Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ten Things Thursday - Drazzie Style!

It’s Triple T day – Ten Things Thursday - courtesy of Mrs. LaureBelle!  Come – join the fun!

1.  I figured out something good about summer being over.  New episodes of my favorite TV shows are starting to come on.  My DVR is working overtime lately taping things like Sons of Anarchy, Parenthood, Greys, etc. etc.  All the more reason to come home, put on pajamas and never move from the couch.  Except to eat.  And maybe pee.
2.  Around these parts, it’s harvest time.  Corn-picking has officially begun for the farm that Rambo works for on his off days from the prison.  It is this time every year when I am again reminded that farmers are some of the hardest working people on Earth.  Farming is either in your soul – or it’s not.  Yesterday Rambo got up at 3am and he didn’t come back home until 10pm that night.    Back up at 3am to do it again.  Even after 19+ hours of manual labor, I could tell by the way he was talking and by how much more there was to be done – that he wanted to stay out in the fields.  His body was exhausted and needed sleep – but his mind wanted to keep going.  Farming will always be in his blood.  I talked to the guy I work with at my other job (he also works at the same farm as Rambo) and he had been up for 2 days straight with no sleep – picking corn.  Thousands of acres and a tight weather deadline and you have no choice.  I think it nearly kills Rambo to have to go work at the prison instead of being in the trucks and tractors.
3.  I went to a parent’s house last night for a meeting.  She is a single mom of two kids.  Her house could have been in a magazine it was so clean.  I wanted to shank her for showing Rambo what living in a clean home could look like.  My house isn’t like an episode of Hoarders or anything….but it looks slightly like a tornado went through it.  Three times.  I don’t have time to clean.  See #1.
4.  Banana is reading.  I mean she read individual words last year in kindergarten but this year she is bringing home books and she reads the books to me.  In sentences and paragraphs.  Like a complete story.  There is something literally magical about seeing a kid realize that they can read and how that opens up a whole new world for them.  It also means that for Rambo and I – spelling shit out so she can’t know what we are saying – no longer works.  Which sucks ass.  Now we only have hand signals.  And we look dumber.
5.  Our neighbors set out a live trap to try to catch some pesky raccoons last night.  This morning she called me frantically and said, “Um, can Rambo come over with one of his guns?  We caught a skunk and he’s pissed.”  Oopsie.
6.  Do you have a sex code with your sex partner?  On Parenthood – the big joke was that a couple on the show scheduled sex via their synced up smartphone calendars.  They didn’t label the appointment sex.  They labeled it “funkytown”.  Love it.  Our code is dessert.  Rambo emails me from work and always says random crap like, “What should we have for supper?  Is there a meeting tonight or a game?  Can we have dessert after that?  With sprinkles on top?”  Makes me laugh.  If anyone ever read his emails they’d think he was obsessed with dessert.  It is necessary to use code though – remember – we have TWO kids who read now!  LOL
7.  I have figured out that pre-picking out my 7 year old’s clothes the night before school does NOT work.  Last night we picked out her pink camouflage sweatpants set…because she is Daddy’s little hunting girl, right?  Yup – well – just for last night apparently.  This morning there was no way in hell that camo was going on her body.  She came out to the kitchen in a pink and black Harley Davidson shirt, skinny jeans and black high heeled knee high boots.  I gave her the look and she said, “What Mom?  I ride Dad’s Harley so today I’m a biker chick.  Duh.”  Duh indeed, turdball.  So much for prepping the night before, diva.  Now get your rebel ass in the car.
8.  Speaking of children – I told you last week that for some reason – me and Banana are obsessed with watching A Baby Story on TLC.  Pretty predictable show.  Pregnant mom has baby.  Not a lot of suspense.  Apparently I’m reliving the feelings of pregnancy and newborns.  Every single time Rambo sees me watching it he says, “We should have a little boy.  Don’t you think we should go adopt one?”  To which I respond:  ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR EVER-LOVING MIND???  Remember us – moronhead?  The people with 7 jobs and 2 kids and naps to take and tv shows to watch incessantly?  Go have a son with someone else and then come back to me when you are done and let me know how that worked out for you, mkay?
9.  And speaking of baby boys - I have to babysit a 9 week old baby boy this weekend.  That is either going to backfire and make Rambo want to have a son more OR completely work in my favor and make him realize newborns are only fun when they aren’t yours.  I may pinch the baby just to make sure he cries loudly while Rambo is holding him.
10.  Last night for supper I stopped at a local ice cream joint and got chocolate ice cream with M&Ms mixed in.  It’s getting cold here and I thought that maybe the owners were starting to worry that their ice cream profits would start dwindling due to the cold, so I had to be sure and let them know that everything is going to be okay and cold weather will have no effect on true loyal customer’s ice cream habits.  I am such a great community servant, don’t you think?

