Monday, September 17, 2012

Amish people are not used to seeing idiots on pedal bikes.

Today I'm THAT wife.  You know? The one that everyone who Rambo works with constantly rolls their eyes at because I worry too much.

Like today for instance. Rambo begins work at the prison at 6am. I get to work about 7am. Every morning when I turn my computer on, there is an email from Rambo waiting for me that says, “Good morning baby, how are you and how were the girls this morning?”  Let me say that again - EVERY SINGLE morning he works at the prison - I get an email. 

Today though? Nothing. (Go ahead - feel free to gasp in horror.)  Three hours creeped by since I knew he had been at work and I finally gave in and called. I couldn’t not know any longer.

Calling the prison sucks. You get transferred a million times to a million Captains and Lieutenants and Sargents because they have to get through all the ranges to find where the person you need is.

I got to the 4th person and it was a woman and she answered it “Food Service”. Ah – therein lies the issue. He’s over-seeing the kitchen workers so he has no computer today. The lady says, “Do you want me to have him call you? He just took out an inmate who is taking out the garbage.” Nope – that’s all I need. To know he’s alive.

She kind of chuckled. It comes with the territory. Worried spouses when they don’t hear from their loved ones. It’s a super maximum prison and when I get an email every single day that he has worked there and one day I do not – it’s impossible for me not to think the worst. And lately shit has been hitting the fan there. Lots of strip searches and noncompliant inmates and fights and Rambo has been called to a lot of cells to calm inmates down.

He’s fine though. Let’s all stop rolling our eyes at the crazy worried wife now, mkay? Now I’ll just worry all day knowing he’s in the kitchen - with the inmates that supposedly are good enough to handle large pans and multitudes of knives and sharp objects….ugh.

It could be that I’m a little emotional today to begin with. Watermelon went to school with a friend this morning on her own so she didn’t get up with me and Banana or ride to the sitter’s house or get on the bus with Banana. From the moment Banana woke up – her cheeks were never dry or absent of tears. Big, fat, rolling tears…because she doesn’t want to go to school.

Rip my heart out and stomp on it with 6 inch heels. Over and over.

I texted Watermelon after I got to work and left Banana at the sitters and said, “Good morning. Have a good day. Banana and I missed you and she was a little sad this morning and I’ll see you tonight.”

Watermelon texted me after a bit and said she went down to Banana’s classroom and told the teacher that Banana was a little sad and might be crying and could she just hug Banana when she comes in from the bus?

That was a couple of hours ago and I just got another text from big sister that said, “Hey Mom, how is Banana doing?”

On one hand it’s the sweetest thing ever for her to be so worried about how her little sister is doing. On the other hand – I see myself in her. Worrying – maybe too much – about the people she loves and not enough about herself. Is that good or bad, right or wrong? I have no idea.

Some day it’ll be fun to tell Banana just how much her older sister worried about her and peeked in on her classroom without Banana even knowing. She has her own real guardian angel and doesn’t even know it.

I guess they are both lucky little girls.

On a funny note, this weekend Banana went on a bike ride with the neighbor kids and their Mom at a local park. When she got back she said to me:

Mom – there were a bunch of Amish people at the park. They kept staring at us like we were idiots. Their eyes kept getting buggy freak out like at us. You know…like we were idiots for riding our bikes.

I said, “Well maybe you looked like idiots or something”, as I laughed.

She said, “No, Mom. We just looked like a bunch of Americans. Geez. It’s like they never saw Americans on bikes before.”

Her indignant tone and little head shaking in disgust was just too much. And going to school brings her to full on sobs. I just can’t keep up with this kid, I tell you.

Yes, some day I will have to tell her that Amish people ARE also Americans. Geez.


Fit Mom said...

Too funny about the Amish remark. So sorry about not hearing from Rambo. That would freak me out too. Have a great week!

jennxaz said...

