Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hugs, shanks and baby sweat.

IWTSU = I Want To Shank U
IWTHU = I Want To Hug U

Mr. IT Man who had to upgrade my computer – IWTSU. What’s it to you if my desktop background is filled with motivational quotes about running and working out? Here’s a thought….read them and try them on for size. You’re no perfect human specimen by any means.

Mrs. Coach of my daughter’s vball team – IWTSU. Why do you care if the kids want to learn how to set even though they aren’t 6 feet tall? Oh – I see – teaching them this would require you to have a plan or perhaps get off your phone.

Mr. Janitor - IWTHU.  Thank you for refilling the candy drawer with what may be my new favorite.  Milk Duds.  Dude.  You rock like Donkey Kong.

Parent who gave me a nasty look when they saw my kid had no fruit in her lunch box – IWTSU. What’s it to you if my kid has a brownie with her lunch? See that pink spot out there on the playground? That’s my kid high on sugar running circles around yours. My kid never sits down. That brownie ain’t gonna kill her. You know you want one for yourself.

Me - who got her ass on the treadmill even though I really wanted to just keep eating out of the 8 lb. bag of M&Ms Rambo bought me - IWTHU.

Other parent who sits in the bleachers screaming bloody murder at 11 year olds playing volleyball – IWTSU. Can’t you just sit quietly and clap and once in a while scream like a raging lunatic? Why must you do it the WHOLE time? Do you not see the entire crowd rolling their eyes at you? Are you a professional athlete? No? I didn’t think so.

Rambo - IWTHU - because right now as I type this you are reading a book to our 7 year old...even as you yawn just about every time you turn a page because you got up at 3am to work at your PT gig this morning.  Thank you.  For being that kind of Daddy.

9-11 Terrorists - IWTSU - over and over and over again.

9-11 survivors and victims - IWTHU - and take all your pain away.

Warrior Accountability:

Another 45 minutes on the treadmill tonight!  Booyah!

Incline of 12 AND AND AND...
.....even some baby sweat to prove it!!!!

(Let's all be thankful I didn't take a picture of my nether regions, mkay?)

Tootles, lovies!!

Feel free to join in and tell me who you'd like to hug and you'd like to shank. 
Shanking with others makes me happy.


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I sweat like a MoFo. I'm doing a challenge w/some people on FB and we get points for different posts (my teammate is MIA so I don't have a chance in hell of winnin- IWTSU) and I usually post a 3-point earning sweat shot. People must think I fake it. I can assure you, I do not.

Joanna said...

Peanut just started playing volleyball - and I'm loving it!! Except for that one mother who feels the need to scream at their kid if she misses a serve. Seriously? It's their first year playing, and she's supposedly already supposed to play like an Olympian? I don't get some parents. The poor girl was even in tears during yesterday's game because of it.

I wanna see her running around on that court doing better. Which she couldn't - I totally bet.

angel shrout said...

Hmm I want to shank my son's POSSIBLE baby mama. Her drama is so over the top, her lies, her bull, and the sad part is she has learned it from HER parents.

tz said...

So far every team my sons have been on have great the polar opposite of dance moms...well except one who at T-ball told me my kid had a great arm and I needed to work with him...seriously he was 6...other than that guy!

jennxaz said...

you hardly sweat...your one of those girls....I am drenched like a pig stuck in a storm IWTSU
just kidding!

MandaPanda said...

Loving the vneck sweat! I want to shank the terrorist, overzealous parents and lazy coaches too! I'd hug you and Rambo all day if I could. :)

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

IWTSU, Insurance company for being the most inefficient group of schiesters with all the power, next to our federal government. Even if you approve me, I will not be happy with how you have conducted business.
IWTHU, Insurance coordinator at my surgeon's office. you put up with me AND the insurance company. you are a saint

Cat said...

Yay sweat pictures!!! I *heartu*

I also love that Rambo reads to the girls. : ) Hug him for us k?

Miss S. said...

IWTSU this mother effing cough that I have. Secondly-who effing cares what is in your kid's lunch. Most days my kid has apples, yogurt & cheese/meat. Sometimes it's canned ravioli and a brownie. Depends on my morning. They can suck it.

Linda Sherwood said...

IWTSU, mother-in-law for making my other children cry when you yelled about my oldest being "special" because you "raised her." You didn't raise her; you babysat her for 9 months when she was an infant. Get over your self.

IWTHU, my husband because he still loves me even though his mom isn't talking to me. Again. And even better, he supports me.

IWTHU, my middle daughter who heard the special comment and knew her grandma wasn't talking about her. You are special to me.