more)!

• I lost another pound on WW this week! YAY. Repeat, pretty please?

REGRET moments:

- Shocker – but I wish I would have worked out more. I managed a run around town and a pedal bike ride with the family. Other than that – nada. Oh and speaking of that bike ride – I regret that my butt bones still hurt from the bike seat. My God – what is the deal with pedal bike seats???

- I regret not getting more items for sale on my blog and Ebay. I have some purses, shoes and sports outfits and kid’s clothes I need to get selling because they are just in my way at the moment and I’m tired of looking at this on my to do list.

- Sunday I put a bag of frozen chicken breasts in the fridge to thaw so I could cook them on Monday. That never happened. They still aren’t cooked. I regret that because I have to throw them away today. What a waste of money! Ugh.

- I regret surviving on cinnamon bagels and M&Ms this week. Wait. That’s a lie. No, I don’t.

- I regret not staying in constant touch with my brother like I used to but we emailed a lot this week so that’s a start again.

- I regret not putting more effort into becoming a freelance writer. Again, I’m sick of it being on my to do list. I’ve done more lately than I ever have before but I haven’t started a “job” yet even though it’s finally available.

- I regret that I haven’t finished my landscaping stuff out by the pool yet since I suddenly decided we’re going to make an outdoor grill/fridge/patio/sink area this spring. Oopsie.

- I regret not swimming last night when I could have when summer is almost over. I won’t have many more chances.

- I regret buying my 12 year old daughter size 12 WOMENs boy short underwear instead of being a smart mom and buying size 10/12 GIRLs boy shorts. Crap on a stick. (I’m pretty sure I made this mistake last year too. Oy.)

Okay – that’s all I got. That’s a pretty good summary of my week! How about you? Can you recall any regrets or repeats you’d like to share with us? It’s kinda fun to think back about what was great and what sucked donkey balls.

Have a great weekend, Skittles!

I wish you more REPEATS than REGRETS!


MandaPanda said...

If those are the only regrets you have this week, you're doing pretty well! :)

Cheri said...

Sounds like a wonderful week!! :-)

Beth Ann said...

What a great week! Love the daughter time. :)

adorkbl said...

How fun to recap your week like that. Sounds lie you had some great repeats.

angel shrout said...

I can't count the number of times I have snuggled with my kids and fallen asleep with them. Even though they are manly men they still love it, shhh don't tell them I told ya lol.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Did you open the undies? I'm sure that could start a fight..."You think I'm that big?!?!?!..." They might make cute curtains?

speck said...

I am really getting into the navy this fall. And I want/need some nude shoes bad. I luv heals but this chick can't wear them anymore. I got my momma's bad feet! lol

Yes, spend that time with the brother. I lost mine and I don't really regret anything but I would have bad a few more extra trips to see him when I could have. :)


Jody V said...

I love love love this idea but....I'm afraid no one would understand my honesty...hence the lack of blogging :-(

Ronnie said...

I do that with food all the time. I just threw away a chicken breast I put out to use for a lunch last week. Eeew. :(

I love that Rambo brings you treats, what a guy! :)

jennxaz said...

I love canoodling with my little boy..he doesn't let me very often but when those moments happen...they are my best mom memories I hope never to forget.......Did Rambo do something bad..he is just being the best hubby EVER?!