Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bush trouble...but not like you think.

Sometimes I have the maturity of an 11 year old boy.

Take for instance yesterday – at work. I was walking back from the kitchen when a guy I work with started walking with me. He leans in and says to me, with a smile, “Is that bush giving you any trouble lately?”

What the holy f*ck did you just ask me?

Then I remembered we work with a guy whose last name is Bush. So he meant bush as in that guy with the last name of Bush – not bush as in the slang word an 11 year old boy uses for vagina.

I stammered out my reply of “Um no…no Bush trouble here.” “How’s your dick doing?” Or something like that. It was extremely hard not to giggle

Kind like it was hard not to giggle when the OPrez outright openly lied about Libya last night. Or wouldn’t answer how much he’d cut licenses and permits (62% by the way). Or how you can’t dispute that gas was $1.86 a gallon and it’s now over $4.00 a gallon.

I was waiting for Big Bird to make an appearance and show both of them a thing or two about playing nice and how not to interrupt people but instead we just got a moderator who backed the O up with a lie. How sweet and fair.

It’s been a long day already because in the middle of the night, Banana tapped me and said, “Mama, Watermelon is awake and sitting by the toilet.”

I got up and went in and there sat Banana rubbing Watermelon’s back as she hung over the toilet. I told her to go back to bed – that I could get it from here….even though I was thinking about running. Far, far away.

Just 2 days and counting before Rambo and I go to the college football game on Saturday. I have my face and nail tattoos and clothes all ready. Then Sunday is my birthday and Rambo will NOT shut up about my present. I’d like to poke his eyes out because I hate surprises.

I did however, find out, that his old home football jersey is available - so I’ll be wrapping that up for him as a surprise for his birthday in November. And since he turns 40, I will be thinking of something embarrassing to put in our yard on a big ‘ol piece of plywood so people honk when they go by. That’ll teach him to surprise me.

Happy Wednesday Skittles! See you tomorrow for TTT!


angel shrout said...

Yeah I love how the moderator lied for him as well. His wording was not to call that an act of terror at all, nice way to double step the truth.. flippin liar. I live in coal country I know the hell he has put them through.. grrr I could just punch his arrogant face. What really irks me is when people take out of context what Romney said and it's fine but doing it to Ocrackhead is like a sin against God.. whatever. Aww I am sorry little one was sick I hope she feels much better today.. Deep breaths until Saturday momma.. deep breaths

jennxaz said...

ughh the debates...ughh..I already sent in my ballot..I'm done! poor thing hope watermellon feels better soon.

MandaPanda said...

This is why I can't watch debates. Blah!

Hope your little one feels better.

The Dandy Bandy said...

The debate gave me a few laughs, I'm loving all the "binders full of women" meme's right now. No matter who you support, that shits funny!

I hate it when the little ones are sick... breaks my damn heart right out of my chest!

LDswims said...


Email coming. Love you.

speck said...

Lord, my facebook is blown up with debate comments! lol

Who is your college team playing this weekend?


Natoria said...

You think Romney is truthful and forthcoming about his tax plan? Haha, he's no better.

Hope Watermelon feels better.

FitBy40 said...

Ugh, I'm so glad I decided I didn't have the stamina to watch yet another debate. I can't take it anymore.
Sorry you have a sick kiddo. That sucks big time.