Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ten Things Thursday - Drazzie Style!

1 – I love fall – however – I do not love fall-colored M&Ms. I’m not into rusty oranges, mustard yellows, maroons and browns. No. Just no. I want to eat M&Ms that are either neon colors or the standard happiness colors of blues, greens, reds and bright yellows. I mean sure…I’ll take one for the team and suffer through and eat the fall-colored ones but I’m just sayin’ – it’s not my preference.

2 – I am deathly afraid of falling head first into a new addiction. Wanna know what it is? It’s embarrassing but here goes. It’s Hello Kitty. Yes – I am apparently 6 years old. But still – come on. She draws me in with her stupid grin and the crisp white and pink colors and the cute stuff she is on from toothbrushes to purses to socks to underwear. I am justifying it by saying that for me it’s just convenience really. When I go shopping for my 7 year old in the Hello Kitty section – I can also shop for myself. It’s that two birds one stone thingy.

3 – I didn’t get to ride in the semi last week with Rambo so I’m doing it tomorrow if the daycare sitch works out. Let it be known that for the first 4 or so hours of the trip – yours truly will be occupying the bed in the back. Naps in the backs of semis are divine if you’ve never had one. I am not passing up that opportunity.

4 – Rambo has the second half of Saturday off from the prison and the farm and his community stuff and so do I so we’re going to a Harley Davidson dealer a couple hours away that is having huge giveaways and food tasting and is hosting a college football game. (Jesus – run on sentence much?) They are even having a salon doing pink hair extensions for breast cancer awareness. I am so getting pink-i-fied. Rambo doesn’t know it yet but I made arrangements for our kids to stay at the sitter’s overnight so we have the whole day, night and next morning to sleep in and do whatevah we want. I’m so excited I could pee in my Hello Kitty underwear.

5 – Sunday we are celebrating our 7 year old’s birthday early. Guess what kind of cake I’m having made for her? Ayup. Hello Kitty.

6 – For the newly turned 7 year old – she would like her room painted pink and a Hello Kitty mural on her walls. Shit on a stick. I tried to tell her that I can’t draw that for her but she knows better. I’ve drawn way too many pictures and murals and words on our walls over the years for her to think I can’t draw a white cat. Being artistic and crafty is a curse I tell you. I don’t know how Martha Stewart deals with it.

7 – I’m only working until noon today so I can go shopping and I think I might even continue this whole “domestic” thing (minus the laundry - I'm so over that already) I got going on and make Rambo’s favorite lasagna. We have our 12 year old’s last volleyball game and watching SOA on tap for tonight after I do payroll. I be sooo excited.

8 – On my shopping list today is NEON socks. I’m a child of the 80s so any time I get to touch, see, buy or feel anything neon – I’m in paradise. Around here – in Watermelon’s class – the “in” thing is to wear moccasin/loafer type shoes with crazy ass neon socks showing. Well – you can bet your ass I’m going to go nuts buying them today…if only to re-live the happiest era of my life. God – I miss the big hair days.

9 – Remember last week when I told you that it was Homecoming and the students in our school were supposed to wear school colors on Friday? And that I remembered that I had Rambo’s old football jerseys and I gave them to my girls to wear and they were so ecstatic about it?

Well, that was his practice jersey and his away game jersey. I just found out that our current football team got all new jerseys sooooo the old HOME GAME jerseys are being sold or thrown out. Yah – Rambo heard about it too and is dying to get his old home game jersey back. Like dying.

Anyway – I have done some scheming and have talked to the girl who is looking to see if Rambo’s old jersey is available. I told her that if she finds it – to let me know – but to tell Rambo that his is gone. I’ll wrap it up for his birthday as a surprise. He thinks he’s the only one that can plan birthday surprises and rub it in…but he ain’t. Rambo turns 40 this year and I’m thinking of putting a huge sign in our yard that says, “HONK – THE MAYOR IS 40 TODAY!!!” That’ll teach him to plan birthday surprises for me.

10 – Our family finally entered this century and got wireless internet this week. I can’t remember what Watermelon looks like because she hasn’t put down her ipod since then. Rambo doesn’t care because he’s sitting in the office watching the Netflix I so stupidly got him. Wait until Watermelon finds out I got her a new laptop with a huge screen that should be arriving tomorrow. She’s going to shit her ever-loving pants. Good thing she doesn’t wear Hello Kitty ones because that would be a tragedy. She’ll now be required to put down the ipod and do online skills testing for school on the laptop. Score 1 for Mom.


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

M&Ms can be in any color, just not candy corn flavored! Are you enjoying the fall pumpkin craze?

speck said...

My boss loves Hello Kitty and her office is decorated with it! Yes it is!

Enjoy your afternoon shopping!


Terrie said...

They have neon socks at Bass Pro. I think about getting some everytime I go in!

I hope they find the jersey, that would be awesome.

angel shrout said...

Umm Rambo doesn't read your blog does he?? I mean if he does that will kind of spoil the surprise.. OR if they really don't have it and he has read this and calls and they say it is gone he will think you really have it.. yeah I am shutting up now..

RockBand Barbie said...

I miss the big hair days too! I totally rocked the big hair for waaayyy longer than I probably should have :)

FitBy40 said...

I love that neon colors are back!
My big girl turns 7 tomorrow too.
Happy birthday to our sweet princesses!

LDswims said...

I love you. I miss you. I so want to send a text right now but it's late and I think this will be the better route. So here is a late comment.

We just got done with the twins first birthday party today. It was insane. We've gone crazy in this house. We, namely LHF and I, were planning actively and like crazy from Thursday on. All the grocery shopping and party stuffs....the in-laws have been here to raise them bambinos so we could focus on an insane party. And it was insane. But it was awesome. Them boys are loved.

And so are you. I miss you. The house clears out on Tues and things should settle back down. And you'll be hearing a ton from me when things get truly back to normal - next week, when I go back to writing emails all day long, I mean, work.

Oh.. and you may not dislike maroon M&M's. Maroon anything is heaven. You may not dislike heaven.