Friday, September 28, 2012

Fridays Hugs and Shanks!

To the TV shows that are all new and no longer re-runs – IWTHU. As I sit at home moping about missing Rambo – you’re my saving grace. My DVR is filling up and it’s almost as much fun as a Skittle bath.

To the hometown football games in chilly fall weather that require me to wear my new fuzzy boots and big ol’ cable knit sweaters – IWTHU. You remind me of the days when I stood on the sidelines in my cheerleader skirt that was just inches above my danger zone as I watched Rambo kick ass out on the field. He was never sexier than when he came off the field, hot and sweaty – straight to me.

To the arrogant guy I had to interview this week that didn’t seem to give a damn about what I was saying – IWTSU. You should pay better attention. Douche-waddle.

To the lame-ass obesity double standard in this country – IWTSU. I met a man this week at work and spoke with him and when we were done chatting, he got up and it was difficult for him due to his size. He literally out loud said, “I don’t fit in these chairs very well. They are hard for me to get out of.” I think my jaw dropped. I thought to myself – if a woman ever uttered those words – well – actually – a woman would never ever even think to say something like out loud in a professional setting. But because it was said by an obese man in a Polo suit and tie – we all laughed with him.

Pop-tarts – IWTHU. Do you guys realize that they now make MINI pop-tarts? Little tiny snacks shaped exactly like pop-tarts – only in baby size. They are the cutest little things ever.

To the possibility that Rambo may actually not have to get in the semi until 7am vs 3am – IWTHU. If this actually occurs, the plan is to take a naked afternoon nap, followed by the football game, followed by staying up late to watch Sons. Definition of bliss if you ask me.

To men with dumb ideas – IWTSU. Our neighbor wanted to catch some crazy raccoons that were milling about his house at night. He set out a live trap. Guess what he caught? A skunk. Now imagine Rambo and this other guy trying to sneak up on the trap, get a good angle to shoot it, then get it out and put it in a truck without letting it spray or getting it on themselves. I should have taped it for YouTube. Christ in heaven – I nearly peed my pants watching those two fools.

To getting off of work for the weekend in just 2 hours – IWTHU. It’s been a good, but long week, and I’m so ready to get in pajamas and stay that way for 2 days. Well – scratch that – we’re having supper with one of our couple best friends so I might have to actually shower and put on makeup for that.

Puppy chow – IWTHU. Have you guys ever made or eaten puppy chow? I am not related to Betty Crocker in any way shape or form but even I can make this stuff. I made an entire bag yesterday and it’s gone today. My kids love it. And it’s just fun to eat stuff that looks like puppy chow and isn’t.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Anyone you want to hug or shank this week?


The Dandy Bandy said...

Woohoo for naked naps! ;)

umm...I'm pretty sure EVERYONE has tried puppy chow...and loves it. lol I want puppy chow...

Robyn's Nest said...

I have not tried or heard of Puppy Chow. For a minute I was worried you were eating dog food......

FitBy40 said...

I hope beyond all hope that he gets that extra 4 hours. That would be bliss!
Enjoy your weekend.

LDswims said...

I want chilly fall weather, please. Ugh...another month before we get reasonable, though. I suppose I should just be happy that the humidity is starting to get knocked down.

I hope arrogant guy doesn't get a job. Actions have consequences.

Why did you have to go and tell me about mini poptarts? I was doing just fine without knowing that.

Please please please let him have those extra 4 hours and naked nap time with you. Sounds like a wonderful weekend shaping up!

Can you believe that I don't care for puppy chow? Doesn't make sense that I don't...but I don't always make sense. :)

Have a good weekend!

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

LOL - skunk story...I think I have a crush on Rambo for helping his neighbor with that one!!! too funny!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

We call it monkey munch. 1st saw it on Jon and Kate Plus 8. DANGEROUS!

Joanna said...

Peanut LOVES puppy chow!! They sell it in little cartons at our local gas station and she has to buy a tub any time we go in there. I have no idea how to make it, so I guess I'm going to have to keep buying it for her.. LOL

20 to go! said...

O.K - seriously I need to know what this puppy chow is?!?

Laura Belle said...

Damn it. Now I HAD to go get pop tarts for breakfast.
I blame you.
But I love you.
Soooooooo, it's ok. lol