Friday, September 7, 2012

Loves and Loathes of the week...

I love that the only thing on my agenda for the weekend is to work on my vision board. And nap.

I love that my girls get themselves up and dressed for school in the morning. I love that we pack their bags the night before and pre-pack their lunches so everything goes smoothly when I oversleep every morning.

I love eating ice cream with crushed up M&Ms as my entire supper. I blame Rambo.

I love that I have most of the day to go shopping and during that time not one person will yell MOM or MAMA at me. Not. Once.

I love that NFL and college football has started this week!

I love that today is FRIDAY. Tell me how on Earth a short week due to Labor Day makes the work week thereafter seem longer than ever?? Why is that?

I love that both the RNC and the DNC conventions are over. Though I follow politics closely and have strong beliefs, I’m not a fan of conventions where bucketloads of money are spent when the country is in such a rotten economic state. Both parties should have forgone the conferences, collected the money, and put it towards lowering our deficit. Or towards my growing shoe collection. You know – something worthwhile. 

I loathe that every day this week my kids have brought home folder upon folder packed with papers upon papers that need to be signed and notarized and fingerprinted and approved by the Attorney General before they are sent back to school the next day. Good God. Anyone ever heard the word SIMPLIFY?

I loathe that even after we were required to buy things like antibiotic wipes, ear buds, flash drives and napkins and paper plates for our kids per their school supply list – that I have a new list which includes more folders, a scientific calculator and book covers. Is the only thing the school supplies anymore the teacher? Oh wait – my taxes pay for those too.

I loathe that we took down the pool this week. I almost did the ugly cry during the whole thing.

I loathe that one of my closest friends is hurting and I loathe that she wants me to talk to her husband for her…because I just don’t know how to approach that.

I loathe white Kit Kats. Rambo brought another one home last night and it is STILL IN THE CANDY DISH. Unacceptable. I must tell him I’ve moved on.

I loathe the feelings behind the words confused, scared, sad, hurt, and betrayed. I loathe that those feelings and those words even exist. I loathe knowing they are a part of life. They suck donkey balls. All of them.

The end.

How about you? What are your LOVES and LOATHES of the week?


Erin said...

I love so many things about this post! Those conventions should definitely have gone to our shoe closets. I greatly dislike white it even chocolate? And that comment about signing kids school papers - hilarious!

FitBy40 said...

I went to Walmart AND Target yesterday by myself and nobody called my name. It was shear freedom I tell ya'.
I'm sick of the notes home about what sorts of snacks I should be sending for my kids at school. Sorry, but I refuse to send '2 weeks worth of dry snacks at a time to be kept at school' because it's just easier that way. Not gonna' do it!

jennxaz said...

why is there so many things to sign and pay for...holy crap. I have had something all week too. And how many contact sheets does the school need?

angel shrout said...

When I was in school I brought home 2 papers. One was the information from the previous year and my mom had to mark any changes to be made and send it back, the other was school insurance. One would think in the day and age of electronic signatures it could all be emailed and signed that way.

LDswims said...

Thoughts coming.

Love your loves. Loathe your loathes.

More thoughts on their way some time today.

Love you! Happy Friday!!

The Dandy Bandy said...

When I get to go shopping by myself I take waaayyyy too long. It's crazy how I can spend like 8 hours shopping by myself, just going at my own slow pace...looking at everything, going to every store I love, trying on a million things. Although I usually only ever buy a couple little things in that 8 hour trip I think it was more about the freedom!

Sarah said...

You can just ship those little white nuggets of goodness my way... Yes! Yes you can! :)

And school supplies: *gag* I'm so over it. $300 for one kid this year! Good Lord!


Ducky said...

The whole pool thing makes me super sad as does white kit kats. I'm all for equal opportunity but those things are NOT ANY WAY! BLECH

Elizabeth said...

You are correct - all the school pays for is the teacher (if that). I spent about $300.00 for 1 kid.... Sorry about the friend and her hubby situation sounds rough for you!

Have a lovely and hopefully relaxing weekend!

Cat said...

Obviously I don't have any children but right around this time of year I get the itch to have a little boy or girl to either put on the soccer team or enroll in ballet school. I also want to buy the back to school clothes and dress them up. I want to buy all the neat folders, pencils, colored pencils etc. I just love the back to school time of year. The sales and savings are starting to near Christmas for advertisement and excitement.

Then...I think about you and my sister in law, my coworkers with kids and all the stuff the school makes you sign, buy, sell and cajole your friends and family into buying and the expense of all those new clothes, cool book bags and shiny new binders. Then I realize I'm very glad to have my dog only. /heart you. : )

speck said...

The only I loathed more than those signed papers was FUNRAISERS(they weren't fun for me!) I swear my kids used to come home the first week with catalogs for cheesecake, wrapping paper, and cokes!

And I am so over the RNC & DNC conventions. And people telling me how to vote on Facebook! lol


justjenn said...

I love this list. I am enjoying back to school -- but my kids need a lot of cat herding to get ready, especially when I sleep in. :)