Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some wandom sh*t.

I’m so sick of all the election commercials that I’ve decided to listen to Cmas music ALL day today. I don’t think it’s possible to be in a crabby mood if Cmas music is playing. Yes?

There aren’t very many things better than pizza for breakfast. Skittles and M&Ms rank right up there but start your day off with a slice of pizza and you’re bound to have a good day.

Remember the little girl that I called CPS about? I saw her on her bike, on the highway, in the RAIN, at night…alone. If I had to do it all over again – I don’t know if I’d call CPS again.

My baby girl turns 7 years old today. I’m sending 7 balloons to her at school today and she’s handing out treats. And tonight we shall partake in Hello Kitty cake. I’m surprising her by picking her up from school too. Last night she got a new Hello Kitty outfit to wear to school and she’s even got on Hello Kitty underwear!! Seriously – falling into my own Hello Kitty addiction is getting harder and harder to resist.

Have you ever had a Scotcheroo? It’s made with Rice Krispies and peanut butter and has a layer of melted chocolate chips frosting on it. To. Freaking. Die. For. My mother-in-law made 37 of the suckers for birthday treats for Banana’s class today. There are only 18 kids in the class. Would anyone like to guess who will be eating the 19 that are left over? Never tell Rambo that half the reason I married him was because his mother is a bonafide amazing Southern cook that rivals Paula Deen.

I promise to take a picture of the morel mushroom Rambo got me for my birthday so you guys can see it. As soon as the batshit cray-cray slows down to a dull roar…Ima get right on that picture taking. Stay tuned!

Watermelon has her first dance ever tomorrow night. It’s a Halloween costume school sponsored dance. She says she’s only going if her friends go. Duh. Like I didn’t know that. Seriously – I haven’t been out of school THAT long that I forgot how it works.

We recently had to do some internet wiring in our house to hook up a direct connection to the Wii for Netflix and wireless and some crap like that. It meant Rambo had to crawl around up in our attic while I stayed downstairs pulling wire through that he shoved down to me. And how – you may ask – would I be able to grab said wire through walls?

Well – let me tell you. Rambo literally hammered holes in the wall. Yah – not kidding. Sledgehammer – through my walls. At least 7 holes…before we hit the right spot. Now I’m determined to turn into Bob Vila-ette and fix the damn things like they were never there. Yes – smart and normal people hire shit like this out. I never said we were smart. We live in Podunk and we’re professional hicks. You wait – I’ll take before and after pictures to amaze you with my DIY skills.

See you tomorrow for 10 Things Thursday!!!


Cat said...

Awww...little 7 year old Banana. I wish her the happiest of birthdays. I also love that she's an October baby. October is my favie fav month.

Nowhere Better Than Here said...

Happy birthday, Banana!!

jennxaz said...

happy birthday Banana! Yikes dances..first kisses...yikes yikes!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Banana!!!

Scotcheroos are the DEVIL!!! SO GOOD!!!

MandaPanda said...

Happy birthday to your girl!

Fit Mom said...

Happy Birthday to Banana! And I understand about the wiring. I had to do the same thing when "I" (not my husband) wired the surround sound. Luckily "I" didnt have to fix it because of the construction from the tornado. :)

dwweaver said...

I'm just wondering where I can get some Hello Kitty underwear.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

My father would drill little holes after measuring and planning for FOREVER and then we'd use a fishing pole with the wire attached at the end!! My father is extremely anal and a GENIUS!