I think you are raising wonderful girls...I love the compassion of the older one...that is hard to teach kids to not just think about have taught them this and that is priceless. They will always have each other to lean on even when you and Rambo are no longer there----totally wonderful!

Love the amish american story---don't you just love kids they say what is on there mind! happy monday chickee...only 10 more days!

A.J. said...

There is absolutely nothing crazy about worrying about your husband in his dangerous job. My husband travels A LOT for his job and I always get the a text letting me know he arrived safely but every now and then he gets distracted and doesn't check in and I freak out. You just don't wanna take things that for granted.

Kelliann said...

You and Rambo are seriously raising some incredible little people.

speck said...

I can relate to the prison job. Well not completely but I work at the courthouse so we deal with inmates all the time. Our sheriff's dept is connected to the courthouse and jail.

I love how your husband sends that email everyday. I like him. lol

I feel like a bad wife. I never worry about my husband. He is a state trooper and I guess I just completely put it out of my mind. I guess it's good for me, but bad for him since that makes me a bad wife. lol JK

See you soon!!! Can't wait.


The Dandy Bandy said...

1. Totally don't blame you for freaking out about Rambo. Glad he is ok! I don't think that makes you a crazy wife at all...just a realistic one.

2.Your girls rock. I hope on everything holy my girls are the same way. So far, they love each other to death..hope it stays that way.

3. So do we need to call them Amish-Americans? lol that would crack me up... poor thing thought some foreigners were giving her the stink eye lol

angel shrout said...

I would have freaked too so you are definitely not alone in that boat. BWHAHAHH on the Amish comment too funny.

RockBand Barbie said...

I think you are a great wife!! If I ever decide to get me a wife, I want one just like you :)

Cat said...

What RB Barbie said. Truth! :)

Also - G doesn't even work in a prison and I get nervous if I don't hear from him within a certain amount of time I know he will have arrived at work. You never know and ANYTHING could happen. Probably didn't thank goodness, but knowing is better and I have called too if I email and he hasn't responded etc.

Joanna said...

OMG, you totally just took me back to when I was about 10 and visited an Amish market - and had my first experience ever seeing Amish people.

I walked around with a walkman - and a couple of the Amish kids gave me that same reaction that Banana was talking about. I remember asking my Grandma if they had Walkmen in "their country".. LOL

She had to explain their lifestyle to me and I ranted off something about why they were looking at me funny, when it should be the other way around. Oh, out of the mouths of babes.

And, I totally don't think you're crazy to call your husband to find out he's OK. It just shows how much you care.

Beth said...

I don't know how you arent crazy with worry every day over Rambo! Your girls are awesome!!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Pass on the candy corn M&M's!!! Weird, to say the least, but then again, I don't really like white chocolate.

FitBy40 said...

I would totally worry about all the same things. I hate to break it to you, but you are in fact NORMAL! No matter what anyone else tells you :-)

LDswims said...

I understand the worry. And I don't think that's excessive, in fact, if you hadn't worried, that would concern me. You hear from him everyday. How are you supposed to know, with miles between you, that he's ok? Just like our parents worried about us when we started driving and blew our curfew - or whatever it was. When you expect something and that expectation isn't met, the brain goes into overdrive with all the what-ifs. If Rambo's coworkers are human, they know internally that they love that you do that. Yeah, they might give him a hard time or roll their eyes - but they respect that you care. Too many people don't care enough to make that call. They just say whatever as their hubbies hand over the paychecks.

As far as good or bad, right or wrong, with Watermelon, only you can know the answer to that. You see that beautiful relationship every day and you know it's something that very few siblings actually get in the younger years. If Watermelon is concerned because you relayed a message, then that means obligation and that I'd be concerned about. I don't think that's the case, though. I think Watermelon is concerned because she loves her sis and knows what to expect from her and when those expectations aren't met, the brain can go into overdrive...

Very lucky indeed. All y'all!

Love you!