Tootles, my Skittles!


jennxaz said...

its so sad that family owned farms are almost extinct these days. So true farmers are really born they have to love what they do and they are such hard workers....I could never do that---lol!
I love stories of your girls they seem so sweet and such a crack up.
1 week till I get to officially meet you---so excited I am Ellen dancing!

Fit Mom said...

just make sure when you pinch the baby you dont leave bruises. That would be a no-no. LOL.

Harmony said...

My house always looks like a tornado came through - even on the two days a month our cleaning lady comes.

I open the door every other Tuesday and the house is pristine...then my kids come barrelling in and destroy it in less time than it takes a Porsche to go from 0 to 60.

angel shrout said...

See Rambo was raised right. So many of today's kids think farming is silly and doesn't pay enough. I live in farming country and it is sad to see the farm fall by the wayside because of lack of family help and the high cost of decent labor. Yeah come to my house I caught the same tornado. Ya'll make me tired with your 7 jobs. BTW it will work Gene loves babysitting but also loves the ability to send them back lol

Laura Belle said...

You did all 10!!! I love them all.
I love you.
You're pretty.

And I'd just like to point out that Rambo and Ryan need to be farmers together. Ryan freaking loves farming everything.

I got it! We should buy a shitload of land (this is after we win the lottery) and you guys live on one side, and us on the other, then we have like a pond and gazebo/dock thing in the middle. Where we fish and roast marshmallows and sing I'm Too Sexy.

Perfect, right?! Right.

RockBand Barbie said...

I heart farmers. Especially one's who pick corn...I super duper love corn. I could totally eat it every single day.

The process of learning to read always amazes me.

Nowhere Better Than Here said...

I can totally relate to the reading thing. I have a first-grader, too and it's amazing. She is also rebellious and kinda has a Punky Brewster style. I can't even call her that because she doesn't even know who that is. Sad, I tell you!

FitBy40 said...

I was sort of watching Parenthood, all while doing ten other things, and totally couldn't figure out the Funky Town thing! I guess I should pay attention while trying to watch TV.
We tried to go out for ice cream on 9/18 at a local custard shop only to find out they closed for the season on 9/17! Crap.

Jess Casey said...

One of my bf's husband is a farmer and he is doing the corn thing as well, he also does farmer's markets so he is MIA until October ;( As far as "dessert", I think this is hilarious!!!!!

Joanna said...

LOVE hearing how excited you are about Banana reading!!

I kid you not - I actually had a parent complain to me yesterday that making her child read for 20 minutes a night was terrible... that it would make her go blind!! Seriously. Not kidding. And her child is a 4th grader.

Oh, and I bought yogurt last night that has M&Ms in it..and I thought of you when I bought it. Love that you got ice-cream with M&Ms. I would have, too, but I can't take ice-cream on a field trip.

You have now made me realize that I need a code name for sex. I can't use words like dessert or chocolate... or Hubby would get all confused and wouldn't know whether to pick me something up from the store or get ready for some "funkytown" LOL

MandaPanda said...

My youngest is just now sounding out words but my oldest just promoted to chapter books and we're so excited!

LOL @ the ice cream joint. I'm sure they appreciate your patronage.